November 2011 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes November 7, 2011

 Present:  Tom Fuschetto, Mark Lanier, Bob Allen & Jacqui Fay

Sign check manifest in the amount of $11,667.43 for 7th of November  2011.

  Selectmen signed minutes from meeting of 29 October 2011 

Selectmen signed  Fuel oil pre-buy for 2,500gallons @ $3.15 per gallon 

Selectmen signed contract with Plodzik & Sanderson for $13,000.00 for fiscal year 2011. 

Selectmen signed for the Fire dept for two new Minitors in the amount of $1,100.00  

Selectmen signed for the Fire dept  to repair water Pump in Engine #1 

Selectmen received payment  from Argent Communications for their 2011 Franchise Fees 

Selectmen approved use of Jones for Political campaign 11/12/11 pending final arraignments.      

Selectmen approved use of Jones for The Historical Society on Dec.3,2011 for a Christmas Concert  

Selectmen voted to settle for amount received on an old Litigated matter and waive the balance due given that it would cost  more to pursue it thru the courts  

Selectmen reviewed a E-Mail from Comstar status of pending Ambulance billings 

Selectmen reviewed request from Southwest Community services will be reviewed during budgeting  process 

Public hearing to review a request to the DRA to access our unreserved fund balance to replace the town office roof  will be held @ the town office @ 7:00pm on 11/14/11   

Meeting adjourned @ 10:00 pm


Select Board Minutes November 14, 2011

7PM – Public Hearing ref request to DRA for approval to make emergency expenditure replacing the Town Office roof and to get the revenue from the Unreserved Fund Balance.

  Sign check manifest in the amount of $3,578.28  for 14 November 2011. 

Selectmen reviewed and sign minutes from meeting of 7 November 2011. 

See email dated November 8 ref NHDES Water Conservation Presentation. 

Selectmen Senator Kelly Ayotte’s office hours. 

Selectmen reviewed  letter dated November 11 from Marlow Cemetery Trustees. 

Review sales analysis. 

Selectmen reviewing sample building permit packet. 

Selectmen vote to utilize some of the unreserved fund balance to level fund the town portion of the new tax rate  this will be submitted to the DRA, The new tax rate will be announced once the DRA confirms . 

Meeting adjourned @10:30


Select Board Minutes November 21, 2011

Sign check manifest in the amount of $9,689.51  for 21 November 2011. 

Selectmen reviewed and sign minutes from meeting of 14 November 2011. 

Bob Sharp

            -Discussed  potential liability for Beaver Dams on private land 

Bruce LaFond came in to discuss the zoning status of his property The board advised him to approach the Planning Board at the next meeting on 12/13/11 

Selectmen reviewed Transfer Station reconciliation 

Selectmen discussed 2012 purposed billing for Southwest Mutual Aid Dispatch 

Guyer  to start replacing the roof at the town office 

Meeting adjourned @9:15pm


Select Board Minutes November 28, 2011

Sign check manifest in the amount of $6,52315 for 28 November 2011. 

Selectmen reviewed and sign minutes from meeting of 21 November 2011. 

John Asseng came in to discuss building permit requirements 

Selectmen signed Tax Warrant. 

Review Building Permit application package from Lebanon.

Selectmen reviewed Southwest  Fire Mutual Aid informing us that our 2012 assessment will be $8,708, Selectmen requested a detailed break down of the 2012 purposed budget. 

Selectmen signed PO ,s to Agway & St Pierre for Cemetery Trustees. 

Selectmen signed PO to Sanel for Highway Department. 

Neva Foley, Kelly Ayotte’s office will be available for questions – Wednesday – 30 November 2011.  1:30pm – 3:30pm Selectmen reviewed list of questions. 

Historical Society request to include Tin Shop Pond Fence on Town’s insurance policy.  Current insurance rate is 64 cents per $1000 value. Selectmen discussed current is $12,000.00 estimated cost to insure less than ten dollars a year  Selectmen approved adding it to the town’s insurance.  

Selectmen reviewed Cheshire County budget . 

Selectmen reviewed and filed copy of letter dated November 17 from NHDES ref Hydro Dam. 

Selectmen reviewed current  property Sales Analysis. 

Auditors to start preliminary work on December 2 at 0930. 

Selectmen discussed revised billing for the SAU 29


Meeting adjourned @ 10:00 pm