July 2009 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes July 6, 2009

  Present: Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye

      Ø Check manifest signed in the amount of $16,806.81.

    Ø April 29, 2009 minutes signed.  

Ø Maria Baril came as the Historical Society is having a fund raiser at Jones Hall and she would like to have Jones Hall vacuumed prior to the show, as this is a big fund raiser for the Historical society. Last year she vacuumed the hall herself, Selectmen agreed and the office will notify the custodian.  

Ø FEMA application for new Fire Station Construction Grants are due by July 10th.  

Ø PO signed in the amount of $250 for an oil cooler.  

Ø PO signed in the amount of $1,000 to purchase a chase vehicle for the fire department as approved at the Town Meeting.  

Ø Selectmen reviewed the percentage rate for the NHRS.  

Ø Forestry notification for Gerald Collins reviewed and filed.  

Ø OEP floodlines reviewed and filed.  

Ø Jacqui is approved mileage to go to the RCC meeting on July 7th.  

Ø News release from executive council reviewed and filed.  

Ø Mr. Vesco came in with a few corrections to the minutes from last week, the corrections were made.  Chief Avery has been in contact with Mr. Vesco, they have been playing phone tag.  Mr. Vesco has gone to the humane society with his concerns about the animals conditions.  Mr. Vesco asked if the selectmen would be willing to sit down and mediate the situation to try and work it out.  Mr. Vesco is willing to help in anyway he can to stop the dogs from barking even if it involves him going and feeding and watering the dogs.  Selectmen will get in touch with Chief Avery to find out about the inspection status, and attempt to contact Ms. McLean to attempt to mediate the situation.  

Ø DES release reviewed and filed.  

Ø DRA mini course is in Twin Mountain, no one to attend.  

Ø BTLA  notice of withdrawal of petition by Town received.  

Ø Notice from NHDOS reviewed and filed.  

Ø Community action report reviewed.  

Ø Bank reconciliation reviewed and signed for June.  

Ø Selectmen approved the purchase of a new shredder for the office.  

Meeting adjourned 9:30pm.


Select Board Minutes July 6, 2009

Present: Dan Kinson and Mark Lanier.

Ø Check manifest signed in the amount of $3,582.59 and $86,360.83.

  Ø Tony Davis came in to ask the board whether or not the board wanted to purchase a cutter for the highway department to cut asphalt.  To buy a new cutter would be about $1,800, to rent one is between $150-$300, or to buy a used cutter would be about $850.  The piece of equipment is used about 4 times per year.  Selectmen decided that their preference would be to purchase the used cutter.

       Ø Bank reconciliation signed

  Ø PO’s signed in the amounts of $937.50, $135, $1777 and $500 for various parts to fix vehicles.

Ø Report of timber cut completed for Frank and Lisa Richards.

  Ø Email from Senator Odell reviewed and filed.

Ø Letter from DOT reviewed, the land is still in the process of being declared excess property.

  Ø Letter from NRRA reviewed re: changes in the tipping fee schedule for Keene, there will now be a $15 per ton tipping fee on recyclables.

Ø Selectmen will send a letter to Lempster and Gilsum letting them know of the changes in fees for the ambulance, it has been a number of years since this has been done.

Ø No one to attend DES training.

       Ø SWRPC newsletter reviewed.

  Ø Washington has invited the Town of Marlow to participate in its hazard mitigation plan, email forwarded to the fire department.

  Ø DES fact sheet in disposal of dead animals to be posted.

  Ø NRRA newsletter reviewed.

Ø Selectmen signed letter notifying the DRA of their intent to use the PA-28 form in 2010.

  Ø There is a potential lawsuit against the state stemming from the proposed changes to the retirement system.

  Ø Grant application reviewed.

  Ø Meeting adjourned 8pm.

Select Board Minutes July 20, 2009 

Present:  Dan Kinson and Mark Lanier.

  Ø Check manifest signed in the amount of $1,564.34

  Ø July 15 minutes were not printed to be signed.

  Ø David Eisenberg called in to request information on the status of Radius North, and if there were any time frames of when the equipment would be installed, Selectmen were not aware of any time frames but will call Mr. Eisenberg when they have more information.

  Ø Lou Paturzo called to verify that the selectmen wished to deed a property, Selectmen had previously decided to deed two properties, this property being one of them, Selectmen verified with Lou that they wished to continue to deed the property.

 Ø Selectmen discussed a request from the school to have Jimmy Elliot complete work at the school as a town employee so that he will be covered under the Town’s insurance; Selectmen discussed the issue and were concerned about the town’s liability if Jimmy was using his own equipment.  Selectmen decided that Jimmy should bill separately for labor and any equipment he uses.  This arrangement had been previously completed.  Selectmen want to know what he will be doing for the school prior to making a decision on the matter.

  Ø Selectmen received a quote to paint the new fire truck in the amount of $8,280.

Ø PO signed for a tie rod in the amount of $147.56.

  Ø Selectmen are looking into the missing report of timber cut.

  Ø DHS message pertained to citizen corps.

  Ø Notice from DES to Mr. Rock reviewed and filed.

  Ø NRRA weekly market comments reviewed.

  Ø No one to attend DOT training.

  Ø NHHE direct loan policy reviewed and filed.

  Ø Road Business reviewed.

  Ø CJIS newsletter reviewed.

  Ø Based on the recycling center looking at commingled container contents selectmen reiterated that cans and other materials brought to the dump are not to be picked by the attendants or any others. 


Meeting adjourned 8:10pm.

Select Board Minutes July 27, 2009 

Present:  Dan Kinson, Bob Allen and Mark Lanier.

  Ø Check manifest signed in the amount of $1,564.34

  Ø July 15 and 20th minutes were not printed to be signed.

  Ø PO signed in the amount of $870 to purchase an asphalt cutter.

  Ø Mabel Willis came to make her monthly payment.

  Ø Carol Stewart came appeared.  Selectmen entered private session to discuss a personnel issue at 8:15.

          Ø Selectmen reentered public session at 8:35pm.

  Ø Dave Vesco has two concerns; four individuals approached him for the minutes.  Jacqui emails the minutes to Dave Stewart and will do so upon her return.  The minutes are on the thumb drive in the office.  Dave also would like to apply for the animal control officer position.  He will volunteer his time for the position and request any monetary compensation be donated to the Odd Fellows or the Keene Community Kitchen, see letter on file.  Dave was given an application for the Town and will check back in a week, Selectmen will follow up with Chief Avery.

  Ø Email received from David Eisenberg reviewed and filed.

Ø Tom Foote came in to question if the money left over from the warrant article could be used to paint the truck.  The warrant article defined the purpose as purchasing, not fixing.  Selectmen will check with the DRA.

  Ø Selectmen will meet with the NHDOT on August 3rd at 5pm to discuss and define the land that the selectmen are looking at for the transfer station.

  Ø NHRS update reviewed and filed.

Ø Chris Lowther did not appear on 7/20 or 7/27.

Ø Community Kitchen donation was a mass mailing, Selectmen to wait to get the October request for reimbursement.

  Ø County Budget reviewed the proposed budget is up 1.5 million dollars.

  Ø Selectmen discussed the need to finalize the personnel policy.

  Ø Meeting adjourned at 9p.