October 2010 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes October 4, 2010

Attendees: Mark Lanier, Tom Fuschetto, Jacqui Fay & Bob Allen

·        Selectmen signed Check Manifest for 10/4/10 in the amount of $16,474.52

·        Art Andresen can in to update the board on the status of the programming the new computers for Jacqui and the Proval info.

·        Richard Nalevanko came in to inform the board of his position on issues as he runs for a seat as a State Representative.

·        Bob Allen to review options for security cameras for discussion next week.

·        Selectmen reviewed  the use of NIXLE for notification system in the event of and emergency, Bob Allen to contact other Towns that are using the system for comments

·        Brian Wright came in to discuss the possibility of getting written permission the cross the newly acquired property @ the Transfer station, After reviewing this with legal council the board recommended that Brian seek an alternate route to access his land due to the Liability issues of giving written permission.

·        Selectmen reviewed and filed an amendment to the pond permit for Kroka

·        Selectmen approved doing a NH preservation survey of Jones Hall, this will be done at no cost to the Town but will assist us in preparing for any future Grant opportunities.

·        Selectmen approved the $55.00 expenditure for purchasing a data base of private Grant possibilities for funding future town projects.

·        Selectmen discussed upcoming LGC Conference

·        Selectmen signed appointment for Joshua Conley to Parks & Rec

Meeting adjourned  @ 10:00pm

Select Board Minutes October 12, 2010

Present:  Bob Allen, Thomas Fuschetto and Jacqui Faye

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $4,795.87

Ø  Art Murdough came in to discuss the recent paving on Mill Street and the problem that water is now running off into his house.  Selectboard took his number and said they would look into it and get back to him.

Ø  Signed Intent to Cut for Map 402 Lot 039.

Ø  Accepted EMPG grant for $9,150 and signed paperwork for a Table Top Exercise.

Ø  Signed Election Warrant.

Ø  Instructed John Hatfield to send new values directly out to the taxpayers.  Hearings are tentatively scheduled for Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th October.  Values should be finalized by November 1st.

Select Board Minutes October 18, 2010


    Tim & Sue Merrick from 9-1-1.

         -Discussed posting

         -Alstead purchased # originally

         -Nelson supplied #

         -Some Towns charge $35 for town to post

         -Good Eagle Scout project

        -Good Fire department project

        -All Town owned buildings to be marked ASAP

        -Reverse 911 notification system will be available soon

      Sign check manifest for 15 October 2010 in the amount of $1060.01.

    Sign check manifest for 18 October 2010 $7902.87.

     Gail Allen request travel pay to fire training [Bob Allen reclused him self from the decision] Selectmen approved travel pay.

    Review and sign minutes from meeting of 4th and 12th October 2010.

    Selectmen reviewed and Filed Release Executive Council District Two.

    Bob to reported back on findings from speaking to other Towns ref NIXLE we are waiting for reverse 911 happens this year 

   Security cameras more review info next week.

    Review Investment Policy.

     Storage of Town records.

    Selectmen reviewed and filed correspondence from Coalition Communities.

    Selectmen reviewed and filed for budgeting, letter dated October 4 from Monadnock Family Services.

    Selectmen reviewed and filed 3rd Quarter 2010 Unemployment Compensation Claims report from LGC.

     Selectmen swore in Heidi Chevalier as deputy Treasurer

    Selectmen reviewed and voted to accept donations P&R 250th and filed transaction Worksheet

     Notice of payment from Trustees of the Trust Fund to United construction in the amount of $40677.00 for paving project.

    Selectmen reviewed and filed for budgeting letter dated October 15 from Southwestern Community Services.

    Selectmen reviewed and filed 2010 Wage, Salary & Benefits Survey for Municipalities.

    Selectmen Signed draft Audit RFP.

    Transfer Station –

     Look into Coupons

      Change in hours for Wednesday’s Transfer station to close on wed @ 6:45pm.

    Selectmen review LGC Health Insurance rates for 2011.

     Selectmen approved forest fire bills.

    Selectmen reviewed appointment of Jessica Allen as Deputy Fire Warden.

     Approve Mason and Rich Invoice hold until we MS-5.

    Selectmen Signed Bank reconciliations for July and August.

     Filed Approval for Construction – Map 407 Lot 049.

    Filed Approval for Operation – Map 201 Lot 032.

     Meeting Adjourned @ 10:15pm