Marlow Master Plan Minutes - September 13, 2012

Present: Maria Baril, Linda McCracken, Shawn Stevens, Joanne Thomas, Mark Vincello, Tom Willey 
At the Chapel, 7:00 pm

We welcomed Maria Baril to our happy band.

We reviewed progress in contacting groups in town with our surveys, and spent time discussing the format of our two large open forum meetings. We decided to give each sub-group all topics to discuss, for around 40 minutes, then have a spokesperson (committee member) summarize each group's main ideas on poster paper-- we will then do a visual scan to see common ideas.  

On Saturday, September 15, Tom delivered to Joanne a stack of posters and maps he had made. She has them at her house if anyone needs them in the upcoming weeks. 

We will meet again on October 11th at the Town Office at 7:00 to pool data for the power point presentation and further plan the open forum meetings. Let us know if you absolutely can't make it and we can try to reschedule this.

Linda and Tom should communicate about the power point; Linda has data, and Tom is making the power point-- you don't have to wait until the 11th!!!!

Shawn and Joanne go to meet with the Selectmen on Monday night---

Keep gathering info!!!

Submitted by Joanne Thomas