January 2010 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes January 4, 2010


Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye  

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $152,582.84.

Ø  Library has reserved Jones Hall on April 17, 2010 for a book signing event from 3pm till 4:30 pm.

Ø  Mileage approved for Jacqui to attend the RCC meeting.

Ø  Minutes from 12/28 signed.

Ø  Policy signed re: special events.

Ø  P.O. signed in the amount of $700 for the letter of the Fire Dept.  “chase” vehicle.

Ø  NHRS annual report reviewed and filed.

Ø  Tony Prevette submitted a petitioned warrant article to be included for Town meeting. 

Ø  Goodrich submitted a bid for survey work in the amount of $3,500.

Ø  Email from Radius North received; no news as of yet.

Ø  NRRA communication reviewed and filed.

Ø  Legislative Bulleting reviewed and filed.

Ø  Calendar of events leading up to Town Meeting reviewed, approved as presented.

Ø  Recycling center bulletin reviewed and approved by the board, to be sent to Joe Feuer for review and comment.

Ø  Selectmen discussed that there has been no COLA nationally that they have heard of. Selectmen will look into the COLA but will not recommend one if there has been no increase.

Ø  Legislative Update reviewed and filed.

Ø  Primex would result in saving for health insurance, quote to be sent to LGC for a competitive bid.

Ø  Bob to contact John Lyford.

Ø  Selectmen will look into a new computer program for the tax collector that can interface with the Selectmen’s assessment software.  This will make updating for revaluations, pickups and transfer a simple process.  Jacqui to check with assessing and auditing companies to get recommendations.

Ø  Windows can be purchased by the town for around $135.08 a piece with screens, with Tony Davis to complete the installation.  Selectmen approved to the purchase and installation to be completed at the Town Office.

Ø  P.O.’s reviewed.  Two requests for purchase orders were written on sticky notes, Selectmen will request more information prior to discussion.  The third was approved for the ambulance to replace supplies (burn kit, o2 masks and head blocks) in the amount of 350.50.

Ø  Selectmen called Chief Foote and told him that prior to a bill for reimbursement being submitted to the insurance it needed to come from the Town, and should be submitted to the selectmen’s office.

Ø  Meeting adjourned 8:55pm


Select Board Minutes January 11, 2010

Present:  Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $10,900.59, $1710.24 and $1,907.05.

Ø  Jacqui has found that the equalization rate has been wrongly applied to the current use in the Town.  Right now there is brand new software that would allow the Selectmen’s office and Tax collectors to work together.  The software company will be looking for Town’s to volunteer to test the software, the selectmen will look into this as an option if there are some savings to be had.

Ø  Michael Bell came in to talk about internet, he was briefed on the history and potential differences between Radiusnorth and CityVoice.  The most recent update from RadiusNorth as of today is no news.

Ø  Plan NH brochure reviewed.

Ø  The writ has been granted for Map 405 lot 065, Selectmen will contact the attorney.  At this time the writ is sent to the Sheriff who will serve the writ.  At the time the Sheriffs are on the property a locksmith will need to be hired by the Town to change the locks.  Selectmen approved the measures and will contact the Attorney to proceed.  The former owner of the property will be notified prior to the change of the locks to give them one last opportunity to remove belongings and property.

Ø  Mason and Rich audit reports were reviewed and filed.

Ø  NRRA newsletter reviewed and filed.

Ø  Contract signed with CNP.

Ø  Jacqui approved mileage to go to the LGC training course.

Ø  Selectmen decided to join the hazardous waste collection for 2010-2011.

Ø  Joanne Tramontozzi stated that they have not set the equalization rate yet and there was really nothing they could do.  During the meeting with the DRA last year prior to the BTLA hearing there was a statement made that if the Town had notified the DRA earlier they may have been able to do something to help the town ie coming and reviewing the properties to establish more of a base for statistical analysis.  Selectmen to contact the DRA and remind them of the statements they made to hopefully come up with a more accurate grouping of sales data.

Ø  Legislative bulletin reviewed and filed.

