October 2009 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes October 5, 2009

Present:   Dan Kinson, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye.

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $89,368.44.

Ø  Intent to cut signed for Map 412-049, 048.

Ø  Minutes from 9/28 signed.

Ø  Letter from Bradley and Faulkner reviewed.

Ø  PDIP request signed in the amount of $60,000.

Ø  Tony came in to discuss a few issues, one was the old fire truck and was it going to be sold, selectmen felt that it should be, the other issue is the roof on the town hall, and Tony would also like to add a cold storage bay to house extra equipment.

Ø  New Hampshire Energy and Climate Collaborative meeting on Ocotber 8, no one to attend.

Ø  NRRA luncheon, no one to attend.

Ø  EEE and WNV summary reviewed.

Ø  PDIP reconciliation signed.

Ø  Selectmen voted to accept reimbursement for FEMA disaster 1812 from the state.

Ø  Letter from Town of Marlborough reviewed and copied to Chief Avery.

Ø  Regional prosecutor program has been proposed to be absorbed by the county as a fully funded county program.

Ø  Intent to cut signed for map 405 lot 80.

Ø  LGC Municipal law lecture series books received.

Ø  NRRA newsletters reviewed and filed.

Ø  DHHS press release reviewed.  Vaccine for H1N1 will be coming soon.

Ø  Contract for Monadnock securities reviewed.  Mark to follow up with and find out why there are different prices for the buildings.

Ø  Sales figures will be due at the DRA within 45 days.

Ø  P.O signed for H1N1 supplies in the amount of $124.50, these supplies are for the ambulance.

Ø  Public hearing Re: stream crossing to be held in Keene at the public library on 10/29 from 6-8pm.

Ø  MBIA financial statement reviewed.

Ø  Mason and Rich will send out proposal letters for the work to be completed next year.

Ø  NIMS survey to be completed next Tuesday.

Ø  Conservation Commission would like to request funds to pay for aerial photos in the 2010 budget.  They feel that this would be helpful in mapping wetlands, forest types and other resources.  Selectmen looked at the estimated price of the photos and did not feel that a $5,273-$7909 expenditure was warranted by the potential gain and would like to look into whether or not the information that could be gained already exists in other locations.

Ø  Selectmen discussed the issue of the attendants picking cans.  Selectmen do not wish this practice to continue, and will request that Joe and the transfer station employees to come in and discuss the issue further.

Ø  Meeting adjourned 8:37pm.

  Select Board Minutes October 13, 2009

Present: Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye.

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $6,009.

Ø  Minutes signed for October 5, 2009.

Ø  PDIP request signed for $20,000.

Ø  Executive council district two news release reviewed.

Ø  Bond and insurance for CNP reviewed and filed.

Ø  Invoice from Bradley and Faulkner reviewed and approved.

Ø  LGC annual conference will be reviewed by selectmen.

Ø  NHDES Ecolink reviewed.

Ø  Selectmen reviewed the survey maps from the proposed transfer station land purchase.

Ø  Report of Timber cut reviewed for map 406 lot 25.

Ø  Current use board public forums will be held in Moultonborough, Lancaster and Concord .

Ø  Contract signed with Monadnock Security for maintenance of the alarm system.

Ø  Cam Signs is still working on completing the paint job on the new fire truck.  Selectmen will invite Mr. Murdough in to update the board on the status of the fire truck.

Ø  EEE/WNV report reviewed.

Ø  MS-5 reviewed and signed.

Ø  MHS communication reviewed.

Ø  A letter is to be drafted to the logger and land owner to request that they figure out between the two parties who is responsible for the damage done to Baine Rd while posted and moving logging equipment.  The total bill is $468.90.

Ø  Selectmen completed the NIMS survey with the assistance of the Fire Chief.

Ø  Check 27204 approved by selectmen in the amount of $67.41 for NAPA auto parts.

Ø  Tom Foote would consider the top sights to build dry hydrants as the Sand Pond area, Marlow Hill, and on Newell Pond Rd , not necessarily in that order.

Ø  Mark will speak with Joe Feuer and let him know that the selectmen have discussed the issue of the attendants picking cans and do not consider the attendants picking and town’s people donating to be mutual exclusive.  The selectmen decided that the attendants shall no longer pick cans but that residents may continue to donate to the cans for kids program.  If town’s people wish to continue to give cans to the attendants they may do so at their residences not at the transfer station.

Ø  Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.

                                                                 Select Board Minutes October 19, 2009

Present:   Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye.

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $4,834.23.

Ø  PO signed in the amount of $1,000 for the purchase of an IV warmer, KTD and epipens for the ambulance.

Ø  Minutes from 10/13 signed.

Ø  Government comes to the people meeting 10/21.

Ø  Communication reviewed from Bradley and Faulkner.

Ø  Fire Test Inspection Reports reviewed and filed.

Ø  Mason and Rich letters of understanding reviewed.

Ø  Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention

Ø  Cam Signs is still working on painting the new fire truck.

Ø  Jacqui to research prices from other insurance companies based on the 16.4% increase.

Ø  Community Network Team sent a list of trainings

Ø  All notices from DES were reviewed.

Ø  Selectmen reviewed the sales ratio survey.

Ø  Letter signed to Lost Cloud Logging re damage done to the Baine Rd.

Ø  Letter signed to Pine Tree Cable.

Ø  Timber tax warrant signed

Ø  NIMS resolution signed.

Ø  Meeting adjourned 9pm.

Select Board Minutes October 26, 2009

Present: Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye.

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $7,633.09.

Ø  Minutes signed from 10/19.

Ø  Lost Cloud requested and itemized bill for the damage to the Baine Rd. List will be sent.

Ø  Check received from Mabel Willis.

Ø  Report of the County Commissioners reviewed.

Ø  Pole License signed for NHEC and FairPoint.

Ø  NRRA market comments reviewed and filed.

Ø  National Grid’s new supplier code of conduct reviewed and filed.

Ø  NHDES communication reviewed.

Ø  Ken is in support of remaining in the County Prosecution Program. Additionally with a little more work on the shocks and a repair on the frame the current cruiser will last at least another year. Ken feels that there is not a lot of armed back up in this area and would like to purchase a rifle for the department. Selectmen asked for a price prior to making a decision.

Ø  LGC employee wage and benefit survey received and filed

Ø  Red Cross is holding a pandemic flu seminar, to be sent to the Health Officer.

Ø  NHDEMS newsletter reviewed and filed.

Ø  \Fire Truck is progressing it is almost ready for paint.

Ø  The state is working on determining a price for the land. The state would also need to authorize the selectmen to act as their agents for the board to apply for a subdivision.

Ø  Ground water management permit renewal signed.

Ø  PDIP signed in the amount of $50,000.

Ø  The grant award for High Speed Internet has been delayed until December.

Ø  APDVD filing reviewed and copied to the Fire Chief.

Ø  Meeting adjourned 8pm.