June 2009 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes June 1, 2009 

Present:  Dan Kinson, Bob Allen and Jacqui Faye  

Ø Check manifest signed in the amount of $71,901.06.  

Ø May 25 minutes singed.  

Ø Frank Richards delivered his report of timber cut.  

Ø Linda Fuerderer will be recommended to serve on the Ashuelot River Advisory Committee.  

Ø $65 filing fee for the BTLA approved.  The Town is appealing the manner in which the equalization rate was determined.  

Ø 2009 Labor Law training, Bob Allen to attend.  

Ø No one to attend the reasonable suspicion training.  

Ø Mileage approved for Jacqui to attend the RCC training on June 2, 2009.  

Ø H1N1  cases are on the rise NH now has 39.  

Ø NRRA weekly market comments reviewed and filed.  

Ø July 10th, 2009 Jones Hall was reserved by the Library for the “Little Red Wagon Puppet Show” This is going to be held outside but in case of rain the upstairs of Jones has been reserved.  

Ø PO signed for $125.95 to purchase 4 flags.  

Ø PDIP request signed in the amount of $50,000.  

Ø Senator Shaheen to write a letter in support of Marlow’s two grant applications filed by the Fire Department.  

Ø Legislative Bulletin reviewed and filed.  

Ø NH CCM reviewed and filed.  

Ø Notice from Town of Greenfield re: public hearing reviewed and filed.  

Ø NH Municipal organization reviewed and filed.  

Ø Pat Collins lodged a complaint about her mal treatment by a Transfer Station employee.  The complaint will be forwarded to Joe Feuer with a directive to report back to the board on his findings and action reference the complaint.  

Ø Rates from PSNH to increase 1.2% on a temporary basis until after the hearing on making them permanent.  

Ø Intent to cut forms processed for Map409 lots 46, 49, 50.  

Ø PO signed for $600 to purchase new sign boards.




Select Board Minutes June 15, 2009 

Present:   Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye

Ø Meeting opened at 6 pm to discuss the equalization rate with representatives.  Commerford, Neider & Perkins were not able to be present at the meeting, but would be representing the Town at the hearing with the BTLA.  Annually they conduct equalization rates in order to determine the value of the state.  There was a 2.5% decline in the value in state; the equalization rate is being set for April 1, 2008.  DRA went over their policies and procedures.  DRA can statistically justify an equalization rate of 90.1%.  This rate would be an increase based on new information from the previous rate as set at 87.1%.  DRA will be able to make themselves available to Town to assist in the future.  Selectmen will discuss the options more later in the meeting.  

Ø Linda Feuederer came in to request information on the potential land acquisition for the transfer station, Selectmen answered her questions.  

Ø Abatement granted for 31 Stone Pond Rd in the amount of $420.65.  

Ø Abatement granted for Map 412-013 in the amount of $184.26.  

Ø Marlow Historical Society has reserved Jones Hall for Friday July 17th for the Monadnock Music Concert.  

Ø Letter signed to Pine Tree Cable.  

Ø Electrical easement was completed for US Cellular.  

Ø Selectmen estimated the rate for the timber tax rating of 4 for the Honey Brook State Forest.  This is to establish an amount for the bond.  

Ø May bank reconciliation signed.  

Ø LGC members agreement reviewed.  

     Ø US Cellular liability insurance certificate received.  

Ø Legislative bulletin reviewed and filed.  

Ø Notice of Public Hearing for cell tower to be constructed in Keene, filed.  

Ø PO signed for $148 for the Fire Department.  

Ø H1N1 update from the State reviewed and filed.  

Ø Selectmen voted to accept the DRA’s offer to increase the Town’s equalization rate to 90.1%.   

Meeting adjourned 9:10pm.

Select Board Minutes June 1, 2009 

Present:  Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye  

 Ø Check manifest signed in the amount of $17,158.15

Ø PO signed in the amount of $1,300 for the purchase of tires.

