Marlow Historical Society Newsletters

Winter 2024

Family Connections; History of the Marlow Babies Program; A gift of original Civil War letters by Corp. Ezra G. Huntley, and more. 


2023 Newsletters

Winter 2023

Celebrating Marlow's Anniversaries; A Lacework of Memories; Remembering Putnam Tyler; Harriet Dame, and more.

Spring/Summer 2023

Fire of 1916; The Britton family; History of the Marlow Fire Department from 1934-1947; Odd Fellows and the Adopt a Highway program; The Marlow Improvement Society; The Court of Common Pleas; and more.

Fall 2023

Marlow eateries through the years; Repairs needed for winter hearse seat; Dance Hall Days; new Facebook page; Marlow Busy Bodies; the Downing Mill; and more.


2022 Newsletters

Winter 2022 

Downing Family Genealogy; A Lindholm Family Love Story; From NYC to Marlow; Thoughts from the Town Office Dog, Moving the Jones Store, and more.

Moving Jones Store

Spring/Summer 2022

A Giffin daguerreotype home from France; Marlow's Bed & Breakfast Grantwood House; Art Anderson, Marlow folk artist; Reminiscences of growing up in Marlow, and more.

Winham's IGA Store at Forest Road (Route 123) and Old Newport Road

Fall 2022

A Marlow Civil War journal rediscovered at the Dartmouth College library; Memories of Bayard Huntley from his daughter-of-the-heart; Upstate New York Huntley cousins visit Marlow; Finding peacefulness with the Marlow Profile; Newsletter reader shares memories of Marlow; Remembering Ed Thomas, and more. 

Nancy Henry Ferretti leading Marlow Old Home Day Parade - 1953

 2021 Newsletters

Winter 2021

Elgin Jones and the roots of Camp Takodah, Charlie Strickland's story, the last of the Downings, the story of the hearse house, and more.

Charlie Strickland and Marvin

Spring/Summer 2021

From the Garden State to the Granite State - the Ells and the Bradys, The Green House, Remembering the Feuers, Personal War Sketches - Part IV, Lydia M. Gustin, and more.

Joe Feurer

Fall 2021

From Temperance Hall to Methodist Chapel; Back to School 1973; A Chilling Discovery; Serendipity and Marlow Connections; American War Cemetery in Margraten; Museum Donations; and more.

Sarah and Milan Jones

2020 Newsletters

Winter 2020

Village Cemetery 200 years old; All Souls' Day Cemetery Walk; Personal War Sketches - Part III; the Huntleys of Marlow, and more.

Spring/Summer 2020

Marlow's Medical History, When Marlow Saw the Light, Time Travel with Charlie (including "The True Story" of the Marlow brush truck), Marlow Epidemics Then and Now, Victorian Marlow, and more.

Roddie Andrews

Fall 2020

Research and information gathering project that brings history alive in the Marlow Village Cemetery; the Hobby Horse 4-H club from the 1970's and 80's; A Profile in Courage from World War II; Donald Dunlap, A Legacy of Craftsmanship; Crossing the border to Jefts Corner in Stoddard, and more. 

Emily and Dick Ellis - photo taken in San Francisco’s China Town on January 1945, right before shipping out to war in the Philippines.

2019 Newsletters

Winter 2019

The Marlow Doughboys, The Tinker Family, Route 10: A Scenic Byway, and more.

The Marlow Doughboys

Spring/Summer 2019

Personal War Sketches book, Time Travel with Charlie, Marlow's Bride's Album Quilt, the old Perkins Store, and Remembering Virgil Huntley.

Fall 2019

History of the Marlow Library; Summer Memories; Personal War Sketches - Part II; Bridal Exhibit; Farley Ink and more.

L-R - Herbert Allan, sister Audrey Sears, and William Arthur - the Abbotts, plus Nicky the dog. Approx. 1945-1950.

2018 Newsletters 

Winter 2018

Marlow Cornet Band, the history of the police department from 1889-2017, Horace Gee and the Charlestown Bank Caper, respectfully remembering Windy Jim, and more.

Marlow, N.H. Town Fair, September, 1881 Forsaith's Cornet Band, E. Jones Hotel 

Spring/Summer 2018

Talking Machines in Marlow; How Tin Shop Pond Got its Name; The Phelps of Marlow; the 1988 baseball team, and more.

