Marlow Master Plan - Survey Responses
Tracking Important Data and/or Equipment, Purchases of Various Town Organizations (ie. Fire Dept.)
Need to maintain Capital Reserve Fund to a size to accommodate equipment.
•    Scheduled equipment placement for transportation vehicles which is now handled through the Capital Reserve Fund.
    •    New ambulance and emergency equipment for fire, etc.
•    Need grants to obtain new airpacs at a cost of $50,000.
    •    Need grants to obtain department radios that need to be replaced in 5 years at a cost of $60,000.
•    Class 6 roads remain open for use for all!! Do not let abutters take over. Must be clear & stated as to use. Kept open for fire breaks
    •    Keep dirt roads – its part of our rural history
    •    Roads – funding for mud &/or snow
    •    Scheduled road maintenance funded through the Capital Reserve Fund.
Staffing & Volunteers
•    Will need a new police chief withing ten years.
    •    Need to recruit and retain volunteer firemen.
•    Will need a new ambulance within ten years.
    •    A pumper-engine, a tanker and a rescue truck are all scheduled for replacement within ten years from Capital Reserve Fund.