Marlow Master Plan Minutes - July 13, 2012

Thanks to all who attended our first Master Plan meeting: Shawn Brodeur-Stevens, Linda McCracken, Ed Thomas, Joanne Thomas, and Bob Allen.  Our next meeting will be August 3, Friday night at Town Hall at 7 p.m.

Between now and then, we decided that:

  • We would draft an online/off line survey of questions pertaining to Marlow's future to use on the Town Website, as well as in the meetings with all town groups prior to November
  • We decided that we would split up all the major interest/town/community groups listed in the Town Report, we would each be responsible for attending a meeting of these groups, bringing questions, but mostly listening and recording ideas about their vision for Marlow's future/growth
  • We would gather statistical data on the Town as per the last Master Plan (2003)
  • Each group member present volunteered to take parts of these tasks, and will report on whatever progress is made by the next meeting--THANK YOU!!!!
What needs to happen next:  
  • Those who volunteered and could not make it should be contacted (Joanne)
  • Any ideas for questions for the online survey need to go to Linda
  • Each member should start making some contacts with their designated groups
  • Have fun outside in Marlow (don't forget, summer is short!!)
  • Talk up the idea of giving feedback for Marlow's future when you see your town friends
  • Tell people that they are welcome to attend the Master Plan meetings (we will post this in the appropriate places in town)
Thank you all for your willingness to serve, and let's try to enjoy this process.