June 2011 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes June 6, 2011

Present: Bob Allen, Mark Lanier, Thomas Fuschetto, Jacqui Fay

 Signed check manifest for June 6,2011 in the amount of $10,442.62.

  Kari Brodeur Stevens sworn in as Library Trustee

  Selectmen reviewed latest communications from our attorney regarding our appeal to the BTLA regarding our  current Equalization Ratio .

  Selectmen filled out a report of timber cut for Honey Brook Tate   Forest

  Selectmen signed letter to abutters of the Town office regarding pending property survey

  The Selectmen would like to thank Patricia Rogan who  donated a water tank to the Marlow highway dept.

Selectmen reviewed Bill from Deluzio for Paramedic intercepts for $225.00.

Selectmen reviewed Ambulance billing proposals and are inviting Comstar in to interview.

  Ken Avery came in to look into posting requirements and the process for Marlow hill road for no Thru Trucks.

  Meeting adjourned  @ 9:30 pm

Select Board Minutes June 13, 2011

Present:  Mark Lanier,Tom Fuccetto,Bob Allen Jacqui Fay 

  Sign check manifest for 13 June 2011 in the amount of $95,534.90.

  Selectmen reviewed and initial BTLA A-9 from Marlow School District .

Selectmen reviewed copy of Perkins School Incident Command Safety Plan.

  Selectmen reviewed and signed Intent to Cut Timber for Map 412 Lot 042 – 01/02.

Selectmen reviewed and authorize payment to DiLuzio Ambulance for Paramedic intercept services $854.30.

  Planning Board – update of Master Plan/system for reporting 911 discrepancies now electronic.

Update to Zoning Ordinance.

  Selectmen reviewed complete Forestry Notification received for Map 411 Lot 013.

Selectmen reviewed ‘ A Hard Road to Travel’ ref local ordinances referencing a request to post Marlow hill road and Old Newport road to ban thru trucking of vehicles in exess of 26,000lbs.

  Selectmen reviewed and signed payment In Lieu of Taxes Warrant for Marlow Hydro in the amount of $1,361.09.

  Selectmen Signed Timber Warrants.

  Selectmen reviewed and signed letter dated 6/9/2011 from NHDRA ref PA-28’s confirming that we will be using these forms in 2012.

  Selectmen reviewed  letter dated June 10 from Beth Fernald and  signed agreement. Based on a new Equalization ratio of 98.3 as adjusted from 94.9 based on our appeal to the BTLA this settlement avoids further litigation.  

   Carol Miller, State Broadband Director would like to meet with Board at 7pm – July 5th to discuss future of Broadband in Marlow.

  Selectmen signed Sign PO for $236 to be charged to 6-3105 equipment...

  Review draft audit report.

  Meeting adjourned 10:20 pm


Select Board Minutes June 20, 2011

 Present: Mark Lanier,Tom Fucetto, Jacqui Fay & Bob  Allen

Sign check manifest for 14 & 20 June 2011 in the amount of  $86,839.40.

Jeff Tassi from Comstar  came in to discuss their proposal to provide billing services after detailed review the Selectboard agreed to contract with Comstar for Ambulance billing services. Comstar to submit purposed contract and any other agreements for final review. once agreement has been executed we will meet to work out the final details system should be in place and start billing this fall.

  Review and sign minutes from meeting of June 20 2011.

Lisa and Kevin Warren came in to discuss timber tax assessment

  Selectmen signed PO for Dave Murdough to letter The Fire dept brush truck 

Selectmen signed po for $600.00 10 copies of the Natural Resources 

Selectmen reviewed new revised calculation from DRA 

Selectmen received notice from BTLA Case settlement  noticed 

Selectmen reviewed proposal from Competitive computers for back up equipment and monthly service. 

Lou came in to request to continue the deeding process for properties with delinquent taxes 

Update properties with recent permits ref to current use status 


Meeting adjourned @ 11.00 pm