November 2009 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes November 2, 2009

    Present: Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye.

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $66,274.67.

Ø  Minutes signed from 10/26.

Ø  Memorandum of agreement signed with NHDOS for radios.

Ø  Information on land conservation grants reviewed and sent to the conservation commission.

Ø  Myron sent a proposal for ordering more calendars; the board did not feel that it would be wise expenditure of funds at this time.

Ø  DES Municipal Ecolink reviewed.

Ø  The unofficial tax rate for the Town will be $21.53, the Town’s portion went down by 66 cents, County went up by 42 cents, State stayed the same and the School rate went up by $2.21.  The tax collector needs to verify the numbers prior to them being declared official.

Ø  Fire Truck is still in the process of being painted.

Ø  Notice received from the Henniker planning board re: cell towers.  Filed.

Ø  RCC minutes reviewed and filed.

Ø  EEBGP has information on the web on how to apply for funding, filed.

Ø  The state has a value for the land where the transfer station is located.  The amount was $57,000; the state also valued the town owned .46 acre lot at $5,000.  At this time the choice at town meeting will be to rent the land for $5,700 per year, purchase the land for $57,000 or sell the .46 acre lot to the state and then pay the remaining balance of $52,000.

Ø  Brian Wright came in to ask questions about the potential land sale from the State to the Town.  The board answered his questions, he had a driveway permit that permission to cross, Selectmen questioned as to whether or not he had a right of way as the letter seemed to indicate that the State had given him permission, he stated he did not have a right of way.

Ø  Budget committee is scheduled to meet tomorrow at 3pm. 

Ø  Meeting adjourned 8:30pm.

Select Board Minutes November 9, 2009

Present:   Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye.

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $21,641.99.

Ø  Minutes signed for November 2, 2009.

 Ø  Unemployment claims reviewed and filed.

 Ø  NRRA market news reviewed and filed.

 Ø  An eviction notice was served on Map 405 lot 065 on 10/1/09.  The notice gave until 11/15 for the current occupant to vacate the property after the Town had received the tax deed for the property.  At this time there has appeared to be no action on Mr. Foote’s part to vacate the property, Selectmen will contact the Town attorney to inquire as to the next step if the property is not vacated in a timely manner.

 Ø  PDIP signed in the amount of $25,000.

 Ø  Fire truck is close to being completed, Selectmen have been monitoring the progress closely.

 Ø  News Release for Executive Council District Two reviewed and filed.

Ø  David Eisenberg inquired as to the status of the two proposals, Selectmen have no information other than the award of the grant had been delayed.

Ø  Budget figures reviewed, so far no budgets have gone over for their funding.

 Ø  Assessor’s exchange reviewed and filed.

 Ø  SWRPC news letter reviewed.

 Ø  The selectmen are concerned that the budget committee held a meeting without proper public notice.  The board will await the minutes from the meeting to see what was discussed.

 Ø  Selectmen reviewed the proposals from Mason and Rich and would like a price for them to complete the MS-61 for the tax collector or find out if they are unwilling to complete it and only do the review of the MS-61

.Ø  Selectmen discussed the issue of street lighting, there are a few lights that are out right now, Tony Davis to look into if there can be savings from not repairing the lights, if there is a cost to fix them and then make a decision.

Ø  The tax rate has been finalized.  The town rate will be $7.24, School rate $8.66, State rate $2.31 and County rate $3.24 for an overall rate of $21.45.

 Ø  Reviewed the boundary and annexation survey, no changes made at this time.

 Ø  NHMTA letter reviewed and filed.

 Ø  Email to be sent to the surveyor to attempt to get the finalized copies of the survey for the potential subdivision of the state land.

Ø  Letter to be sent to the DOT re: State owned land.

 Ø  2009 Safer grant to be sent to Fire Department.

 Ø  Manatron agreement signed

 Ø  October account balance verified.

 Ø  Dental rate will increase by 9.99%.

 Ø  NHDES environmental news letter filed.

 Ø  Tom Foote wanted to see if any quotes had been received for painting the van.  None had been received.  Tom had been checking on lights and for an NFPA package for about $10,000 but could do something for about $2,000 to $2,500.  Tony is working on cold storage, as a back up Tom can buy a frame for a building that a canvas cover was donated for in the amount of $400.  Tom also updated the board on the Ashuelot Pond draw down.

Ø  Meeting adjourned 9pm.

Select Board Minutes November 16, 2009

Present:   Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye.  

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $6,547.45.

Ø  Minutes signed for November 9, 2009.

Ø  Jenn reviewed Bank options.

Ø  Jenn asked on the status of the painting of the fire truck

Ø  Peter Renzelman intent to cut filed

Ø  Selectmen signed Div of Forest &Lands report of training

Ø  Selectmen signed Purchase order for highway dept. purchase of tires $820.00

Ø  Selectmen signed Purchase order for 2 PC,s 1 for Tax collector and 1 for supervisors of the check list in the amount of $1,009.80

Ø  Reviewed request from the Monadnock Family Services for 959.00 will review during budget review.

