Marlow Master Plan - Survey Responses - Historic Preservation

Continue to maintain buildings
    •    Funding of maintenance ($ source) – level of amount of $
    •    Maintain as is, buildings, etc.
    •    Remove clutter from around historic buildings

•    Invest more in historic buildings
    •    Preservation of historic buildings is essential.
  •    Church steeple fund
Jones Hall
•    Cement steps need help & stone wall needs repair (I would recommend Errol Cousins, Amy Strickland/Cousins' husband)
    •    Fix Jones Hall roof
    •    Front of Library wall needs painting
    •    Jones Hall front door has had a gap in it for 16 yr. That actually lets snow in – fix it!
    •    Library side needs entrance straightened – very crooked
    •    Shingles on Jones Hall & Library entrance need help
Murray Hall
•    Interior renovation of Murray Hall for Community Center
    •    Murray Hall – Community Center
    •    Restoration of Murray Hall.

Odd Fellows
    •    Maybe new doors on Odd Fellows – must be 15 coats of paint.
    •    Monitor downtown pond quality