School Board Minutes - October 3, 2010

October 13, 2010                   Minutes of Regular Meeting / Marlow School Board / John D. Perkins School, 7:30 p.m.

Present:                                   Joseph Scharf, Board Chair

                                                Stephanie Tickner, Board Member

                                                Marcia Levesque, Board Member

                                                Ken Dassau, Board Member

                                                Ernie Perry, Board Member

Phyllis Peterson, Principal

                                                Wayne Woolridge, Co-Superintendent of Schools

                                                Tim Ruehr, Business Administrator for Towns (left at 8:00 p.m.)

                                                Jill Wdowiak, Recording Secretary


Also Present:                                   Donna Chase

                                    Maria Baril

                                    Debbie Heffernan

                                    Karin Asseng

 1.                 Call to Order

Mr. Scharf called the School Board meeting to order at 7:44 p.m.

  2.                 Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by Ms. Tickner to approve the board minutes of September 8, 2010.  Mr. Perry seconded the motion.  A unanimous vote in favor was taken.

3.                 Hearings of Individuals and/or Groups


 4.                 Bills and Manifests

A motion was made by Mr. Scharf to approve the bills and manifests (cks # 5002143-5002145) in the amount of $3,462.15 and (cks # 5002146-5002179) in the amount of $60,658.53.  Ms. Tickner seconded the motion.  A unanimous vote in favor was taken.

  5.                 Financial Report

Mr. Ruehr presented the financial report showing a negative balance of -$117,744.00 as of 

October 13, 2010.  He explained that this deficit is due to tuitions and out of district placements, adding that we can cover the deficit at the end of the year with our Tuition Trust Fund.   Mr. Ruehr also informed the Board that we would be getting our oil delivered for $2.35 per gallon from Jackson Oil in Keene.

Tuition Rates – Mr. Ruehr presented the Marlow Tuition Rate of $18,694.00 for the 2010-2011 school year, based on the State Per Pupil Cost Calculation for Elementary Costs Only.  A motion was made by Mr. Scharf to adopt the Marlow Tuition Rate of $18,694.00 for the 2010-2011 school year.  Ms. Tickner seconded the motion.  A unanimous vote in favor was taken.

 6.                 Reports

Principal – Ms. Peterson distributed her principal’s report, which included the Goals for the 2010-2011 school year.  She also updated the Board on NECAP testing and the people who volunteer at the school.  

a.     Co-Superintendent – Mr. Woolridge informed the Board that no students were absent from Keene Middle or Keene High School for five or more days.  He also distributed his blog and updated the Board on legislative issues, which includes funding for Charter School Charters becoming available January 1st, with funding for three years.  Mr. Woolridge will bring more information on Charter Schools to next months board meeting.  

b.     School Board Members – Ms. Levesque updated the Board on the Options Committee meeting she attended.  She petitioned the Board to form a track team next year and to be able to host events here.  Ms. Levesque added that it would be a school sponsored after school activity where parents would transport students to the meets.  Mr. Ruehr will talk next month about insurance liability.  Ms. Levesque asked why are we paying so much for programs at the middle school level that our students are not participating in and feels it should be separate charges.  Mr. Woolridge will put this on the agenda for Mr. Ruehr to discuss next month.  

Mr. Scharf informed the Board that Negotiation meetings will be held on November 8th & 15th.   He also explained to the Board that with federal elections coming up, he is concerned about security at the school.  Mr. Woolridge suggested putting something in front of the door to the classrooms so that people cannot wander through the rooms.  Mr. Scharf would like to be sure that the town is living up to their end of the agreement by having someone monitor the doors.   Ms. Peterson will call the town offices and make sure someone will monitor the doors on Election Day.  Mr. Scharf asked Mr. Woolridge if    we could schedule additional time onto our day and close the school during the election.  Mr. Woolridge replied that you have to make that request when the calendar is being created.  

                  Mr. Dassau and Ms. Tickner attended the Budget Advisory meeting.    

c.      S.A.U. 29 Committees – None  

d.     Options Committee – Previously discussed

   7.                 Old Business

a.     Other - None

 8.                 New Business

a.  NHSBA Resolutions – Mr. Woolridge that even though Marlow School Board is not a member of the NHSBA, he wanted to let you know what they are taking to the legislature.  

b.  Technology Acceptable Use/Internet Safety Policy, Review – A motion was made by Mr. Scharf to adopt the Technology Acceptable Use/Internet Safety Policy.  Ms. Tickner seconded the motion.  A unanimous vote in favor was taken.  

c.  Other - None

 9.                 Future Agenda/s

               Charter School

               Cross Country Team  

 10.    Non-Public Session – R.S.A. 91-A:3


 11.    Adjournment

Mr. Scharf adjourned the Board Meeting at 8:37 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Wdowiak

Recording Secretary