Marlow Historical Society Minutes - September 2011

Executive Board Meeting

Marlow Historical Society

September 1, 2011

Chapel, 6:30 PM

 Present: Maria Baril, Mary Blank, Gen Ells, Loisanne Foster, Johanna Kent, and Joanne Thomas. Loisanne read the Secretary’s Report which was accepted as read. Mary gave the Treasurer’s Report which was accepted as presented. We currently have $7841.43 in our accounts. We have paid a deposit of $2,500.00 on the Tinshop Pond Fence Restoration.

Old Business

 Tinshop Fence Restoration Project

 We are currently short a thousand dollars. Maria and Joanne will approach the Selectmen to ask for $500.00 of that. We will make up the rest from our funds. Mary will provide a spreadsheet showing the contributions we have received.

Joanne will call Nick Smith of Monadnock Fence to remind him that our Harvest Fest is Oct. 2, right after his deadline for completion of Sept. 30 and it is important to have the work complete by then.

 Racks for the Albums and Scrapbooks

 Maria reported that Toadstool Book Store, which is moving downstairs in Colony Mill, is giving away wooden shelves and racks some of which she believes will be appropriate for our museum. She has tagged a rack for us. Maria and Joanne will visit the store. Joe Baril will pick up.


 We need a scanner to go with the computer and printer Ed Thomas has donated. At Diversified Computers, a basic Epson scanner sells for $81.99. We agreed to purchase a scanner.

 NHHC Speaker

 On Oct. 29, we will host Marcia Schmidt Blaine’s Humanities Program, “Runaway Wives,” about the circumstances of women who needed to be on their own in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Joanne will introduce the speaker. Loisanne will do the publicity for the papers. Mary will do the poster and contact other historical societies. Maria will post them “everywhere.” Gen will call to solicit desserts. We are looking for a Hospitality Hostess to take care of the coffee, napkins, etc.


 Joanne has labeled the file drawers and incorporated some boxed folders into the files. We need to work on eliminating duplicates and making the files more user-friendly. We need to consider which administrative records is is important to keep and which we can let go.

 CALL Class Commitment

 The CALL class we will lead is Friday, Nov. 4. We will need a separate meeting to hash out what to include and how to proceed. We have yet to do the questionnaire for the class.

 New Business

 Harvest Festival, Oct. 2

 Mary will be in charge of the Art Show at The Grange. The applications by the artists are due Sept. 23. The reception will be on Saturday, Oct. 1 from 4:00 - 5:30 pm. The artists themselves volunteer food for the reception and cover the show itself. on Sunday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

 Maria will do the publicity for the Art Show. Mary will make the poster.

Mary will also be in charge of the MHS book sale.

 Our MHS booth schedule:

 9:00 - 10:30 Loisanne

10:30 - noon Maria

noon - 1:30 Johanna

1:30 - 3:00 Maria

 We will have our usual 50 -50 raffle. The first prize is half of the take. The second prize is a Toadstool Bookstore certificate. The third prize will be a basket of Marlow items collected by Maria. Loisanne volunteered her maroon Marlow hat which is still at Murray Hall.

Maria will contact these people about setup for the booth: Bucky White, Dave Davis, Al Blank, and Joe Baril.

 Joanne suggested that next year we be ready to sell Marlow mugs. Johanna suggested that perhaps we could use Jacqui Fay’s etching.


 Joanne Thomas will cover the museum hours, 9:30 am to noon on

Sept. 18 if no one else is around to split the time. Hopefully, someone else will be able to take part of the time.

 Maria brought membership forms to keep upstairs and will bring a few caps and shirts, autumn cards, Marlow baby bibs, and histories for our visitors.

 Joanne reminded us that we have five textile boxes coming and we need to figure out the shelving for them. Maria said Joe Baril will be glad to take care of that. We will make new exhibit labels and consider reorganizing the collection at the museum.

 General Meeting

 The General Meeting in which we elect officers will be on Sept. 15 this year. Gen and Johanna will be the nominating committee and will run the election. Maria will be in charge of refreshments and Johanna will do the coffee. Mary will make a poster and we will send out postcards to members in advance of the meeting. Johanna will address the cards. Mary will make the cards and buy the stamps. Loisanne will display “Hands on History” to view and we will open Marion Perkins trunk of clothes donated by Gerry Plotts.


 David Davis reports that the hearse is in poor condition, leather peeling and so on. He asks if we can find a purchase date for it. He would like to get someone to refurbish it.

 Getting Information Out

 Johanna suggests that we make a flier to hand out at the Odd Fellows breakfasts to let people know what is going on. It could include schedules for the church, the museum, and Odd Fellows. She has checked to make sure this is acceptable with the Odd Fellows and it is.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Loisanne Foster


 Addendum to Sept. Meeting

Pre-Meeting before the Annual Meeting

Sept. 15, 2011, 6:30 PM, Chapel

 Present: Maria Baril, Gen Ells, Johanna Kent, Joanne Thomas, and Loisanne Foster

 Tin Shop Pond Fence Restoration

 The quotation from Monadnock Fence is $14,190. We have paid $5,500.00. We have $4,731.63 left in the fund, so we are running a few hundred dollars short. From Exxon we will receive $500.00 through the application of Gen Ells. We voted to borrow the remainder from the Murray Hall Fund and repay it.

 Nick from Monadnock Fence called Maria Baril and asked that the old fence be taken down by Sept. 26. Joe Baril and Tony Davis will do this.

 Gen noted that the trees near the fence should be taken down. Not only do they block the famous Marlow vignette, but their roots can cause the underpinnings of the fence to move. We need to consult the Conservation Commission on this topic.

 We adjourned the brief executive meeting just before the Annual Meeting at 7:00 PM.

 Respectfully submitted,

Loisanne Foster

Secretary, MHS