May 2009 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes May 4, 2009

Present:  Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye

 Ø    Check manifest signed in the amount of $66,105.33.

 Ø    John Assig sworn in as conservation committee member.

 Ø    Brian Mahoney came in to correct a current use application Application corrected and Selectmen signed.

 Ø    Selectmen signed property exemption for the Marlow United Methodist Church, Odd Fellows and the Marlow Historical Society.

 Ø    Dave Vesco Came in to discuss the status of the complaint made last week Ken gave a verbal notice situation has improved Selectmen will monitor situation.

 Ø    Selectmen reviewed The Community Kitchen News Letter.

 Ø    Selectmen reviewed and filed the NRRA Newsletter

 Ø    Selectmen responded to a request from Gina Paight regarding Lot 405-003-001

 Ø    Selectmen reviewed Legislative Bulletin #17 & #18

 Ø    Selectmen reviewed invoice from Plodzik & Sanderson and are requesting a detailed break down of current charges.

 Ø    Selectmen did a timber tax assessment for Lot 409-46 & 47

 Ø    Selectmen Signed an intent to cut for lot 411-003

 Ø    Selectmen reviewed and forwarded a letter to Pine Tree Cablevision regarding outstanding Franchise Fees.

 Ø    Swine Flu updates will continue the post @ the Town office / Post office .We are participating in daily state wide conference call updates.

 Ø    Received current copy of Knowing the Territory to be kept on filr At the Town office.

 Ø    Selectmen reviewed letter from DRA regarding the equalization ratio     

      Meeting adjourned 9:20pm


Select Board Minutes May 4, 2009

Present:  Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye

 Ø    Check manifest signed in the amount of $5,966.42.

 Ø    Selectmen approved the minutes from May 4, 2009.

 Ø    Maria Barille is the treasurer for the Marlow Women’s Society has adopted the two flower beds on the side of Jones Hall.  They paid someone to clean up the bed and fertilized the garden.  They were hoping that the selectman would be willing to purchase some mulch for the flower beds.  Selectmen felt that the expenditure should not be more than $50 dollars and approved it as such; bill to be submitted to the Town for payment, Maria will put the mulch in place once delivered.

 Ø    Enhanced 911, residents need to put in place numbers for their homes.  Failure to comply could result in a $50 fine.  The planning board’s recommendation was to send out a notice with the tax billing.  Selectmen discussed driving around town to see who is out of compliance and sending only those people a notice.  Selectmen decided that the Planning Board was the enhanced 911 liaison and as such should decide how to handle the notice.

 Ø    SWRPC newsletter reviewed.

 Ø    PDIP bank reconciliation.

 Ø    Cool Monadnock newsletter reviewed.

 Ø    Intent to cut processed for Map 411 lot 13.

 Ø    Selectmen discussed the addition of a panic button for the alarm system on the clerk/tax collector’s side of the office to address staff’s safety concern.  There are two options. One for a wireless system that appeared to be cost prohibitive at this time.  The cost for $95 was for an additional mobile button, Jacqui will request the cost for a new hardwired button and installation.

 Ø    Abatement signed for map 411 lot 003 in the amount of $1,432.40.

 Ø    NFIP Biennial report completed and signed.

 Ø    NHRS changes reviewed.

 Ø    NRRA newsletter reviewed.

Ø    PO signed for conservation for printing of mailing cards for their second community forum in the amount of $266.   A second PO was signed for the postage in the amount of $250.

 Ø    Cyantoxin workshop flier reviewed.

 Ø    Tick borne illness flier to be posted.

 Ø    An email has been received from NH-HSEM that Jacqui can be appointed to the position of deputy emd, the limitations for citizenship applies to elected positions.

 Ø    NHBEM report number 10 reviewed and filed.

 Ø    Free and low cost options for GIS reviewed.

 Ø    Legislative Bulletin reviewed.

 Ø    Approval for Construction for map 203 lot 58 filed.

 Ø    Timber Tax warrant signed for Map 409 lot 046.

Ø    Selectmen signed a lease agreement with US Cellular for the cell tower to be constructed as previously approved on Marlow Hill.

 Ø    Selectmen reviewed the draft personnel policy.

 Ø    Meeting adjourned at 10:05 pm.

Select Board Minutes May 18, 2009

Present:  Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye

Ø    Check manifest signed in the amount of $4,077.39.

