Marlow Master Plan - Survey Response - Transportation
•    Be a progressive community: offer a shuttle to Keene (possibly coordinate with Gilsum)
    •    Future – (Senior) bus to Keene for doctor's appts & shopping
    •    Any federal funds? Or county?
    •    Get a shuttle or inexpensive taxi service for elderly for groceries and doctors' appts.
    •    Get Keene Sr. bus to Marlow... presently servicing Gilsum
    •    Grants – senior busing
    •    Maybe some time in the future small bus transportation once/wk. for seniors to shop in Keene & dr. appts.
    •    Taxi(s) or public transport for younger or elderly
    •    Transportation for seniors, for food shopping & doctor's appointments.
    •    With growing elderly population, perhaps some sort of “shuttle” might be considered in the future – with a fixed schedule going & coming back – maybe once a day???
Lewis Bridge
•    Fix problem with Lewis Bridge due to St. Pierre overture, it wears prematurely
Marlow Hill Road
•    Fix mud on Marlow Hill in springtime
    •    Fix problem with Marlow Hill Rd. during mud season
  ▪    Roads – see Tracking equipment, etc.