March 2010 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes March 1, 2010

Present: Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $76,327.66

Ø  Minutes signed from 2/22.

Ø  Withdrawal of $60,000 from the savings to the checking signed.

Ø  Mabel Willis came and made her monthly payment.

Ø  Legislative bulleting reviewed and filed.

Ø  Public Official bond notice reviewed and filed

Ø  Harland McGuire came and dropped off his letter notifying the board of his wishes to purchase the property on Route 10 known as a Pollard lot.

Ø  Jacqui will work on getting the information to US Cellular as requested this week.

Ø  Legislative Bulleting reviewed and filed.

Ø  Mileage approved for Jacqui to go to the RCC.

Ø  LGC will be coming on 3/15 to meet with the board and review the Town’s insurance.

Ø  Survey for Town Common to be filed Map and Lot .

Ø  Selectmen voted to accept a grant in the amount of $7,695.00 from FEMA.

Ø  US Cellular contacted the Selectboard and notified them that they have not heard of any effects on honey bees and don’t know of any Federal or State directives on the matter.  Response to be communicated to Mr. Crosby.

Ø  Dave Eisenberg is requesting a specific time line from the Selectmen for getting in touch in Radius North so that the next part of the process can begin.  Selectmen are still reviewing the grant application and are unable to give him a specific time frame at this point.

Ø  P.O. signed for a hydraulic pump in the amount of $425.79, and a brake assembly for $167.46

Ø  CNP requested information approved, Jacqui to forward.

Ø  Assessors exchange reviewed and filed.

Ø  NRRA newsletter reviewed and filed.

Ø  Legislative bulleting reviewed and filed.

Ø  Meeting adjourned 8:10pm.

Select Board Minutes March 8, 2010


Present:  Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $7,730.44

Ø  Minutes signed from 3/1.

Ø  Lyle Handy and Paul Finholt stopped in to get an update on the sale / purchase of the state owned land.

Ø  Legislative bulleting reviewed and filed.

Ø  David Eisenberg came to discuss broadband.  He came with information that might help the selectmen.  The notes appeared to indicate that the town was moving towards radiusnorth as the only viable option.  The cell tower was upgraded for the 3G network.  Selectmen explained their concerns as well, and outlined that the feeling was that based on what is known now it appears that Radius North is the only viable company.  The board anticipates taking action on the matter by the end of the month. 

Ø  Meeting on broadband in Keene at the Public Library in 12:30pm.

Ø  PO signed for ambulance to purchase computer software in the amount of $200.

Ø  Environmental news reviewed.

Ø  US Census bureau letter reviewed and filed.

Ø  CNP bond and insurance filed.

Ø  Oddfellows raffle permit application signed.

Ø  On the insurance from LGC the board decided to agree with LGC on a value for the newly tax deeded property of $42,510 for insurance purposes.

Ø  New rules from the EPA in lead abatement will start in April 2010.

Ø  DES urges people to test their well water.

Ø  Joanne Tramontozzi will meet with the board on 3/29 at 7pm to discuss the upcoming revaluation.

Ø  PO signed in the amount of $1226.74 for oil.

Ø  Letter from the census bureau reviewed and filed.

Ø  NHMA legislative alert reviewed and filed.

Ø  Letter reviewed and signed to Mr. Crosby re: bees on Marlow Hill and US Cellular’s response.

Ø  Meeting adjourned 9:05pm.

Select Board Minutes March 15, 2010 

Present:  Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $3006.94

Ø  Minutes signed from 3/8.

Ø  Meeting adjourned 9:05pm.

Ø  Wendy Dampier and Tom Dunn from the LGC stopped in to discuss heath insurance options

Ø  Renewed our agreement with the Federal Surplus distribution in Concord

Ø  Selectmen signed PO for Cheever tire for the highway dept. in the amount of 401.08

Ø  Selectmen reviewed New Vision regional dinners

Ø   Selectmen signed a letter to Phil Miles with State of NH DOT Notifying him that the purchase of the State owned land had been approved @ town meeting on 3/13/10 Phil to finalize with the Governors executive council

Ø  Selectmen asked that the recent survey for the town common on Marlow Hill be recorded @ the registry of deeds in Keene

Ø  Selectmen reviewed the latest NRRA market report and the market for recyclables is going up.

Ø  Selectmen signed the bank Reconciliation

Ø  Selectmen reviewed a Email from David Eisenburg regarding Radius North

Ø  Selectmen reviewed availability of high-speed internet access thru Fair point n Marlow

 Ø  Next meeting Monday March 22,2010 @ 7:00 pm      

Select Board Minutes March 22, 2010

 Present:  Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye  

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $4,438.73

Ø  Minutes signed from 3/15.

Ø  Forest Protection cooperative agreement signed.

Ø  Marlow Historical Society has reserved Jones Hall on April 9th starting at 7pm.

Ø  One of the selectmen to attend meeting in Keene with the City Council on 3/29 at 7pm

Ø  John Salo will speak with the members of the Ag Commission and see what day will work best for a monthly meeting and let Jacqui know so that it can be posted.

Ø  Art Andreason came to speak about high speed internet.  Right now there is DSL available in a three mile range from the switching station.  They have three packages available.  Art feels that the town office is close enough to get a higher speed package.  The satellite connection is dependent on the weather and should not be used as it is paid for by the State.  Billing is by location and it is not felt that at this time the Town could buy one line and provide service to all its buildings.  Treasurer’s PC is almost completed Art needs to buy another anti-virus license.  Jacqui had called last week to check on the new tax software that the Town can test and is still waiting to hear back.

Ø  LGC annual report reviewed and filed.

