3/19/13                        Support Needed for the Fall Mountain Food Shelf and Friendly Meals

Letter from Marlow resident Sandy L. Hollenbeck, volunteer to Fall Mountain Food Shelf and Friendly Meals:

In the late evening hours of March 15 and early morning hours March 16 a fire broke out on the grounds of the Fall Mountain Friendly Meals kitchen in Alstead, NH. The Ford truck which was donated to them in 2001 was totaled in the fire. This truck has been used 2 to 3 times weekly picking up donated foods and supplies from various locations for both the Fall Mountain Food Shelf and Friendly Meals. Along with donations the truck is used regularly to carry food from the kitchen to the Alstead Fire Station where Friendly Meals are served.

Fall Mountain Food Shelf and Friendly Meals are non-profit organizations run by Mary Lou Huffling, and staffed by great volunteers. The loss of the truck will be significant to the daily running of both organizations. Over 270 meals are served every Tuesday and Thursday through the Friendly Meals program. Over 200 of these meals are delivered all over the Fall Mountain area. These meals are greatly needed by many elderly, disabled and shut-in community members. The Fall Mountain Food Shelf provides food to 230-250 area families each week. This important organization needs our support.

Both of these organizations are solely funded with donations made by various towns, organizations, businesses and individuals. They are dedicated to providing food to every person who comes to their facilities.

As a volunteer of both organizations I would like to request that this letter be placed on your community service pages, Facebook pages, or any other places that individuals can see this. I invite you to contact Mary Lou Huffling about our need for donations of money to purchase a new truck for use by both organizations. Please also let her know if there is a company or individual that would like to donate a vehicle they are no longer using to the Food Shelf and kitchen. As always any donations can be made for purchasing food and supplies to be used for both organizations.

Any help would also be appreciated from anyone willing to volunteer for the cleanup and repairs of the kitchen that are going to be needed before it can be used.

Please make donations out to Fall Mountain Friendly Meals.

Mary Lou Huffling
P. O. Box 191
Alstead, NH  03602
Thank you
Sandy L Hollenbeck