September 2011 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes September 6, 2011
Attendees: Mark Lanier, Tom Fuschetto, Bob Allen and Jacqui Fay

Selectmen signed check manifest for 29 August 2011 in the amount of $10,868.12.

Selectmen reviewed and sign minutes from meeting of 31 May 2011.

Selectmen reviewed email from Bradley & Faulkner ref follow up on DRA survey never received .Bob Allen check on

John Salo came in to review the Natural Resources study that was done by the conservation and discussed the status of the Ag commission and his efforts to revitalize the commission.

Selectmen signed letter to Gary Kinyon ref Title work for a warrantee deed for the property at the highway dept .

See letter dated August 31 from LGC ref report of BSR.

Selectmen approved mileage for Executive Administrator to attend RCC meeting at Cheshire Medical, Keene Sept 7

Selectmen reviewed and filed approval for Operation Map 203 Lot 031-001

Selectmen sign health Office nomination form.

Selectmen reviewed draft copy of RFP for Town Office roof.

Review draft letter ref Class VI road to Walter & Edna Welch.

Selectmen signed revised Timber Tax Warrants for Stewart and Warren.

Selectmen reviewed an  email from Maureen Bryne ref aquatic control options Tinshop Pond.

Selectmen approved a request to book Jones Hall for the Christmas on the pond craft show.

Selectmen reviewed and approved a proposal for Manadnock Securities to replace the fire alarm panel at Jones in the amount of $1,656.00,will pursue replacement as an insurance claim. Fire department  will be notified  

Meeting adjourned @10:00pm 




 Select Board Minutes September 19, 2011

Present: Robert Allen, Mark Lanier, Thomas Fuschetto & Jacqui Fay

Selectmen Meet with Cheshire County Commissioners regarding the county’s support for Southwest Fire Mutual Aid.

Present for the meeting were Aaron Pratt, Dan Eaton, Phil Terell, Tom Foote and Ken Avery

Sign check manifest for 19 September 2011in the amount of $6,523.02.

Selectmen reviewed and sign minutes from meeting of 12 September 2011

Selectmen signed letter to abutters of the town office property to review recent survey.

Selectmen reviewed and signed Management Representation Letter from the auditors.

Selectmen reviewed budget figures.

Meeting adjourned 10:30 pm

Select Board Minutes September 26, 2011
Present:  Bob Allen, Mark Lanier, Thomas Fuschetto & Jacqui Fay

Sign check manifest for 19 September 2011in the amount of $94,811.09 this amount includes an adjustment in the withholding amounts.

  Selectmen reviewed and sign minutes from meeting of 19 September 2011

  Lou came in to discuss tax deed on a delinquent property 

Reviewed town office survey with abutters Wendy to install missing monuments 

The Marlow Historical society requested permission to close Church street on 10/2/11 from 9am to 3pm for the Harvest Festival. 

Selectmen signed a purchase order for Plow edges for the highway dept in the amount of $835.00 

Selectmen signed a purchase order additional checks  in the amount of $164.46. 

The Historical Society requested the use Jones hall on 10/29/11 for the Humanities program 

Selectmen received Notice from Cheshire county that the County Taxes for Marlow will be $213,629.00 for fiscal year 2011. 

Selectmen reviewed the status of the un maintained portion of reed road, in 1990 the town did vote @ town mtg. return it to the abutters

  Meeting adjourned 10:00 pm