Ø  Selectmen signed NHMTA dental plan renewal

Ø  Selectmen reviewed news letter regarding License to carry Statute.

Ø  Marlow Historical Society asked to reserved Jones Hall for Dec 4th for a Humanities Council Event.

Ø  Selectmen Discuss Recent planning board

Ø  Selectmen signed and sealed the tax warrant.   

Ø  Meeting adjourned 9pm.

Select Board Minutes November 23, 2009

Present:  Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye.  

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $7,799.97.

Ø  Minutes signed for November 16, 2009.

Ø  Tony Davis received updated information on quotes to paint the new “chase” vehicle for the fire department.  Selectmen decided to go with Al’s Repair as it was the lowest of the three bids to paint the truck.  Tony has also looked into prices to purchase new tires for the grader he found tires for pricing under what had been budgeted.  Tony would also like to purchase new edges for the grader.  The total cost would be around $1,500 to purchase new blades.  The tires would be $799 per tire.  Selectmen approved of the purchases.

Ø  2010 Boundary and Annexation survey training.  No one to attend.

Ø  David Rhodes came in to state that his taxes were too high.  His properties were reviewed and he was given a form to apply for an elderly tax exemption.

Ø  Letter signed to the DOT re: land purchase and registering the subdivision.

Ø  Bankruptcy from Land America reviewed.

Ø  Danny Smith been interested in purchasing the property.  He would like to be notified if there is a bid opened on the land.

Ø  Harlen McGuire also would like to purchase the Pollard lot, he stated that if purchased he would merge it with his existing abutting lot.

Ø  Bill Cannon came to inquire about ice racing on Stone Pond he had been informed earlier that there was proposed legislation to stop the ice racing on Stone Pond.  Selectmen had remembered reading about it.  A bill number was found as well as its sponsors; Mr. Cannon was directed to call the sponsors for further information.

Ø  Selectmen decided to proceed with a writ of possession for the property on Map 405 lot 065.  Dan to call the town attorney to proceed in Court.

Ø  The new fire truck is still in progress.

Ø  Mileage approved for Jacqui to attend the RCC meeting.

Ø  Meeting adjourned 9:15pm.

Select Board Minutes November 1, 2009 

Present:   Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye.  

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $93,652.91.

Ø  Minutes signed for November 23, 2009.

Ø  John Salo appeared to request members to be appointed to the Agricultural Commission.  Selectmen explained that the warrant article passed by the legislative body (Town Meeting) did not prescribe a manner for appointment as required in RSA 674:4-b.  Selectmen felt that a subsequent warrant article should be filed this year to clarify the matter and prescribe a method for appointment.  John has done work and has copies of bylaws from other town.

Ø  Shawn Hathaway appeared would like the intent to cuts signed.  Selectmen explained that they have 30 days to decide and were looking into bonding the road because of the issues that happened when his operation pulled out of the logging operation last year.  They have put 12 loads of stone put in the road to fix the road up.  They are also going to put stone in the end of the road to mitigate any further problems on the Baine Rd.   He believes that to bond it has to go through an ordinance process prior to being bonding.  He would like to have the intent to cuts signed so that he can have his people go to work, from a humanitarian perspective.  Selectmen explained that there were residents who were sliding in the mud creating a public safety hazard that Tony had to address.  Mr. Hathaway paid the bill to the Town.   Selectmen explained that they were willing to sign the intent to cut forms as from his statements he was taking steps to adequately address the issues that may arise from trucks exiting the property.

Ø  The long range capital meeting with the state went well.   The sale of the property to the town was approved.  Selectmen will now schedule a public hearing to receive comment on whether to sell, trade or hold the “Pollard”lot.

Ø  Fire truck is almost done.

Ø  Dave Stewart questioned if the town was pursuing high speed internet.  The Town has contacted companies and is waiting to hear from them.  In tern the companies are waiting to hear about a grant.  The Town has cleared the way for high speed internet to come.  The board would like to encourage residents to call Radius North or City Voice companies as the ball is in their court.

Ø  Workers comp insurance to increase by 9%.

Ø  Sales data reviewed, Jacqui to contact DRA to see what they have to offer to help the town as the town only had 6 valid sales and 3 the year before meaning that sales would come from 3 and 4 years ago to set the equalization rate.

Ø  HCS reimbursement statement filed for budget.

Ø  PO signed in the amounts of $25550 to paint the chase vehicle, $3,196 for tires and $1,535.97.

Ø  Application signed for grant funding to build 4 dry hydrants in town.

Ø  2008 accounts will be closed tomorrow.

Meeting adjourned 9:22pm.