January 2012 Select Board Minutes

January 3, 2012
Present Tom Fuschetto, Mark Lanier, Bob Allen, Jacqui Fay 

Selectmen approved a Check Mamifest in the amount of $14217.11

Selectmen signed Meeting minutes for 12/27/11

Selectmen reviewed a letter from Adam Plumb.

Selectmen Signed a tax abatment for M&L 203-075

Selectmen reviewed The DES reclassification of Ground water Guide

Selectmen reviewed DES comments on the last round of ground water monitoring @ the old Town Landfill site.

Meeting adjourned @ 9:30pm

January 9, 2012

Attendees: Tom Fuschetto, Mark Lanier, Bob Allen ,Jacqui Fay 

Selectmen signed check manifest for DEC 31st 2011 in the amount of $16,986.28 .

Selectmen signed check manifest for 9 January 2012 in the amount of 6,756.89.

Selectmen reviewed 2012 proposed Cemetery & Trustees of the Trust Fund budget.

Sign PO to Cheever Tire for $431.16 .

Selectmen Signed Bank reconciliations.

Selectmen Voted to go into in to Private session @7:55pm voted to come out of private session @8:55 pm

Selectmen reviewed and signed 2012 agreement with Commerford Neider & Perkins for Cyclical Revaluation.

Selectmen signed Investment Policy.

Selectmen discussed the status of Dave Stewart’s website.

Meeting adjourned @ 11:30pm

January 17, 2012

Attendees: Tm Fuschetto, Mark Lanier, Bob Allen

Sign check manifests in the amount of $7,110.42 for 17 January 2012.

Selectmen signeed minutes from meeting of 9 January 2012

Review NRRA Activity Detail Report.

Selectmen signed Intent to Cut for Map 403 Lot 004.

Selectmen completed Timber Tax Worksheet for Map 401 Lot 013.

Selectmen Rreviewed 2011 Budget figures.

Review December ambulance reports.

             Selectmen reviewed  email dated 12 January from Plodzik & Sanderson ref new GASB requirements ,will check with auditors on additional cost for the new requirements.

            Selectmen discussed website options.

            See Hazard Mitigation Plan Update proposal from Jane Hubbard.

            Selectmen completed Risk Assessment Questionnaire.

Memorial service for Carol Stewart will be at the church on January 21st at 1:00 pm followed by reception at the chapel

Meeting adjourned at 10:00pm

January 23, 2012

Attendees:  Bob Allen, Mark Lanier, Thomas Fuschetto & Jacqui Fay

Selectmen signed check manifest in the amount of $3,218.63 dated 1/23/12

Misha Goldman of Kroka came in to discuss

Selectmen signed PO for $275.00 for new batteries for the Fire Dept thermal imaging camera

Selectmen discussed a low temp warning system for Jones Hall

Marcia Levesque came in to discuss school budget and up coming meeting.

Girl Scouts requested and were given permission to sell cookies @ the Transfer station

Selectmen reviewed DeLuzio billings update.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm

January 30, 2012

Present: Tom Fuschetto, Mark Lainier, Bob Allen,Jacqui Fay

Sign check manifest in the amount of $86,901.70 for 30 January 2012.

Review and sign minutes from meeting of 23 January 2012.

Art and Mary Andresen came in to discuss the replacement of the Vacuum for the town office

Loretta Loring came in to discuss current progress in Comstar billings for the Ambulance

Selectmen reviewed Sales Ratio info and included and excluded sales.

Selectmen reviewed email dated 26 January from Lisa Murphy, SWRPC ref update of Hazard Mitigation Plan.  Selectmen signed Letter of Commitment.

Selectmen selected projects for Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

Selectmen reviewed report from NRRA on Town’s recycling.

Selectmen reviewed  letter dated January 2012 from Community Kitchen.

Selectmen reviewed  letter dated January 24 from Marlow Ventures, LLC.

Selectmen approved purchase of laptop computer for Police department.

Selectmen signed PO’s to Dirt Cheap & Walnut Printing  For Transfer station permits.

Selectmen signed intent to cut for map 405 Lot 094

Selectmen reviewed Budget & Departmental Reports.

Selectmen reviewed email from NHDES ref site investigation at Marlow Fire Department Will contact ECS Marion for required quotes on remedial.

Selectmen reviewed email dated January 27 from NH Broadband Mapping & Planning Program.

Town Office will be closed 1, 2 & 3 February as audit takes place.

Selectmen signed Timber Tax Warrant.

Meeting adjourned  at 11:00pm