February 2013 Select Board Minutes

February 4, 2013
Attendees: Ed Thomas, Tom Fuschetto, Bob Allen, Jacqui Fay

Attendance taken and quorum was declared

Selectmen signed check manifest in the amount of $13,468.38 for 4 February 2013.

Review and sign minutes from meeting of 28 January 2013.

Discuss recruitment of Highway employee.

See correspondence from Building Inspector.

Selectmen reviewed Police Log.

Selectmen reviewed and filed letter dated January 29 from Cartographics.

Sign Purchase Orders for
Highway Dept
– Unifirst, in the amount of $229.36
– Windward Petroleum $579.05
– Cheever Tire Services.$579.05

Selectmen signed Intent to Cut for 403-001.

Selectman reviewed requirements for the opening a gravel pit, will need to do more research
on RSA 155-E

Selectmen transferred money from Ambulance Revolving Fund to cover expenses incurred with operating the Ambulance for fiscal year 2012.

Draft letter and spread sheet to summarize for neighboring Towns.

Public Budget hearing scheduled for 2/14/13 at 7 pm in the Town Office.

Meeting adjourned 10:45 pm

February 11, 2013

Attendees: Ed Thomas, Bob Allen, Jacqui Fay
Absent: Tom Fuschetto

Signed check manifest in the amount of $9,885.15 for 11 February 2013.

Selectmen reviewed and signed minutes from meeting of 4 February 2013.

Selectmen reviewed Excavation Permit Process.

Marcia Levesque came into discuss Winter Carnival events and the Towns liability during those events.

Selectmen reviewed 2013 proposed Budget.

Selectmen signed Bank reconciliations for January 2013.

Selectmen reviewed CERT letter from Ed Dalenta.

Discuss Administrative Assistant position in Selectmen’s’ office.

Selectmen signed Excavation Tax Warrant.

Selectmen reviewed and approved a request to use Jones Hall on February 23 from the Historical Society for a program of old time music.

Reviewed letter dated February 6 from NHDRA.

Selectmen reviewed and approved a Diluzio invoice.

Selectmen signed PO’s
-Highway Dept to Donovan Spring for $540.00
-Fire Dept. to SWNH Radio Repair Shop for 250.00
-Fire Dept to NFPA for 2012 inspection guidelines for $1,175.00

Selectmen reviewed email dated February 11 from Loretta Loring ref NH Medicaid.

Selectmen reviewed 2013 Comstar rate change form.

Selectmen reviewed taxation on disputed parcels of land.

Selectmen confirmed that new Transfer Station permits will be issued 2014.

Selectmen reviewed letter to Lempster and Gilsum ref ambulance.

Meeting adjourned at 11pm.
February 19, 2013

Attendees; Ed Thomas, Tom Fuschetto, Bob Allen Jacqui Fay

Attendance taken and a quorum was declared.

Sign check manifest in the amount of $10,295.91 for the week of 19 February 2013.

Selectmen reviewed Public Budget meeting.

Selectmen reviewed and signed minutes from meeting of 11 February 2013.

Selectmen signed Contract for General Assessing with CNP.

Selectmen approved Judith Ells to start as Administrative Assistant in Town Office 20 February 2013.

See email dated February 15 from Tracy Messer.

Selectmen finalized the wording of the Warrant Articles.

Selectmen signed letter of commitment to Keene for Hazardous Waste Collection.

Selectmen signed 3 Intents to Excavate for property owned by Doc Cohen.

Selectmen signed PO for the Highway Dept. for a Hydraulic pump for $590.00.

Selectmen discussed their concerns for permitting a new quarry in Marlow which is scheduled for a site specific hearing on March 5, 2013
-Reclamation bond requirement
-Liability to maintain access to the site
-Bonding requirements for Bridge maintenance and or replacement due to anticipated traffic

Meeting adjourned @ 11:30 pm.