January 2011 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes January 3, 2011

Present: Bob Allen,Tom Fuschetto

Absent: Mark Lanier

-Selectmen signed check manifest for $4,969.10

-Bob Allen went to meet with Gilsum following this mtg.

-Discussed upcoming Budget committee meetings

-Selectmen reviewed incoming mail.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:15 pm

Select Board Minutes January 10, 2011

 Present:Mark Lanie , Bob Allen& Jacqui Fay.

Absent:Tom Fuschetto

Sign check manifest for 31 December  2010  $20,051.07.

Sign check manifest for 10 January 2011 $5,320.54.

Bob Allen met with the selectmen in Gilsum to discuss the purposed changes to the Marlow Ambulance. Will meet with Lempster tis week.

Review and sign minutes from meeting of 27 December 2010 & 3 January 2011.

Sale of Town Property – Property’s in consideration to be presented to the planning board and conservation boards .

Selectmen reviewed NIMCAST  and selected requirements for Selectmen and Emergency Management.

Selectmen reviewed and file letter dated December 26 from NHDES confirming appointment of Linda Fuerderer to Ashuelot River Local Advisory Committee.

Review Investment and Purchasing Policies.

Selectmen reviewed and filed  letter dated December 23 from NRRA.

Selectmen signed  letter dated December 28, 2010 from County of Cheshire ref MOU for a Regional Grant Application for Minitors.

Selectmen reviewed and signed CNP contract.

Selectmen approved Marlow Women’s group would like to do catering for Town Meeting.

Review and initial A-9 from Marlow United Methodist Church .

See e-mail ref community based survey roundtable at DHR.

Bob Allen to call RE: e-mail dated January 7 from Danielle Morse ref EMPG for Fire Hydrants.

Selectmen filed for budget review Parks & Recreation Committee proposed budget for 2011.

Confirm Calendar of Events leading up to Town Meeting, departments have budgets in by 1/21/11 Budget committee meeting date set for 1 /29/11.

Selectmen signed confidentiality agreement with Plodzik and Sanderson to perform town audit

Select Board Minutes January 18, 2011

Present: Mark Lanier, Bob Allen& Jacqui Fay Tom Fuschetto

Sign check manifest for 31 December  2010  $21,075.61.

Sign check manifest for 18 January 2011 $2,687.42

Selectmen signed tax abatements

Selectmen discussed modifying charges to the town of Washington to more equitable represent their participation in the Transfer station will be discussed during budget hearings.

Selectmen adopted a revised purchasing policy draft.

Selectmen reviewed NH Preservation study of Jones hall    

Selectmen signed bank reconciliation statements

Selectmen signed timber tax Levy for ML 409/002

Selectmen signed DRA form MS 60A

Selectmen completed P&S risk assessment questionnaire

Selectmen reviewed DES release on ground water monitoring

Select Board Minutes January 31, 2011

  Present: Mark Lanier, Bob Allen& Jacqui Fay Tom Fuschetto

Sign check manifest for 24 January 2011 $9,997.50.

Loretta came into discuss up coming Warrant articles for the Ambulance.

Selectmen reviewed  and signed minutes from meeting 24 January 2011.

Ted Aldrich came in to discuss a warrant article for the Sand pond Lake Host program

Selectmen reviewed letter from Division of Forest and Lands stating that Matt Apgar  is our Forest Ranger  covering our community.

Selectmen signed Gravel Tax levy for Doc Cohen

Selectmen reviewed and signed  form BTLA A-12 [Charitable org Financial Statement] for the Odd Fellows.

Selectmen reviewed and filed DRA report PA 45

Reviewed possible Warrant articles


Meeting adjourned 10pm