Marlow Master Plan - Survey Response - Business and Economics
    •    Access to choice of high-speed Internet
    •    Better cell service
    •    Develop infrastructure to support home businesses
    •    More education for landowners on preservation
    •    Strike balance between appropriate business growth and quality of life
    •    Industry historical index – past & present – currently 38 businesses, mostly sole proprietors
    •    Audio Accessories
    •    Kroka Expeditions
Gas Station
    •    … and a gas station (more of a community store)
    •    Encourage a Mr. Mike's (especially for snowmobilers in winter... we are at a crossroads)
    •    Gas?
    •    Gas station (2)
    •    Would like a gas station again, cars, boats & snowmobiles would use it
Grocery Store
    •    General store!
    •    Lovely to have a Marlow grocery store again & a diner
    •    Marlow Village store
    •    Store (2)
    •    Store – village
    •    We need a store!
Other Businesses
    •    Bed & breakfast (2)
    •    Coffee shop/tea room
    •    CVS to come to Marlow
    •    Diner
    •    Encourage local-type businesses
    •    Encourage a restaurant or a bed & breakfast that has inexpensive lunches & dinners.
    •    Home business – Zoning? Signs?
    •    No large stores (Dollar Store, etc.)
    •    Restaurant
    •    All must be done without any tax increase.
    •    Historic tax credits & open space (revisit)
    •    New business – tax credit (1890 town offered the credit after tannery closed)
    •    Tax breaks for agricultural use

Housing & Population
    •    No trailer parks/”campgrounds” (RV parks)
    •    People living all year round in a camper in someone's yard. Doesn't that require a camp permit?
Cluster Housing

    •    Cluster housing is okay & saves on communal areas
    •    Cluster zoning
    •    Energy audits, encouraging citizens to do them
    •    Sustainable & energy efficiency grants, both individual and town
    •    Building codes (?) in Marlow?
    •    Creative solutions for affordable housing
    •    No large housing developments that are not tasteful & in keeping with the look of Marlow
    •    See Zoning - Land Use
    •    Discuss/explore the need for growth vs. quality of rural location
    •    Draw in more families (younger people)
    •    Limit growth +/-
    •    Limit/qualify type of high density housing
    •    More R2 (2 or more acre zoning) near town center
    •    Town center increase population – leave outlaying areas for rural/ag. use
    •    Waterfront development – limited by (state) zoning
    •    Zoning needs to protect rural quality
Senior Housing
    •    I could see in the future a large log home (like one in Marlborough on the main drag – the demo - Real Log Home – Senior housing with huge common room & greenhouse, each have small apt.   
    •    Percentage of workforce housing (ie. working people making $50,000 or less) - % of growth – state requirement
    •    Plan for aging population
    •    Some kind of senior housing in Marlow.