Marlow Master Plan Minutes - October 11, 2012

October 11th at the Town Office at 7:00

Here are the rough notes of our last meeting, if you see "R:" in front of a line that means it's a responsibility that was allocated to someone.


Tracy Messier came to speak to the Master Plan team, offering his historical research. Contact information below.

Tracey Messer, APR

75 Robbe Farm Road

Peterborough, NH 03458

Home: 603 924 1675

Cell: 603 562 8538


Joanne Thomas has tried to meet with School Board

Jacqui suggested that they need to be “stood over” and forced essentially, to fill out the questionnaire.

Sean mentioned that the Ag Commission. (1stTuesday of the month) should be contacted (or, already has been?)

Jacquie volunteered to have Jen Ells to do a phone survey of certain members of the community.

Joanne concerned about the PowerPoint, it needed to be planned out.

What is the format of the meetings?

R: Tom to do powerpoint, based on our discussion (rough outline below)

5 min welcome

10 Minute intro for Powerpoint (why are we here)

Ground Rules

We are not the expectation

Data review

Break out session topics 1-4: 15 min

Refreshments (10 min) while we collect and post

Summarizing among the groups: 5 min

Break out session topics 5-8: 15 min

Refreshments (10 min) while we collect and post

Summarizing among the groups: 5 min

Closing remarks:

All marlow will get survey in tax bill

We should include information on how residents can see the results of this:

Should be posted on Town Website

Copy of PPT and notes available at Town Hall

Tom Willey to provide computer / projector to put up summary information

R: Jacqui to source the pads and markers. For 8-10 groups

R: Linda to send Tom Willey all data from both Census things

IMPORTANT: We need to set the expectation: WE ARE NOT THE EXPERTS

We may be more “roaming helpers” than facilitators. Depending on the size of the response, we might have each table, run them selves.

Jacqui knows of some meetings coming up in Manchester (mid November), with many break outsessions of topics pertinent to towns, including Census people.

R: Joanne responsible for Nov. meeting refreshments

R: Tom Willey responsible for Oct. meeting refreshments:

We are guessing that 100 people might attend

Signs are available advertising the meetings, we need to put them up:

R: Need a zoning map? Tom Willey to copies of map from Jacquie to Scan and put together

Next Meeting on Thursday, October 25th

R: Joanne to take care of advertising in Keene Sent and Shopper.

Submitted by Tom Willey