School Board Minutes of Regular Meeting November 2009

November 18, 2009/Minutes of Regular Meeting / Marlow School Board / John D. Perkins School, 7:30 p.m.


Joseph Scharf, Board Chair
Ernie Perry, Board Member

Stephanie Tickner, Board Member

Marcia Levesque, Board Member

Ken Dassau, Board Member

Phyllis Peterson, Principal

Wayne Woolridge, Co-Superintendent of Schools

Tim Ruehr, Business Administrator for Towns

Also in Attendance:

Alexandra Bond

Alan Chmiel

1.      Call to Order

         Mr. Scharf called the School Board meeting to order at 7:33 p.m.

Ms. Bond and Mr. Chmiel presented a report on the Status of Students at Keene High School.  There were 26 students from Marlow enrolled at Keene High School in 2008-2009.  The overall attendance rate at KHS was 95.26%, the overall attendance rate for Marlow students was 95.15%.  The total GPA for KHS students was 2.79, the total GPA for Marlow students was 2.66.  The total letter grades for students at KHS were:

      KHS                                                    Marlow Students

      A - 38.02%                                         A - 40.79%

      B - 31.82%                                          B - 32.10%

      C - 16.33%                                          C - 13.81%

      D - 8.45%                                           D - 7.16%

      F - 6.59%                                            F - 6.14%

Marlow students were involved in the following athletics and clubs during the 2008-2009 school year:  FCCLA, Baseball Varsity, Boys Cross Country, French Club, Student Council, Boys Tennis, Girls Cross Country, Chorus, Girls Track, and Sierra.

The following are the Marlow students specific post secondary choices:

      Hesser College - 1

      Unity College - 1

      UNH - 1

      Franklin Pierce University - 1

      Green Mountain College - 1

      VT Technical College - 1

      River Valley Community College - Claremont - 1.

2.      Public Input


    3.      Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by Ms. Tickner to approve the board minutes of October 14, 2009 (Regular) and October 14, 2009 (Public Hearing).  Mr. Perry seconded the motion. A unanimous vote in favor was taken.

   4.      Bills and Manifests

A motion was made by Mr. Scharf to approve the bills and manifests (cks # 5001870-5001907) in the amount of $52,980.84.   Ms. Tickner seconded the motion.  A unanimous vote in favor was taken.

  5.      Financial Report

Mr. Ruehr presented his financial report showing a negative balance of -$17,783.00 as of November 18, 2009.  He explained the areas that have contributed to the deficit.

Mr. Ruehr presented the tuition report, showing the Marlow tuition rate for 2008-2009 at $19,866. and the proposed tuition rate for 2009-2010 at $17,595.00 a reduction of $2,271.  Mr. Scharf made a motion to approve the 2009-2010 tuition rate at $17,595.  Ms. Levesque seconded the motion, all in favor 5-0.

6.    Reports

a.       Principal – Ms. Peterson presented her principal’s report and updated the Board on the great turnout of parents, town hall and SAU staff for the PTA’s   and School Thanksgiving Feast.  The dinner was a model of cooperation and effort from the start to the finish, with meals delivered to the elderly by Mr. James Elliott.

Ms. Peterson spoke to concerns voiced by the Marlow Selectmen regarding keeping costs down in the 2010-2011 budget.  She assured them that all are concerned about the economy and that every effort would be made to keep the taxpayers in mind while creating the budget, but also reminded them that some items in the budget are beyond our control.

She informed the Board the Marlow staff continues to work with Nelson, Stoddard and Harrisville to continue the Six Traits of Writing to collaborate with other staff of the same grade levels to compare students’ work together to set grade expectations.

The total enrollment as of November 15th is 38 students, and the projected enrollment for 2010-2011 is 36 students.    

Co-Superintendent – Mr. Woolridge reported to the Board that one student was absent for five or more days from Keene High School due to illness.  Mr. Woolridge reminded the Board of the upcoming Special SAU Board Meeting on November 23rd at 7:00 in the LGIA.  The agenda for the meeting on November 23rd includes:

 1. Proposed Article 28-a Lawsuit (Reduction of State contribution to Retirement Fund    from 35% to 30%).  

 2. The NHSAU 29 Financial Report.

 3. Proposed NHSAU 29 Budget 2010-2011.

 4. Lease of Property.             

                                                                                          Item three will include a vote on the SAU Board’s Advisory Committee’s recommended budget request for the fiscal year which beings July 1, 2010.  The operating expenditure budget represents a decrease of 2.01% for the year.  The total impact of this budget that will be paid directly by the member SAU school districts  represents a decrease of 3.21%.

On December 21st a Public Hearing on the SAU budget will be at 7:00 p.m. in the LGIA.  The agenda for the December meeting includes:

 1.  New SAU 29 Lease

 2.   Vote on 2010-2011 SAU Budget

Mr. Woolridge reported that the Committee to Study Building Aid Grant Programs met last Tuesday and agreed to file an interim report by December 1, 2009.  The deadline for the finished report is December, 2010.

a.      School Board Members – None

b.     S.A.U. 29 Committees – None

3.   Old Business

         Charter Schools

Ms. Levesque spoke to a concern that Charter Schools are taking resources away from public schools.  Several issues emerged from the discussion.

Ms. Levesque spoke to issues related to the schools with declining enrollment.  She agreed to draft a letter to be sent to the State Department of Education.

4.    New Business


     9.    Future Agenda/s


   10.    Non-Public Session – R.S.A. 91-A:3

Ms. Levesque made a motion for the Board to move into Non-Public Session under the provisions 91-A:3 to discuss staff/student personnel at 8:10 p.m.  Mr. Dassau seconded the motion, all in favor.

Mr. Scharf made a motion for the Board to return to open session at 8:15 p.m., all in favor.

   11.   Adjournment

            Mr. Scharf adjourned the Board meeting at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Wayne Woolridge Recording Secretary