School Counseling Program and Health Services

John D. Perkins offers a comprehensive school counseling program to all students. Our School Counselor, Becky Kohler, provides in school services on Fridays. The program aligns with standards from the American School Counseling Association (ASCA). The goal of our school counseling program is to help students reach their full potential, socially, emotionally, and academically. A school counseling program achieves this goal through offering the following services:

Curriculum - The school counselor offers classroom lessons on a rotating basis. Classroom activities are categorized into units that promote the personal/social development, academic development and career awareness of all students. Curriculum is developmental and based on student needs. The school counselor may teach or co-teach skills, provide support and/or resources for classroom teachers to teach skills, and coordinate classroom lessons from outside agencies to enhance learning. Possible topics include; personal safety, career explorations, media literacy, bully proofing, solving problems, accepting differences, etc.

Counseling - When appropriate, the student and counselor meet individually or in a small group to focus on problem solving or personal development. Individual and small group counseling can be initiated by request of a parent, a teacher, an administrator, an outside professional, or the child's own request. Parent permission is requested.

Consultation and Coordination - A school counselor meets with staff, families and outside agencies as needed. The counselor facilitates services within the school and acts as a link to community resources and services.