Perley Edmund Fox

Fall 2018 Newsletter

The five founders of the Marlow Historical Society, Greene's Landing, the old fire pumper and more.

The Five Founders of the Marlow Historical Society: left to right, Alan W. Plumb Jr., Marge Davis, Beatrice Andrews, Audrey Benson, and Arlene Rhoades 

2017 Newsletters 

Winter 2017

Roddy Andrews, Marlow's police chief from the 1930s - 1960s, the Sand Pond Gun Shop, Marlow's Dillant connection, updates on the Murray Hall restoration project, and more.

James Tillinghast, owner of the
Sand Pond Gun Shop

Summer 2017

Francis Wetherbee, Marlow's first and youngest Civil War casualty, the history of the Marlow Ground Observer Corps during World War II, and MHS's first Pop Up Museum.

Jennifer Carroll of the Cheshire County Historical Society with Bucky and Barbara White of Marlow at the Pop Up Museum.

Fall 2017

Marlow Village Church and its steeple, memories of Vilas High School 1935-1966 (including yearbook photos!), tidbits from Marlow history (do you know what Galloping Gayla was?), a Sand Pond story, and more.

2016 Newsletters 

Winter 2016

History of the Christmas Trees Inn, including memories of those who worked there when it was an inn, find out how some local sites got their names, and learn about one of the world’s most celebrated prima donnas of the nineteenth century who was born in Marlow and was a descendant of one of Marlow's oldest families.

Christmas Trees Inn

Summer 2016

History and the people of Marlow's special Sand Pond community, publication of a new book by the 3rd and 4th grade students at John D. Perkins Academy "Four Days of Fury", and more.

A day at the beach on Sand Pond, circa 1900.

Fall 2016

Stories about John D. Perkins, Sr., for whom our school is named, Solomon Gee, one of Marlow's the first settlers, the first female County Register of Probate in the United States, Marlow's Ella Fannie Gee, and other interesting facts.

Construction of the new Marlow elementary school begins Saturday with groundbreaking. From left are Francis Pockett, school board member; Kate Perkins, donor of land for the school; John Menton, assistant school superintendent; Stanley B. Tufts, Fall Mountain Regional superintendent, and John Perkins Jr. - 1973

2015 Newsletters

Winter 2015

The winter edition of the Historical Society newsletter is dedicated to Joe Feurer, who passed away January of this year. You can read his article on the immigrant experience in Marlow, along with stories on the progress of the Murray Hall restoration, the granting of a LCHIP grant, and the first car to come to Marlow.

Summer 2015

"Madcap May" Yohe, the Hope Diamond and Marlow; the upcoming Sunday, June 28 Finger Food Potluck Meeting at 4pm in Murray Hall; Murray Hall renovation updates; and whether or not there is an elephant buried on Marlow Hill.

Fall 2015

Read about a time when Marlow had 8 school districts, each with its own one room school house, learn about a Marlow connection to Quebec, read a mystery letter written on birch bark in 1926, and see before and after photos of the ongoing restorations inside Murray Hall, new home of the Historical Society.

2014 Newsletters 

Winter 2014

Life on a Marlow Dairy Farm, Tidbits from Marlow's Surprising Genealogy, the Marlow Soldier's Memorial, and more.

Santa with the Willey twins.

Summer 2014

Silent Auction in July, a story about North Cemetery, the upcoming photo exhibit in Murray Hall in August, tidbits from Marlow's genealogy, and try to guess the identity of a Marlow fisherman.

Fall 2014

Have you figured out the identity of the Marlow fisherman from the summer newsletter? If not, the answer is in the fall edition, along with a late president's visit, and the return of the Marlow Players.

2013 Newsletters

Winter 2013

Learn about Edgewood Park, Mr. Bayard Stafford Huntley and the recent Perkins School Marlow history tour.

Summer 2013

Dr. Marshall Perkins, Civil War Surgeon from Marlow, The Ladies' Benevolent Society of Marlow, and Marlow Civil War Muster Certificates.

Fall 2013

Focus on Murray Hall, A Child's Christmas in Marlow, Jones Hall Curtains, Marlow on Stage, and more.

2012 Newsletters

Summer 2012

The Tinker House on Washington Pond Road, Bits and Pieces from the Archive, Cora Comes to Marlow, and Roy and Roxie Forbes.

Fall 2012 

Elgin Jones and the History of Marlow book, A Tinker Tale, Master Plan Discussion Meeting, and more.