Ø  Tom Foote received a call from the residents that bought the Ayotte property.  The insurance agent showed up and cancelled their insurance because the property was not accessible.  Tom was requesting direction of what to put in the letter to the insurance company.  Selectmen felt that a generic letter could be drafted after consultation with the Town’s insurance company and if they will not issue an opinion then selectmen will contact the Town’s attorney.

Ø  Selectmen entered private session to discuss a personnel matter at 8:30 and reentered public session at 8:42. 

Ø  Gravel Tax Levy signed.

Ø  PO signed in the amount of $225 for transfer station decals.

Ø  Unemployment compensation claims reviewed and filed.

Ø  Letter from DOT reviewed and filed.

Ø  SWRPC newsletter reviewed and filed.

Ø  Selectmen reviewed the draft personnel policy, made a few changes and will sign the final copy next week or the week after.

Ø  Various P.O.s signed to complete the paperwork for checks that had been paid out over the year.

Ø  Meeting adjourned 9:30pm.

Select Board Minutes January 19, 2010

Present: Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $6,260.23 and $1,345.

Ø  Thomas Dunn cancelled his meeting for tonight.

Ø  Tom Foote appeared to get a figure to repurchase his land from the Town.  Selectmen had the figures on tax amount and will get him the rest of the figures tomorrow.

Ø  Dave Murdough came to request payment for the completion of the work on the new fire truck.

Ø  Dan Stearns and Mike Bell came with news from RadiusNorth that they were waiting to hear from the Town, Jacqui confirmed that they had placed a call to the Town.  Jacqui to return the call.

Ø  Changes to Transfer Station pamphlet reviewed, Selectmen made a few changes to the changes

Ø  E-mail from Danielle Morse reviewed and filed.

Ø  Environmental news from DES reviewed and filed.

Ø  Argent Communications email reviewed and filed.

Ø  Rabies report reviewed and filed.

Ø  Email re: house bill 1335 reviewed and filed.

Ø  NRRA news letter reviewed and filed.

Ø  News release for executive council district two reviewed and filed.

Ø  New decals are to be handed out by transfer station attendants, to be verified by them through tax bill, registration or license.

Ø  NH Planning regulation filed.

Ø  Ecolink reviewed and filed.

Ø  NHRS update reviewed and filed.

Ø  Intent to cut signed for map 201 lot 32.

Ø  Meeting adjourned 8:40pm.

Select Board Minutes January 25, 2010

Present: Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye  

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $12,620.38.

Ø  Minutes signed from 1/19/10.

Ø  NHRS update reviewed and filed.

Ø  Legislative bulletin reviewed and filed.

Ø  Stream crossing rules reviewed.

Ø  Bank reconciliation signed.

Ø  PDIP signed

Ø  Conn. River Bank reconciliation signed.

Ø  Contract signed with Dibrenardo Associates LLC.

Ø  Jacqui spoke with DRED.  Actual notices go out this week in terms of grant award.  The next award will be in March.  Having RadiusNorth rent space on the tower would in no way loose the grant for the Town.  DRED did inform the Town that RadiusNorth, CityVoice and WiValley have all put in a grant application together.  DRED will email the Town anytime there is action on the grant.

Ø  Whelen light package expenditure approved in the amount of $1,600 for lights on the new tanker.

Ø  The School Board is a separate budget from the Town’s budget.  Selectmen are concerned over the increase that happened this year in the school budget.  At this time Mark has met with the Principal at the school to gain more information for te board.  There has been a drop in the funding from the State.  This will only increase the tax rate more next year.  At this time for next year there will be a 13.91% increase for the middle school and 6.65% increase for the High School tuition rates respectively.  The Selectmen have heard a report that there could be an increase of approximately $5 per thousand in the tax rate.

Ø  Jacqui approved mileage to attend training.

Ø  Grant voted to be accepted for the base radio.

Ø  Email reviewed from Dave Eisenberg, he feels that the Town should proceed with RadiusNorth with a contact where by if the grant was received that RadiusNorth would reimburse residents with credits.

Ø  Intent to Cut signed for Map 405 lot 94.

Ø  Meeting adjourned 9pm.