July 2011 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes July 5, 2011

Present: Tom Fuschetto, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier, Jacqui Fay

  Selectmen Signed check manifest for 5 July 2011in the amount of $14,870.05. 

Review and sign minutes from meeting of 27 May 2011. 

Carole Monroe, State Broadband Director to meet with Board regarding the Fast roads project. 

Respond to email dated July 4 from Scott Kurz referencing building permit requirements for Yurts, The town does not require permits for these types of structures. 

Ken stopped in to discuss apportion of the Reed road class six section that has been posted No Trespassing,  Selectboard to notify owner  that property along a class six road can be posted but the use of the road can not be regulated as it is still a public way . 

Selectmen approve mileage for Deputy EMD to attend meeting at 1pm in Newport on Monday, July 11th.

Selectmen signed Comstar ambulance billing agreements. 

Selectmen Update on review of tax cards for properties where inventory forms have not been returned and reviewed the options that are available. 

Selectmen reviewed the approval for Operation Map 405-003-002. 

Selectmen reviewed and commented on the Auditors draft report. 

Meeting adjourned at 10:30pm


Select Board Minutes July 11, 2011

Present: Tom Fuschetto, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier, Jacqui Fay

7pm Public Hearing for proposed ‘No through Trucking Ordinance’

-Bob Allen gave an over view of the reasons for considering the road postings

-Five concerned residents came in to express their concerns about posting all were against it citing farm vehicles in excess of the posting limit hauling local

-Select board to review with Police dept. prior to making a decision  

Sign check manifest for 11 July 2011 Iin the amount of $7,8993.92

Dave Murdough came in with proposal to install and repaint Sun Visor for the Fire dept.  Tanker trk, selectmen approved the $100.00  cost proposal 

Selectmen reviewed and signed minutes from meeting of 5 July 2011.

Selectmen reviewed and initial bank statements. 

Selectmen reviewed and filed letter date July 6 from NHDRA ref USPAP 210 report. Forms have not been returned.

Selectmen reviewed and approved NHRA dated June 28 authorizing electronic transfer tax rate authorization information.

Selectmen signed letter to ambulance billing companies that were not selected.

Selectmen reviewed and signed Treasurer’s bank summary for June 2011.

Selectmen authorize invoice for $85.00 to be paid for piano tuning from Parks & Recreation ETF.

Review Transfer Station receipts and comparison to last year’s revenue.

Selectmen reviewed letter from Cheshire County.

Confirm date of next meeting with Comstar. next meeting 7pm July 18th 2011

Meeting adjourned @ 9:15pm