Marlow School District
The Marlow School District is managed by the Marlow School Board which meets the second Wednesday of each month. Members on the board serve terms of three years unless they have been appointed to serve out the term vacated by a previous member. Elections for members are held in March.

The District is administered by Superintendent of Schools and the Assistant Superintendent for Towns, the Business Manager for Towns, and the Principal of John D.Perkins, Sr. Elementary School.

SAU 29

The Marlow School District is part of SAU 29. For more information visit the SAU 29 website.


School districts in New Hampshire are organized in School Administrative Units (SAUs). School Administrative Unit 29 is comprised of seven independent school districts - Chesterfield, Harrisville, Keene, Marlborough, Marlow, Nelson and Westmoreland.

SAU 29 is the largest multi-district SAU in New Hampshire

Its responsibilities include managing a collective budget of approximately $84.9 million, maintaining 14 school buildings, coordinating the activities of seven independent school boards, and supervising the educational program for approximately 4,235 students. SAU 29 and its member districts employ more than 900 people and cover 211 square miles in southwestern New Hampshire.

NHSAU 29 Mission
  • To provide leadership for continuous school improvement within SAU 29 that results in success for every student
  • To build and maintain a focus on a common vision and direction that meets the educational needs of member communities and assures the highest quality
  • To provide services and coordinate resources to support the effective and efficient operation of SAU 29 and its member schools.

School Mission

The mission of the schools within SAU 29 is to provide each child with the opportunity to participate in challenging, productive and relevant learning activities which promote individual growth and skills development that will enhance the likelihood of each student leading a productive and fulfilling role in our society.


Teacher's Certification

Teachers are required to hold a valid teacher's certification from the State of New Hampshire or be enrolled in an alternative certification program approved by the New Hampshire State Board of Education. Teachers can obtain certification information from the New Hampshire State Department of Education website.