Marlow Historical Society Minutes - March 2012

Executive Board Meeting
Marlow Historical Society
Tuesday, March 6, 2012
6:30 PM

Present: Maria Baril, Mary Blank, Gen Ells, Loisanne Foster, Johanna Kent, and Joanne Thomas

       Loisanne read the Secretary’s Report written by Maria Baril. It was accepted as read. Mary presented the Treasurer’s Report which was accepted as given. We currently have $3247.48 in our combined accounts. We now have a debit card to expedite purchases on line and cut down on the checks we write. Maria reported that responses are coming in on our membership drive. We have fifteen responses so far.


       We are working on the plaque for recognizing donors  for the Tinshop Pond Fence. We discussed the idea that those who gave larger amounts might receive special recognition, but decided that all should be equally recognized as each gave according to his ability. Johanna suggested a handwritten thank you card for each donor when the plaque is installed.

       Johanna suggested that we be sure our newsletter is distributed at all Marlow public events such as the St. Patrick’s Day dinner. The suggestion was duly taken.

       The September membership meeting will be Saturday, Sept. 15 in the early evening. Fred Hill will speak and perform music of history, topic to be announced. Joanne requested that Fred be asked to write a few sentences about what he does.

       Joanne reported that Faye, the textile expert from Alstead, will meet with her and others who can be present at The Chapel in April to evaluate our textiles and advise us in their care. Joanne suggested that perhaps we can build a program around our textiles.

       Monadnock Music has a new artistic director, and they do not yet know their schedule; however, we have let our intention to host them this summer be known.

       Our NHHC public event with speaker Marcia Schmidt Blaine, “Runaway Wives”, will be on Sunday at 2:00 pm on April 29.  The Marlow Women’s Group will cosponsor with us and help with hosting and refreshments at Jones Hall. We will serve tea in bone china cups. Mary will reserve a samovar.  We will notify other historical societies and put out fliers and posters in our radius.


       Joanne has met with Gwen Gaskill of Washington and has read two years of Cora Hurd’s forty years of diaries. Cora was a spiritualist. Gwen impersonates her and is willing to do a 40 minute program for us. We decided to do it on Sunday afternoon, perhaps early in June or in October, depending on what is right for the speaker. If we wish he to include many of the Marlow connection, October would give her more time to locate them. We will plan refreshments or perhaps a pot luck buffet at The Chapel.

       Another program idea Joanne suggested is a joint event with the Marlow Conservation Commission, a kayak trip on the river toward Gilsum with a picnic lunch back at the Chapel and a presentation about life on the river. There is a new Goodby NHHC program. We know he is wonderful, so we can keep that on our radar. Since he was such a hit at Perkins School, we might again arrange to have him present there during the day, As long as we open the program to the public, we can schedule it at a school.  Linda Feuderer is a local archaeologist we can keep in mind for future programs. Joanne also suggested a program on drama in Marlow, featuring productions within living memory, perhaps asking those who participated in the 1970’s +/ - to be involved and we might produce a one-act play as part of the program, maybe in the late fall or early winter.

       We discussed archival procedures. We now have an accession form for each new acquisition. Also, we have a sign out sheet for board members who take material from the file for use. We are still cataloging what is on the shelves.

       Joanne suggested that, since there is such a strong Washington - Marlow connection, we purchase The History of Washington.  Loisanne has The History of Gilsum, first published in 1880, which she purchased some time ago at the Gilsum Library. It contains genealogy which connects to Marlow’s early citizens and many great local stories. She is willing to donate it to MHS.

       Maria has been entertained this winter researching the archival finds and she is enthusiastic about her discoveries. She has researched several houses and also the lives of Roy and Roxy Forbes of Marlow Hill, beloved eccentric citizens of the last generation.

       Johanna voiced concerns about our insurance coverage. First, is the nonprofit board covered if a member is sued relative to MHS business? Yes, we are covered because we are incorporated. Second, is there a second exit upstairs? Yes, there is a fire escape. We need to be sure the passage to it is cleared. Joanne also suggested skid strips for the steep stairs to the museum. While the Methodist group is liable for the building, we heartily agreed that this is a great idea and agreed to carry it out.

       We thank David Stewart for his many years dedicated to maintaining Marlow’s unofficial web site and posting for the community our minutes and events. We appreciate his prompt responses and creative approach. We thank Stephanie Tickner for taking over the site and appreciate the continued opportunity to go public under Marlow’s banner. We decided that, instead of asking Stephanie to post all our former minutes which David has saved, we will post only those from here on.     <>

       We agreed that the next newsletter can be larger, and we will think about formal articles. We discussed the possibility of selling ads enough to cover the cost of publishing the paper and decided that is proper.

Respectfully submitted,

Loisanne Foster