March 2011 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes March 7, 2011

Present: Tom Fuschetto Bob Allen& Jacqui Fay

Absent:Mark Lanier

Sign check manifest for March 7,2011 for $89,780.80

Selectmen signed minutes for selectmen mtg 2/28/11

Selectmen signed a bank transfer for $30,000.00

Selectmen discussed status of heating oil pre-buy and pending legal action against Jackson Energy, and decided to finish out the year with Rymes receiving four quotes.

Received From the Local Government ctr The 2011 Car control training program distributed to departments

Tony Davis requested and was granted permission to do the annual Road posting.

Simone Perry requested and was granted permission for the Girl Scouts to sell Girl Scout cookies @ the Transfer station

The parks and Recreation department requested the use of Jones Hall for April 3rd , 8th &9th  and week of July 17-24 as part of the 250th celebration Selectmen approved.

Meeting adjourned 10:30pm


Select Board Minutes March 14, 2011

Present: Tom Fuschetto Bob Allen & Mark Lanier

Absent: Jacqui Fay

No checks will process tomorrow check manifest

Selectmen signed minutes for selectmen mtg 3/7/11

Selectmen reviewed results preservation study of Jones Hall

Meeting adjourned 9:30pm

Select Board Minutes March 21, 2011

Present: Bob Allen, Mark Lanier, Tom Fuschetto & Jacqui Fay

  Sign check manifest for  3/15/11 > 3/21/11 for $ 22,183.69

  Review and sign minutes from meeting of 7 March 2011.

  Discuss what grants town may wish to apply for this year.

  Update on closure of old landfill Bob Allen to contact ECS Marin for update. 

Tom to review preservation consultant’s report on Jones Hall.

  Update on NIMS training by Selectmen.

  Selectmen signed Federal Tax Exemption certificate for BayRing.

  Selectmen signed February 2011 Bank reconciliations.

  Selectmen reviewed and filed letter dated February 10 from NHDRA now with PA45 report.

  Discuss next step in moving to ambulance billing, working on getting 3 proposals.

  Selectmen approved mileage for Deputy EMD to attend EMD meeting in Keene – March 23.

Legislative Bulletin #11 & 12.

  Selectmen signed PO for ARLAC – water testing.

Selectmen reviewed and filed letter dated March 9 from NHDOT ref biennial bridge inspection.

  Selectmen completed timber tax assessment worksheet for operation 10-289-07 M&L 203-74.

  Selectmen signed abatement for Map 202 Lot 012.

  Selectmen signed  consumer complaint form to Attorney General Ref Jackson Energy.   

  Selectmen signed and seal MS-2.

  NH Preservation Alliance Conference.

Check on  letter from Federal Licensing, Inc.

  Meeting adjourned 11pm  

Select Board Minutes March 28, 2011


Present:  Bob Allen, Mark Lanier, Tom Fuschetto & Jacqui Fay.

Sign check manifest for 28 March 2011 for $ 9,277.40.  

Selectmen reviewed  and sign minutes from meeting of 21 March 2011.

Discusse damage to Marlow Ambulance Reviewed Photos and pending insurance claim.

Discussed water damage to Jones Hall Tony was able to do repairs and we are dehumidifying.

Selectmen reviewed and signed Cyclical Revaluation contract from CNP.

Selectmen reviewed result of Fire Dept elections.

Selectmen reviewed 1st quarter budget figures

Selectmen see letter dated March 23 from Attorney General Ref Jackson Energy.

Selectmen reviewed and signed revised Grant Agreement amendment.

Selectmen review letter dated March 24 from State of NH DOS ref Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grant Program.

Selectmen reviewed notice dated March 24 to Solid Waste Facility Operators.

Selectmen reviewed  e-mail dated March 24 from AFG regarding 2009 closeout.

Selectmen reviewed letter dated March 21 from Town Clerk ref Warrant Article 15.

Selectmen review 2011 appointments.

Selectmen reviewed email dated March 23 from DRA ref equalization study Selectmen to review sales prior  to sending in .

Bob Allen to review NH Preservation Alliance study on Jones Hall.

Selectmen reviewed MS-22 received from SAU29.

Update of Town’s zoning book review other towns prior to reprint.

Set date to update Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Sign withdrawal request from Savings to Checking Account for $10,000.

Meeting adjourned  at 9:30pm