July 2012 Select Board Minutes

July 2, 2012

Attendees: Ed Tomas, Tom Fuschetto, Bob Allen, Jacqui Fay

Sign check manifest in the amount of $112,371.99 for 2 July 2012.

Lou Paturzo to discuss tax Deeding process.

Selectmen reviewed and sign minutes from meeting of 25 June 2012.

Selectmen reviewed Property & Liability Insurance – Member Agreement for 2013 pending changes for 2012.

Ambulance Billing discussion reguarding E-Mail from Loretta.

Discuss applying for a generator for EOC from EMPG.  Tony Davis has quote for $3799.

Discussed test pits dug in Marlow hill road awaiting report from M&W Soils.

Selectmen signed Acceptance of Audit Requirements.

Selectmen reviewed ‘Water Resource Plan’ for Dry Hydrants.  Easement has been received for Site MA 17.  Work to begin 10 days after Permit by Notification submitted.  Easement pending for Site MA 22.

Selectmen reviewed and filed copy of Driveway Permit for Map 409 Lot 18.

Selectmen voted to accept $1097 EMPG grant for the Highway Department Radio Upgrade Project.

Selectmen reviewed first half budget report.

Selectmen reviewed letters from Kroka Expeditions.

ECS Marin will be sampling wells at the Fire Station tomorrow starting around 10:00 am.

Review first half budget figures.

Tom Foote came in and reviewed his application for an AFG grant for new SCBA equipment in the amount of $88,500.00 this is a 5% town matching requirement.

Selectmen signed Transfer for $25,000.

Ken Avery came in and we reviewed the Hawkers and Peddlers ordinance.

Selectmen reviewed Tax Cards where no inventory has been received.

July 9, 2012

Attendees: Ed Tomas, Tom Fuschetto, Bob Allen, Jacqui Fay

Sign check manifest in the amount of $7,979.20 for 9 July 2012.

Selectmen reviewed and signed minutes from meeting of 2 July 2012.

Selectmen met with Marlow Ambulace and Fire dept regarding a recent gift from the Richard and Gertrude Rock family Trust. The Selectboard asked that we consider the establishment of a building trust fund with some of the funds. Both departments agreed to ask their members for input.  

Wendy Pelletier to review the recently completed topo survey of the Town Transfer Station property survey.

Tony Davis came in to discuss Fleet repairs  

Selectmen processed Notice of Intents for Map 405 Lot 038 & Map 408 Lot 019

Selectmen signed MS-5.

Review LGC Unemployment Compensation Claims Report.

Selectmen reviewed a Memo the 1st Master plan Sub committee July 13 – 7pm meeting ref

Selectmen signed warrant for unlicensed dogs.

Emergency Operations Center training – August 9.

Selectmen to review draft Fraud Policy.

Kelly Ayotte office hours 9am - 10am July 23 at the town office.

Selectmen reviewing request from Police Chief to change speed limits on dirt roads, Symondsville Rd, Cross St and Old Newport Rd.

Selectmen discuss applying for EMPG grant for generator.

Selectmen reviewed and signed Acceptance of Audit Requirements for Highway communications equipment and dry hydrants.

Selectmen approved mileage for Deputy EMD to attend RCC meeting.

Selectmen reviewing audit reports for 2011.

Meeting Adjourned 10:30 pm
July 16, 2012

Attendees: Ed Thomas, Tom Fuschetto, Bob Allen, Jacqui Fay

Sign check manifest in the amount of $12,114.20 for 16 July 2012.

Mark and Jane Vincello came inregarding a complaint from a local tenant

Public hearing regarding donations from Richard and Gertrud Rock Trust., Selectmen voted to accept the $5,000.00 gift to the Marlow Fire dept.

Loretta Loring came in to review a revised quote in the amount of $8,850.00 for a new Gurney for the Ambulance, Selectmen issued a purchase order.

Selectmen review and sign minutes from meeting of 9 July 2012.

Selectmen reviewed remaining tax cards where inventories have not been returned.

Selectmen reviewed and filed  letter dated July 10 from NHDES ref subsurface disposal application for Map 203 Lot 081.

Selectmen responded to Invitation to Ben Levesque’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor – Aug 11 at 2:00pm.

Selectmen processed Intent to Cut for Map 409 Lot 002.

Selectmen reviewed and filed  notice ref cell tower in Lempster.

See update from LGC dated July 10 ref administrative hearing.

See email dated July 16 from Monica Blair, ECS Marin.

Selectmen reviewed and Initial BTLA A-12 from Marlow Women’s Society.

Marlow Website – Selectmen discussed purposed content.

Selectmen signed bank reconciliation.

Selectmen sign PO to Highway Dept. for 176.90 for welding suplies

Selectmen reviewed Hazard Mitigation Grant application for Marlow Hill Road.

DES Permit by Notification for Fire Hydrant – Selectmen and Conservation Commission signed off.

Update on Master Plan – see email from Joanne Thomas.

Meeting adjourned @ 10:50 pm

July 23, 2012

Attendees: Ed Thomas, Tom Fuschetto, Bob Allen, Lou Paturzo

Sign check manifest  in the amount of $5,580.95 for 23 July 2012.

Tony Davis came in to discuss his efforts to purchase parts for the 91 Mack town plow truck. Some parts are unavalible, had concerns about this, and has found a replacement truck, a 2000 International, same as our other two front line plow trucks. The asking price is $8,000.00. This would allow us to retire the old Military dump truck. Selectmen voted to approve this purchase.

Ken Avery came in to discuss his recommendation for some speed limit changes. Selectmen are considering changes and the cost of establishing new speed zones.

Selectmen reviewed a list of departments and town Boards to be included on the town web site home page.

Selectmen signed a property tax abatement for M&L 202-023

Selectmen reviewed current statement on highway block grant

Amer electric working soft ware for the alarm systems.

Selectmen reviewed current Comstar Billings

Selectmen reviewed and filed The Odd Fellows annual Charitable financial statement

Meeting adjourned @ 10:30 pm

July 30, 2012

Attendees: Ed Thomas, Tom Fuschetto, Bob Allen, Lou Paturzo

Signed check manifest  in the amount of $25,475.97 for 30 July 2012.

Loretta came in to process a PO# for Bound tree for $306.41

Tony Davis came in to discuss a opportunity to purchase a utility vehicle with a man lift to assist with tree removal and building maintenance. Selectmen approved this $6,500.00 purchase.

Selectmen discussed with Tony the cost of establishing the proposed new speed zones in town.

Bob Allen to meet with Deluzzio regarding current billings.

Selectmen reviewed and made some edits on our new fraud policy under review

Selectmen decided to remain with Monadnock for monitoring our alarm systems.

Meeting adjourned @ 10:30 pm