Marlow Historical Society Minutes - July 2009

Executive Board Meeting Marlow Historical Society “July Meeting” June 30, 2009 Chapel

Present were Maria Baril, Mary Blank, Loisanne Foster, Pam Little and Candy Wiggum. Since were were unable to meet early in July due to other commitments, we had decided to hold our “July” meeting at the end of June.

Loisanne Foster read the Secretary’s Report which was accepted as read. Mary Blank presented the Treasurer’s Report which was also accepted. We ahve $4,350.82 in our combined accounts.


For the Town Pound sign, we decided to use vinyl letters. Al Blank is making the sign.

We have collected money for the Monadnock Music Concert, but we are still running $240.00 short. Hopefully it will be made up in donations earmarked for support of the concert.

This year Marlow Historical Society put up the money for Memorial Day expenses as Richard Rock, in charge of the Parks and Recreation Fund, was ill. We will be reimbursed.

Ed White’s work on Murray Hall windows will cost $1,500.00. The funds raised at the Monadnock Music Dinner will go into the Murray Hall Fund to help pay for the window work.

We have now planted all of the Liberty Elms. We spent $39.99 on peat moss for the new elms. Candy fertilized them all in the fall with spike fertilizer and in the spring with ground fertilizer. Candy brought the identifying tags for the elms, but the trees are as yet too small to accommodate the tags, so the tags are for safe keeping. Some of the elms are having their leaves eaten by rose chaffers. We have sprayed the “Number 7” insecticide to no avail. Liberty Elms of Keene assures us that, although these insects may eat the leaves, they will not kill the trees.

The elm at the police station, however, has a more serious problem. It seems to have Dutch Elm disease. One branch was taken to Liberty Elm in Keene for analysis. We await a report. If the tree does have the disease, it must be removed and Liberty Elm will give us a new disease-free elm to replace it.


Candy asked if we are ready to identify our next Murray Hall goal. Loisanne suggested that we need to do the wiring before other interior work is done and moved that we identify that as our next goal. The motion passed. Mary will get three estimates from electricians. Maria will check the costs of going solar for the building.

Maria reported progress in organizing the Monadnock Music Dinner, planned for July 17th. We thank the community for supporting this event. Mary and Sandy Salo will make huge pasta salads. Donna Chase and Marcia Levesque will make huge fruit salads. Gen Ells and Penny Dupres will make the seafood salads. We have six green salads, six potato salads, and seventeen desserts promised. We have ten cash pledges which will go toward purchasing the ham and paper goods. Shaws has given us a $15.00 certificate and Price Chopper will also donate.

We worked on the overall organization of events. Candy will manage the dining room. Susan Rock will be the hostess. Tom Fuschetto and Joanne will sell tickets at the door. Laura Lindholm will gather and arrange the flowers. Loisanne will introduce the Monadnock Music performers at the concert and Mary and Loisanne will split “guard duty” in the library so music patrons can use the facilities and the orchestra members will have a rehearsal/time out area. The John Salo, Dave Davis, and Al Blank will set up the dividers and pavillion. We have several volunteers for kitchen and dining room set up, serving, and clean up duties. Some of our youth will bus tables. Mary, Loisanne, and Candy will do the table set up.

We continue our pursuit of historical preservation funding information. Candy checked the Hart Family Fund for Small Towns and found that it has possibilities for us. On the other hand, The Kresge Fountation seems to fund only huge organiztions in cosmopolitan areas.

Gen Ells showed us what she has accomplished so far for our part in the Conservation Commission Inventory of Historical Resources. She had obtained forms from the N. H. Division of Historical Resources. Loisanne will do this for Marlow Academy and the Methodist Church and she will research the industries on Washington Pond Road. Once the information is gathered, the Conservation Commission with Jeff Littleton will hold another public meeting to share the results.

Respectfully submitted,
Loisanne Foster