Marlow Master Plan - Survey Response - Zoning - Agriculture
    •    Encourage more communication between landowners/farmers
CSI Education
•    Invasive species control
    •    Aquatic & land (ie. Japanese knotweed)
    •    Offer seminar series on growing at home (ie. at Library)
Farmer's Market
•    Continuing Farmer's Market
    •    Encourage Farmer's Market
    •    Expand Farmer's Market in town (maybe have an interior space for year-round access)
    •    Farmer's Market in town.
    •    Local meat? Come to market, too?
    •    Maintain market (& bigger please)
    •    More crafts
    •    Support Farmer's Market... this way more people will be encourage to plant.
    •    Map of “open farms” - open to public
    •    Maple sugaring
    •    Sheep, goats, etc. - environmentally friendly methods of maintaining open space
    •    Tree farm
    •    Where to purchase eggs, etc. from local farms and when.