Marlow Historical Society Minutes - January 2011


Executive Board meeting
Marlow Historical Society
January 6. 2011, Chapel

Maria Baril, Johanna Kent, Marcia Levesque, Loisanne Foster, and Joanne Thomas

The Secretary’s Report was read and accepted as read. The Treasurers Report was presented and accepted. We now have $3087.15 in our accounts.

Old Business:

Marcia discussed plans for the community celebration for our 250th anniversary of the Marlow charter. She said, “Our job is to plan the party . The community carries it out.” We reviewed the plans and the MHS roles.
MHS will be involved in the history part of the celebration, especially in connection with Perkins School and a history tour in July. We will provide historic materials for the Quilt Show in April and other events. Loisanne is writing a YA Marlow novel and will participate in the arts/literature program with a reading in May.

We discussed our Anniversary Fence Restoration Project. Kroka Expeditions has offered to build the fence is we furnish the materials. Brian Gallion came to discuss restoration with us. Each section of four feet is estimated to cost $178.00. He suggested that, with the new fence, we can reduce the cost by cutting the sections to 10 - 12 feet. The 16 foot sections are costly. He suggested two coats of oil-based primer and 2 coats of quality latex paint before the fence is put up. Johanna asked how often it should be painted. He responded, “Every ten years in a perfect world.” and commented that how long it lasts will depend on how well it is cared for. “The operative word is ‘maintain,’“ he said. When asked, what percentage of the cost is in installation, Brian noted that it varies, depending on the rocks and soil and other factors. Joanne suggested that we could use more modern materials without sacrificing authenticity. Brian said he would pass on any discount from the lumber company. Joanne suggested that we approach Hamshaw directly as MHS and try to get a special deal on the lumber.

New Business:

We discussed plans for recording the event for posterity. Ed Thomas is our official photographer for the yearlong celebration. Joanne spoke of several options for displaying the results: in a book such as could be done through Shutterfly with the layouts on line and printouts on demand. or a DVD set to music. In either case, editing decisions will need to be 1/6/11 Board/ MHS, made. Joanne believes the book or DVD could be ready by next fall or winter. She will research the costs.

Joanne’s son, Eric Thomas, will digitalize the Bayard Huntley Marlow story tape which was used in the kickoff storytelling session in January.

Re Jones Hall: Forms are on line for N.H. State grant applications for historic preservation. Dan Vooris will do a report on the moisture problem at the hall. It may need insulation. Some think back-fill might help keep moisture from creeping in from below.

Joanne Thomas is interested in doing research on provisions for Marlow’s poor from the beginning, to highlight those families who are less known. She plans to gather data and put it in context.

The meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Loisanne Foster