  Ø NHMTA newsletter estimates that the cuts in the state budget will cost municipalities 87.4 million.

Ø There will be a meeting in Peterborough tomorrow night to defend Pisgah State Park as it is on the states list to “sell, lease, transfer or outright give away through a variety of options.”

Ø Press release reviewed from Kroka.

Ø  Radius North Communications failed to get a grant application together in time.

  Ø Easement for Fairpoint signed for the town common, allowing the installation of the cell tower.

  Ø List of unlicensed dogs signed as the warrant to be given to the Police Chief.  

Ø NRRA newsletter reviewed.

Ø Minutes from June 15, 2009 signed.

  Ø NHOAA summer school, no one to attend.

  Ø Job vacancy notice approved to be posted.

Ø News release from executive council district 2 reviewed.

  Ø Forestry notification reviewed and filed with map and lot.

  Ø NRRA newsletter reviewed and filed.

  Ø Intent to cut signed for map 412 lots 042 1 & 2.

  Ø Marlow Gazette submission deadline is Saturday June 27th.

  Ø New maps from cartographics have been received.

  Ø Monadnock Security submitted a bill for $266.

Ø First check received for the rent on the cell tower.

  Ø Selectmen voted to change the meeting time to start at 7pm until the finish of business.  This would replace the 7pm till 9pm office hours.

  Meeting adjourned 9 pm.

Select Board Minutes June 29, 2009 

Present:    Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye

Ø Check manifest signed in the amount of $64,335.62.

  Ø Minutes from June 22, 2009 signed.

  Ø Abatement was signed for H&H Investments LLC as their property was liened in error, the bills were sent to the wrong person.

  Ø Mabel Willis made her monthly payment.

  Ø Letter from DRED-Forests and Lands reviewed and filed.  The State sold the stumpage to Garland Lumber Company.

  Ø NHDRA revised equalized value for Marlow reviewed and filed.

  Ø Cohen Sand and Gravel surety bond reviewed and filed.

Ø No one to attend the National League of Cities.

  Ø Legislative bulletin reviewed and filed.

  Ø NRRA weekly market comments reviewed and filed.

  Ø Abatement granted by for Map 406-022.

  Ø Warrant signed for unlicensed dogs.

  Ø The Selectmen would like to thank all of the people who participated in the town wide yard sale and the Marlow Women’s Society for their generous donation of a special needs cot to the Town.

  Ø Dave Vesco came to lodge another complaint re: the nuisance dogs of McClain on Baine Rd.  6/22/09 Ms. Vesco reported to dispatch who then connected her to the state police.  The dogs started at 5:45 till 7:30am.  State Police stated they would get back to them, called them this morning, they don’t know what is going on.  Dave called Cheshire County Dispatch as it had been about a week and they hadn’t heard anything.  On 6/28/09 from 2pm till 3:30pm dogs were barking non-stop. No one was home, two dogs were chained to the door, others were in the kennel.  Mr. Vesco left a note on the door re: the barking dogs.  Dogs were barking on and off from 3:30pm till 4:30 pm today.  Dave was told earlier that she works from 7:30am till 3:30 or 4pm.  Mr. Vesco is also concerned about the conditions of the dogs, on one of them there was an open sore.  The animal control officer is supposed to inspect the kennel once per year.  Mr. Vesco would like to know when the inspection is going to take place, who completes the report, and would like to have a copy of the inspection report copied to him.

  Ø Hazard Mitigation group to meet during a selectmen’s meeting or a time convenient to the group prior to August 3 to see what grant could be applied for.

Ø Selectmen will hold interviews for the posted position after the holiday weekend.  At this time there are 4 applications.  The two representatives from the Selectboard will be Bob Allen and Mark Lanier starting at 6pm on July 8th.

  Ø The Selectmen’s meeting on July 13th has been rescheduled to July 15th at 7pm.

  Meeting adjourned 8:15pm.