February 2009 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes February 2, 2009

Present: Daniel Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye
Ø    Check Manifest signed in the amount of $.
Ø    Selectmen approved minutes from 1/26/09.
Ø    Petitioned warrant article received for $2,500 to the Community Kitchen Inc, as a result the Selectmen will not place a duplicate article on the warrant.
Ø    Replacement insurance for the Town ambulance would be $1,000 annually, our ambulance would qualify and Loretta would recommend it. Selectmen will need to look into the matter further as this is the same insurance as the Fire Trucks have on them and the insurance would only replace with a like model up to the value of the item lost and not pay for replacement of the vehicle.
Ø    NH Community TV Monitor newsletter reviewed.
Ø    LGC’s 2009 edition of Town Meeting and School Meeting Handbook received.
Ø    The Marlow Gazette was reviewed and filed.
Ø    Selectmen reviewed coverages and it appears that the LGC would replace the ambulance if stolen or destroyed with a new ambulance of similar specs for $1000 an increase of about $600 per year above what is being spent on insurance currently, selectmen approved this expense.
Ø    Letter signed to the Town Attorney requesting that the information requested from Plodzick and Sanderson be sent to them.
Ø    Selectmen reviewed lease agreement with US Cellular, it appeared to have included Selectmen’s concerns, packet will be forwarded to the Town Attorney for review and comment.
Ø    Councilor Jonh Shea came to inquire about the Transfer Station land acquisition Selectmen briefed him on the issue and gave him copies of the paperwork sent to NHDOT. Councilor Shea will look into the matter and report back to the board.
Ø    NHOEM newsletter reviewed and filed.
Ø    Letter to Health Officer reviewed and filed from DHHS reference WNV/EEE and Arboviral illness.
Ø    Base rates for ambulance services from Diluzio are from $450 to $825 per run plus $13 per loaded mile. Selectmen are concerned about the price and will attempt to discuss with Loretta further to see is this is a needed service or if the Town will be covered from neighboring Towns under mutual aid. Selectmen will forward to Loretta and ask if she can come in next week to discuss further.
Ø    Cemetary Trustees sent a letter to Gladys Foote addressing her concern, copy received by the board and filed.
Ø    Selectmen reviewed a contract from Wheelabrator in Claremont as a option for refuse disposal, this company could save the Town about $6,500 in disposal fees rather than going to Keene. The contract was a multi-year contract, selectmen to look into process for legally approving a multi year contract. Selectmen were in favor of signing this contract as it represents significant savings for the Town.
Ø    NH Arborist Foundation application for community beautification award forwarded to Conservation.
Ø    Notice from ZBA hearing in Francestown for erection of a cell tower, filed.
Ø    Warrant article received from cemetery trustees to discontinue a capital reserve fund, to be included in the warrant.
Ø    PO signed in the amount of $841 for the purchase of stamps.
Ø    Legislative bulletin reviewed and filed.
Ø    EMD to set a time to review emergency operations.
Ø    RCC newsletter sent to the Health Officer.
Ø    Jacqui approved mileage for the POD meeting in 2/3/09.\
Meeting adjourned at 9pm.

Select Board Minutes February 9, 2009

Present: Daniel Kinson, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye
Ø    Check Manifest signed in the amount of $12,344.44.
Ø    Loretta came in to discuss the new ambulance contract; the Town needs to have a back up ambulance service to be covered under mutual aid.  Diluzio has been the Town’s back up ambulance service in the past and now wants to have s signed contract with the Town.  Loretta reviewed the contract and would recommend signing it.  Loretta recommended asking to see if Diluzio would come up and speak with the board to address the Selectmen’s concern.
Ø    Ms. Foote came in the letter she has received from the Cemetery Trustees was unsigned, she needs documentation of the transfer, Selectmen gave her the names and numbers of the Cemetery Trustees so that she can deal directly with them to get the needed documentation.
Ø    Minutes approved from 2/2/09.
Ø    January PDIP was signed.
Ø    2009 Legislative update was reviewed and filed.
Ø    Access Acting out reviewed.
Ø    Workman’s Comp claim was discussed in a private session as a personnel matter at 7:54pm, minutes sealed.
Ø    Reentered public session at 8pm.
Ø    George Bissett and Mary Lawrence are progressing in resolving their back taxes owed to the Town.
Ø    SWRPC newsletter reviewed and filed.
Ø    Warrant article received from the Cemetery Trustees.
Ø    Petitioned Warrant article received re: formation of an agricultural commission, and further requests $500 to be raised and appropriated.
Ø    Legislative bulletin reviewed and filed.
Ø    2008 New Hampshire Economic Review from PSNH filed.
Ø    The Town received money on the amount of $4,000 in grant money for the purchase of 2 -20yard dumpsters.  Selectmen voted to accept the money.
Ø    Cool Monadnock conference on reducing energy usage in a round table discussion scheduled for February 20, 2009, no one planning to attend.
Ø    PDIP signed in the amount of $15,000.
Ø    Selectmen discussed warrant articles, made changes recommended by DRA, two articles were suggested to be reviewed by legal counsel, selectmen will first go to LGC for guidance if they are unavailable town counsel will be contacted.
Ø    Selectmen reviewed the 2009 budget.
Ø    Alan Reynolds called to inquire as to the status of a welfare case, selectmen declined to answer his questions given the confidential nature of welfare cases.
Ø    Meeting adjourned 10:15pm

