September 2010 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes September 7, 2010

Present:   Bob Allen, Mark Lanier, Thomas Fuschetto and Jacqui Fay

       Ø   Signed check manifest for 7 September 2010 for $72,554.10

Ø  Selectmen signed minutes from meeting of 30 August 2010.

Ø  Selectmen reviewed notice from Planning Board of Alstead ref proposed telecommunication tower.

Ø  Approval for Construction Map 412 Lot 013.

Ø  Reviewed revised Zoning Book cover. And revised manual

Ø  Selectmen to review draft amendments to Personnel Policies and Procedures.

       Ø  Approved timecard for Debbie Kuffel for cleaning Jones Hall for Monadnock Music Festival.

Ø  Reviewed and File notice from planning Board of Troy ref proposed cell tower application.

Ø  Selectmen review and approved draft letter to department heads ref NIMS training.

Ø  See letter dated August 19 from NHDES.Mark to contact DES  

Ø  Selectmen reviewed  e-mail dated September 6 ref Alert FM. Forward to fire department

Ø   Karl Berardi meeting with Tony Davis and Tom Foote 8 September at 0930 hrs ref fire hydrants.

Ø  NRRA Market Comments.

Ø  Selectmen reviewed  letter dated September 3 from Marlow Historical Society wishing to book Jones Hall on September 17.Selectmen approved and posted on schedule

Ø  Fire department Confirm whether the Town will be applying for the SAFER grant.  

Ø  Selectmen reviewed and filed a copy of transaction sheet – P & R 250th Anniversary Exp Trust Fund.

Ø  Signed transfer of $60,000 fro Savings to Checking Account.

Ø  Discussed Mason & Rich auditors’ progress to date.

Ø  Discussed 911 posting requirements selectmen discussed options to encourage proper in  compliance with regulations rather than enforcing the via. 


Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm

Select Board Minutes September 13, 2010 

Present:   Bob Allen, Mark Lanier, Thomas Fuschetto and Jacqui Fay  

  Ø  Signed check manifest for $9431.73.

  Ø  Reviewed and signed minutes from meeting of 7 September 2010.

  Ø  Reviewed e-mail from LGC dated 7 September ref primary elections.

  Ø  Reviewed and filed correspondence from DHHS ref EEE and WNV.

  Ø  Filed Approval for Construction - Map 201 Lot 015.

  Ø  Signed NIMS training letter.

  Ø  Zoning Ordinance.

  Ø  Thomas Fuschetto to updated the Board ref visit by NH Preservation Alliance will need to create a action plan to address issues.

         Ø  Fire Safe cabinets for Town Office – Jacqui to review Vital record requirements.

  Ø  Selectmen reviewed Mason & Rich to audit the 2009 Account on 21 September.

  Ø  Reviewed and posted National Drug Take–Back Day.

  Ø  PSNH Electric Safety Seminar foreward to Fire dept..

  Ø  Review Tax Collector’s response Audit recommendations.

  Ø  Selectmen reviewed draft amendments to Personnel Policies and Procedures.

  Ø  State of NH 911 Liaison represenitive will be meeting with the board Oct.18th

  Ø  Jacqui updated board on the grant writing course she attended Selectmen reviewed nixle  emergency notification system, we will review other options

  Select Board Minutes September 20, 2010

 Present:  Bob Allen, Mark Lanier, Thomas Fuschetto and Jacqui Fay

Sign check manifest for 20 September 2010. $12,788.28

    Review and signed minutes from meeting of 13 September 2010.

    Selectmen reviewed NH Arbovirus Surveillance Bulletin # 10.

    Selectmen Signed PO to Myron for diaries & New England Emergency Equipment.

    Selectmen reviewed See e-mail dated September 14 from NHDES ref private wells.

    Selectmen reviewed updated quote from Virtual Town Hall file for 2011 budgeting.

    Selectmen reviewed and filed transaction worksheets ref P & R 250th Anniversary Exp Trust Fund.

    Selectmen reviewed hydrant designs from Karl Berardi – now need to apply for permit by notification.

    Selectmen reviewed Election ballot for NHAAO.

    Selectmen reviewed NHRS contribution rates for 7/1/2011 – 6/30/2013.

    Selectmen reviewed letter dated September 8 from NHMTA ref changes to federal mandates for drug testing.

    Selectmen reviewed and made edits to email from City of Keene ref NHBCC Stakeholder meeting.

    Process Notice of Intent for Map 203 Lot 074 hold till next week pending call DRA.

    Wednesday 10:00am Computer Solutions to meet at Town Office, also EMF at Town Office Thursday 2:30pm at Town Office.

    Tuesday 08:30am Audit at Town Office.

    Selectmen signed Forest Fire Bill.

    Storage of Town records.

    Personnel Policy – Selectmen reviewed changes to be made.

    Review and signed letter ref equipment inventories for all Town depts.

    Selectmen reviewed August 2010 budget figures.

     Selectmen reviewed e-mail ref PSNH Environmental Grants possibilities for funding speakers for conservation events.

     Selectmen reviewed 2011 Cartographics contract hold for review.

    Selectmen reviewed must be posted Certificates of Inspection received for pressure vessels at Fire Station and Highway Garage.

     Selectmen reviewed and approved purchase of Digital Camera.

    No response from letter dated 6 September on NIMS training.

     Town switched from Fairpoint billing to BayRing Communications last Friday and today.  should see savings in our phone bills of approximately 20%.

    Reviewed response from Town Attorney ref Temporary Use Permit.

     Selectmen reviewed Coalition Community updates.

    Monadnock Security – Highway Department proposal reviewed and will check options.

     Update on request from NHDES Solid Waste District Management Plan.

    Update on NIXLE.would be Grant funded more info to follow

     Update on replacement of Town Office roof and windows projects.


Select Board Minutes September 27, 2010

Present: Bob Allen, Mark Lanier, Thomas Fuschetto and Jacqui Fay

  Signed check manifest for 27 September 2010.  $ 74,906.25

Selectmen reviewed and signed minutes from meeting of 20 September 2010.

Met with Loretta Hull ref ambulance maintenance, Selectmen to authorize Hillsboro Ford to set up a charge account for the Ambulance service. Tony will continue to do routine maintenance. 

Lucile Emerick came in to discuss a proposed dry fire hydrant.  Selectmen to send out detailed plans and a draft copy of an easement.

Selectmen signed cover letter to the revised Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual.

Review security camera catalogs review next week.

  Selectmen to review updated info on NIXLE.

Selectmen to review Temporary Use and Liability Waiver from Beth Fernald.

  Selectmen discussed advertising request for proposals for Town Office roof, selectmen to review current proposals for installing new windows.

  Selectmen signed franchise agreement with Argent Communications.

  Selectmen processed Notice of Intents for Map 401 Lot 013 & Map 202 Lot 026.

Selectmen signed contract with Cartographics for 2011 mapping.

  Selectmen reviewed  copy of letter to Ken Avery dated September 22 ref Harvest Festival.

  Selectmen sign Raffle Permit for Historical Society.

  Selectmen Signed grant application for LEOP exercise.

  Bob Allen to review detailed budget printouts.

  Selectmen to review draft investment policy.

  Tony Davis  and Mark to attend NHDES Wetlands Program on October 6.

Selectmen approved for payment of Invoice from United Construction Corp for paving for $40,677.00.

Review Permit by Notification process for installing fire dept dry hydrants 

Selectmen sign PDIP transfer request for $75,000.00.