February 2012 Select Board Minutes

February 6, 2012
Attendees: Tom Fuschetto, Mark Lanier, Bob Allen, Jacqui Fay 

Selectmen signed check manifest for $9,023.06 for the week of 6 February 2012.

Selectmen reviewed and sign minutes from meeting of 30 January 2012.

Selectmen reviewed letter dated 30 January from Hoppock & Lachman ref Town Counsel.

Selectmen signed PO for the Police dept in the amount of $99.97

Reviewed 2012 proposed budget.

February 13, 2012

Attendees: Tom Fuschetto,Mark Lanier,Bob Allen ,Jacqui Fay 

Sign check manifests in the amount of $7446.47 for 13 February 2012.

Selectmen review and sign minutes from meeting of 6 February 2012.

Review job application for Transfer Station.

Selectmen signed bank Reconciliations.

Selectmen signed Excavation Tax Warrants.

Sign agreement with SWRPC ref Hazard Mitigation Plan update.

Selectmen signed Fast Roads Agreement.

Selectmen Processed a PA-29 application.

Selectmen Reviewed 250th Parks & Rec spreadsheet.

Selectmen reviewed email ref 9-1-1 Liaison foreword to Planning board .

Selectmen letter dated February 13 from Mary Blank.

Sign PO to State Line Service in the amount of $219.16.

Selectmen reviewed the status of 2 Dry hydrant locations that we are working on easements.

Selectmen reviewed Budget and warrant articles for the Public hearing on Thursday.

February 21, 2012

Attendees: Tom Fuschetto, Mark Lanier, Bob Allen, Jacqui Fay

Sign check manifest in the amount  $4,752.68 of  for 21 February 2012.

Selectmen reviewed and sign minutes from meeting of 13 February 2012.

Selectmen signed Tax Abatement.

Selectmen approved payroll for ambulance.

See notice from NHDES ref permitting process.

Selectmen approved invoice - Monadnock Security Systems, Inc.

Selectmen approved registration and mileage for tax collector and deputy tax collector to attend spring workshop.

Selectmen reviewed and filed notice from Planning Board Meeting from Claremont.   

Selectmen signed Intent to Excavate for Doc Cohen.

Selectmen signed PO for Petes Tire Barn & SWMA Radio Repair.

Selectmen reviewed abatement application.

February 27, 2012

Present: Tom Fuschetto, Mark Lanier, Bob Allen, Lou Paturzo 

Sign check manifest for February 27,2012 in the amount of $5,057.37

Steve Markiewicz came in representing Marlow Ventures,LLC to discuss the purchase of the Marlow store.

Selectmen signed minutes for selectmen mtg 2/21/12

Selectmen reviewed draft of the Selectmen’s  report for 2012

Tom Foote came in to discuss applying for a grant to help offset the cost purchasing a Foam Generator designed for Gas and Ethanol the grant would be a 50/50 matching grant

Meeting adjourned 10:45