Marlow Historical Society Minutes - January 2010

Executive Board Meeting / Marlow Historical Society / January 7, 2010, Chapel

Present were Pam Little, Mart Blank, Johanna Kent, and Loisanne Foster. Loisanne read the Secretary's report which was read and accepted with minor corrections. Mary Blank gave the Treasurer's Report. We are now fully in Citizens Bank. Our total assets is $3,218.46. Re-glazing Murray Hall windows will cost a total of around $1,900.00. So far, we have paid Ed White $1,750.00 for this work.


We reviewed our schedule for the year. For February 12 we are planning a Coffee House with live music and beat poetry of the Coffee House era: Gingsberg, Keroac, and Ferlenghetti. It will be a good mid-winter get-together. We will have coffee and refreshments.

In April, we and NHHC will sponsor a program by the lively Eric Bye on 19th Century Popular American Music. We enjoyed one of his interesting, interactive programs earlier.

In the spring May, we will provide a tour and program for Perkins School children which will include grades four through six. Next year we will do it again for just grade four. We will probably include the Hearse House, Town Offices (School #4), and Jones Hall as well as the Museum. We plan to procure old costumes and allow the children to have their photographs taken in them as a memento.

We reviewed the letter to be submitted for the Town Report. Johanna suggested that, since it is long, it could have headings to break it up. Loisanne will work on this.


Johanna Kent has accepted our nomination and appointment to the Executive Board as Director for a three-year term. Her position on the Board was unanimously and enthusiastically accepted.

Terra Sad, our State Representative, found and has sent us a Marlow tax book for the year 1877. We are most grateful to receive this historical document.

Respectfully submitted,
Loisanne Foster