Ø   Joe Feuer came and was briefed on the status of the Welfare and shown the new forms.

Ø  Carol came and brought in Carol has been getting a tax bill for 263 and cartographics has Carol listed at 236.  Carol had her land surveyed and has 211.79 acres.  Selectmen requested copies of the survey as well as the deeds for the respective lots to be sent to cartographics.  It is too late to file an abatement but selectmen will look into whether or not they can fix the value for last year. Carol also asked about another one of her pieces that is listed as “in contention” Selectmen did not have any information or idea as to why this was labeled that way.

Ø  Chief Avery came as the A frame is broken on the cruiser due to a rusted frame that has already been repaired once.  This is an issue that can be repaired but would exceed the value of the cruiser and it is not known how much life is left if the repair was to be completed.  Chief Avery is looking into a used cruiser as well as a new cruiser and what would be affordable and provide the most for the price.  Jacqui has looked into the capital reserve fund, the selectmen are named as agents to expend from this fund and would not need to hold a special meeting to do so.

Ø  Selectmen reviewed the appointments and with the exception of the Fire Chief approved all appointments.  Selectmen will wait to hear from the Fire Department who they elect as their desire for the position of Chief.

Ø  Jacqui to contact DRA on equalization and using the median ratio as the equalization rate.

Ø  Jacqui to price out new phones for the Town Clerk.  Until then phones from the Selectmen’s office and Town Clerk will be switched.

Ø  Jacqui approved mileage and authorized to sign up for a grant writing workshop in Concord .

Ø  Legislative bulletin reviewed and filed.

Ø  Jacqui to start filling out paperwork for tabletop exercise.

Ø  Allen and Lanier decided to accept an abatement filed by David Kinson, the abatement was signed by David on 2/25 but not stamped as received in the office until 3/10.  The envelope was not saved and a mailed date could not be established.  From this point forward office staff are to save envelopes with the communications that are contained.

Ø  The Town did not receive the grant to change the street lighting to energy efficient bulbs.  PSNH has a program to replace the lighting selectmen to review this next week.

Ø  Tom Foote came he had spoken with Mark.  Tom was calling around looking for information and was told to call Governor Lynchs office.  He was referred to the DRA.  They told him that his land shouldn’t have been taken.  He was told that the board was supposed to waive Tom’s late application.  He was also told about the tax deferral program that should have been offered to him and waived the deadline for that as well.  Jacqui has called the DRA and the DRA has not confirmed what Tom has reported.  Tom felt that it was plain and that it should have been offered to him and was told that was the case by the DRA.  Selectmen will look into this but did not see that this would be an option as it wasn’t applied for at the time and would not be applicable to all of the years he owed back taxes for.  Selectmen verified that Tom was not living at the property.

Ø  Meeting adjourned 10:10pm.

Select Board Minutes March 29, 2010

Present:  Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $75,104.95.

Ø  Joanne Tramontozi came from NHDRA.  Came and wanted to let us know that this is the year are going to be revaluated.  She needs information from the data base of our records.  She will need it from CNP in the excel format.  She brought the assessment review package with guidelines, nothing has really changed since the last audit in 2005.  Jacqui asked what to do when there is land in contention.  Joanne was not sure and suggested that Jacqui call to find the answer.  The equalization rate was discussed and has been set at 103.5%.  Subject to the selectmen voting to accept it.  Joanne stated that time trending can be done if requested by the Town.

Ø  The following people were sworn in:

o   Janet Robar- Deputy Tax Collector.

o   Lou Paturzo- Tax Collector, Budget Committee.

o   Jon Salo- Agricultural Commission

o   Linda Russell- Agricultural Commission

o   Elizabeth Davis- Agricultural Commission

o   Joel Kinson- Agricultural Commission

o   Jan Lane – Deputy Treasurer

o   Beth Lafreniere- Deputy Clerk

o   Ken Avery- Chief of Police

Ø  Mabel Willis came to make her payment.

Ø  Matrix for timber cut filled out for map 405/80.

Ø  Selectmen will review the ambulance fees again for next year to see if any adjustments need to be made.

Ø  Letter from Phillip Miles reviewed and filed.

Ø  Letter reviewed from cartographics and filed.

Ø  PDIP signed in the amount of $45,000.

Ø  Abatement received for Map 408 lot 13 and Map 405 lot 125, this was sent in a timely manner to the BTLA, selectmen voted to accept the abatement.

Ø  NHEC application to place an intermediary pole approved and signed.

Ø  Franchise agreement reviewed for Argent, no decision

Ø  CNP is hoping that the new software will be ready this year and will notify the Town when it is ready.

Ø  NRRA newsletter was reviewed.

Ø  Intent to cut signed for map 411 lot 3.

Ø  Receipts from Mary Blank, held while selectmen review prior communications.

Ø  Abatement signed for 180 Musterfield heights in the amount of $843.97.

Ø  There are two grants that are waiting for responses from Tom Foote.  There is concern that if action is not taken the Town will loose the grants.  There are also three brushfires that the Town is awaiting on reimbursement from.  Tom was also given a thumb drive from the Town Office to transfer a copy of a thank you card from one computer to another.  Tom has been asked and has not returned this to date.  Tom also has the rural fire water resource plan binder, the selectmen are awaiting its return.  Tom also needs to submit an invoice for the work the fire department completed on Baine Rd so that the Town can submit a bill to the insurance company.

Ø  Carol Stewart’s land was reviewed, last week she brought to the selectmen’s attention that she was being taxed on 263 acres but the map from cartographics stated she had 236 acres and her recent survey stated 211.79 acres.  Selectmen will correct the 263 acres to 236 and grant an abatement

Ø  Meeting adjourned 9:15pm.