Marlow Historical Society Minutes - July 2011


Executive Board Meeting
Marlow Historical Society
6:30 pm, July 7, 2011

Present: Maria Baril, Gen Ells, Loisanne Foster, Johanna Kent, and Joanne Thomas

Loisanne read the Secretary’s report which was approved as read. We studied the Treasurer’s report, prepared by Mary Blank, and approved it. We presently have a total of $12,951.14 in our combined accounts. Of course, a large portion of that money is from the donations in our Tinshop Pond Fence Fund. (See below.)

Old Business

Tinshop Fence Bid Report
We chose Cheshire Fence for the restoration of the Tinshop Pond fence. Their bid is just over $10,000. We have $9,635.00 in our Tinshop Pond Fund, all from local donations. We will ask Cheshire Fence to accept that amount and await their verdict. We may choose to make up the difference from the general fund.
We received, among other donations, $175.00 from The Perkins School graduating sixth grade class of four students.

250th Marlow Anniversary Celebration

We finalized our plans for the big weekend. The museum will be open on Saturday, and we divided up the time, excluding the parade time and community photograph time. Maria and Joanne volunteered for the morning. Johanna volunteered to take Loisanne’s afternoon time since she will be doing the MHS historical tour in the morning.
Ed Thomas is going to take the community photograph, and we discussed how to handle the orders and decided that, since there will be so many in the picture, an 8” x 10” would be better than a 5” x 7”, but we should offer both. We can have forms for those who want the photo to fill out. Maria will research the prices and be in charge. She will ask Mary to make the forms.
The Birthday Celebration Committee has asked if we would like the unsold Marlow jigsaw puzzles and the copies of Stephanie Tickner’s Marlow painting to sell. Yes, indeed we would.
Maria will handle the publicity in The Keene Sentinel and The Shopper News for the event. Joanne has passed out posters she has made using Jacqui Fay’s lithograph.

Archives Update
Ed Thomas has donated a computer complete with Photoshop and printer to our museum.
Much needs to be filed. Joanne can organize small projects and parcel them out to volunteers. For instance, our albums need to be indexed.
We need a form for accepting accessions.

Schedule for Upcoming Museum Hours
Maria Baril and Joanne Thomas will divide the hours for Sunday, August 21.

Humanities Programs

The speaker for “Runaway Wives” has accepted for Oct. 22, and Joanne has already filled out the paperwork. We agreed to try to have Edie Clark in the spring, possibly a Saturday in April, but not school vacation, and not Easter weekend! She is enthusiastic about coming here and she has a readership and a following.

New Business

Board Celebratory Brunch

Joanne Thomas proposed a board brunch to celebrate all we have accomplished. The Court House Restaurant in Newport was suggested as a venue. We need to brainstorm who might also be invited to join us. The Warrens and Tracy Messer were named. We agreed this would be uplifting.

By-Laws Review and Update

We agreed that we should form a subcommittee to review the by-laws and propose updates, but we tabled this until next time.

Subcommittee for Recruitment

Joanne suggested that seeking volunteers for small projects might be an effective way to involve people. We agreed with her that we need a subcommittee for recruitment for new members. For instance, we need someone to do just hospitality.

Round Table

The last session was well-attended. Historical Societies share their ideas and projects.

Class on Marlow’s History
The class we will be responsible for will be Friday, November 4 at 10:00 AM. Loisanne will lead and Joanne and others will be involved as well. We are invited to bring artifacts and visuals. It will be 120 minutes long with a break.

“The Way We Were” Sentinel Feature

Tom is going to put out a schedule and sign-up sheet.

Waterpower Mills
HSCC has put out a call for photographs and information on waterpower mills in local towns. This is for an exhibit and a book such as the one on meeting houses we contributed to. Joanne Thomas will take care of this.

Suggestions for the Museum

Johanna suggested that we find or have built a rack to hold all of our picture albums and 8.5 x 11 “ booklets so that they can be readily displayed.
Someone suggested that we also need a scanner as well as a copier at the museum.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Loisanne Foster
Secretary, MHS