 Ø    Minutes signed from May 11.

 Ø    April Bank reconciliation signed.

 Ø    5th annual emergency preparedness conference June 23, 2009;

 Ø    NHMA action bulletin reviewed and filed.

 Ø    PO’s signed in the amount of $215.59 for a filter kit and $159.07 for an O-ring and spacer pedal kit.

 Ø    NRRA newsletter reviewed and filed.

 Ø    PA-29 processed for Brian and Rondi Mahoney.

 Ø    John Asseng came in Sunday to meet with the gentleman who is doing an inventory on the town forest area he was unable to locate a map or find the map and lot file.  John also had a question reference zoning, he was given a copy of the planning and zoning board.

 Ø    Radius North update- there is a grant available that would help to subsidize the cost of installation and make more people able to take advantage of the new service if it were to come to town.  One of the issues is that Radius North would have to provide the service to the local government. Selectmen were in favor of proceeding with the grant.

 Ø    Farmland conservation program to be posted.

  Ø    Jacqui to check with alarm company to see if the town installing the new panic button would void the warranty on the alarm system.

 Ø    Greenworks newsletter reviewed and filed.

 Ø    Energy audit will be completed on Thursday; this will assist the town in the grant application to purchase energy efficient lights.

 Ø    Selectmen reviewed the list of deficiencies in the grant application for funding to the roof on the town office, selectmen decided to add monies into the grant application to bring into code the deficiencies listed on grant application.

 Ø    Invasive species workshop in Walpole June 6, 2009.  To be posted.

 Ø    Fire Department working on grant application.

 Ø    2009 current use booklet filed.

 Ø    Eco link reviewed.

 Ø    Tony to contact Brox Industries to find out what they could offer the town in terms of pricing for paving in the Town.

 Ø    Legislative bulletin reviewed and filed.

 Ø    Welfare workshop forwarded to the welfare officer.

 Ø    Timber tax for map 203 lot 074 completed.

 Ø    Due to liability concerns swimming will not be permitted at Baptism Beach, signage at the beach to be removed.

 Ø    Insurance info sent to Ken Kazara from US Cellular.

 Ø    Meeting adjourned at 9pm.

Select Board Minutes May 26, 2009 

Present:  Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye

Ø Check manifest signed in the amount of $5,261.90.

Ø A resident came in to express a concern that the flag on the common was in tattered condition and she hoped that it would be replaced prior to memorial day.  Selectmen stated that they would look into the matter and replace the flag if needed.

  Ø Tax warrant signed for Tax collector.

  Ø Minutes signed from May 18, 2009.

  Ø Timber Tax warrant signed.

  Ø PA-29 processed for Map 407-040 and James Ingalls.

  Ø No one to attend the fog training.

  Ø Action Bulletin reviewed.

Ø In determining the equalization rate the DRA used three properties the selectmen had disallowed.

  Ø Cold River watershed management plan reviewed.

  Ø NRRA newsletter reviewed.

  Ø Selectmen voted to purchase a new panic button for the tax collector/clerk’s side of the office.

  Ø Community Action report from DRA reviewed and filed.

  Ø Local energy solutions conference in Manchester, no one to attend.

  Ø News release from district 2 exec council reviewed and filed.

  Ø Fire Department applied for two grants, selectmen’s office copied.  Grants reviewed.

  Ø Wireless high speed internet company information from Paul LaFreniere reviewed.

  Ø There is a grant for building fire stations, selectmen would like to apply but may not be in a position to take advantage of this grant when it opens.

  Ø The above is also the case for USDA solid waste grants.

  Ø Selectmen reviewed a list of grants for rural facilities there were a few grants that looked like they may be applicable to the Town.

  Ø NH the beautiful grant sent to Tony for comment.

  Ø Legislative bulletin reviewed and filed.

  Ø Approval for construction received and filed for Map 42 lot 27.

  Ø Selectmen voted to accept FEMA reimbursement for the monies the Town expended in the clean up from the ice storm in the amount of $15,093.

  Ø Cell tower company has been given a 911 number and should be able to begin construction soon.

  Ø NHTCA action alert forwarded to the tax collector.

  Ø Delta Dental pricing reviewed and filed.

  Ø Curry Printing has made a few errors with the Town’s requests for service.  Jacqui has another company that she would like to use.

  Ø Meeting adjourned 9:05pm.