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For many years Dave Stewart maintained the community website he created for the town of Marlow, New Hampshire. It was a great resource for members of the Marlow community to learn about upcoming events, read a variety of board meeting minutes, discover interesting facts about Marlow history and browse through photos albums. Dave stepped down from his role as the webmaster of the site in December 2011. His efforts over nearly 10 years were greatly appreciated! To remember and celebrate the original marlow-nh.org website he built, replicas of the welcome page and the main page are below.

Dave passed away on February 25, 2020. He had generously shared the content from his marlow-nh site so that this new site could be built for the next chapter of helping the Marlow community stay informed on the happenings in our town. The website continues to flourish thanks to his legacy, and he is truly missed.


Marlow, New Hampshire
by DaveS



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Welcome to
Marlow, New Hampshire

Granted 1761 

***   December Selectpersons Minutes   ***