                                                               Select Board Minutes February 17, 2009
Present: Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye
Ø    Check manifest signed in the amount of $6,518.42.
Ø    Abatement signed in the amount of 14.84 for Map 406 lots 16 and 17.
Ø    Abatement signed in the amount of $205.63 for map 412 lot 47.
Ø    Minutes signed from February 9th 2009.
Ø    January bank reconciliation signed.
Ø    Legislative bulletin reviewed and filed.
Ø    Rate increase on property and liability will be 5% rather than 9%.
Ø    Meeting on February 24th, 2009 at 7pm in the Keene City Council Chambers to be updated from the Cheshire County Legislative Delegation.
Ø    DOT has sent a letter that they have begun the process of looking into whether or not the land that the transfer station is currently located on is excess or not.
Ø    Greenworks publication reviewed.
Ø    NHMA Government Affairs publication reviewed.
Ø    Request from David Smith for a $100 check to make a donation for donated K rations.  Selectmen are first concerned if they can give a donation back to an organization that donated goods, and secondly if possible selectmen would prefer to send a check to the organization rather than sending the check to Dave.
Ø    Smart growth implementation reviewed.
Ø    DES DERA program notice reviewed and filed.
Ø    P-38 signed for Map 412 lots 004/045 and 044.
Ø    Selectmen reviewed the public budget hearing proposals.  There was much discussion around a COLA raise the current COLA is 5.8% selectmen feel that at an increase of approximately $12,792 was a lot to ask the tax payers to come up with.  Selectmen felt that a 3% COLA at a cost of $6,616 recognized the employees efforts on behalf of the Town while attempting to hold costs at a reasonable level.  Selectmen also reviewed the warrant articles and did not see many corners that could be cut.
Ø    Meeting adjourned 9:04pm

                                                                  Select Board Minutes February 23, 2009
Present: Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye
Ø    Check manifest signed in the amount of $3,546.41.
Ø    Minutes signed from February 17, 2009.
Ø    No one to attend the Legislative delegation meeting tomorrow.
Ø    David Davis wanted to know if he could cut trees on the pond to make the view across the pond looking at the church and Jones Hall more open like it did 30 years ago. Mr. Davis was advised that he should contact the conservation commission for guidance on cutting trees on the waters edge. If he was able to cut the tree he should contact the land owner for permission as the trees were not on town land.
Ø    Smart growth implementation was forwarded to the conservation commission to see if there would be any benefit to the Town.
Ø    NHMTA Legislative Action request HB644 is proposing a .15 increase in the diesel tax over the next six years.
Ø    Rob Diluzio came to answer the boards questions. There are a number of towns that use Diluzio as a back up ambulance service. This is an agreement that is being used with the other towns as well. Diluzio is looking to recoup the costs that they would be out if the Town’s ambulance is not able to respond due to the crew not coming in. They are trying to standardize all of their contracts. Fees are standardized. Mark questioned if there could be a flat fee, Mr. Diluzio stated that something like that could be worked out but the Town may find that if pays more on a flat fee. Selectmen felt comfortable signing the contract after speaking with Mr. Diluzio but wanted the rates put into the contract prior to signing. Selectmen also felt that it might be beneficial to add money to the budget at Town meeting to cover the potential cost to the Town.
Ø    Email re: voluntary certification of health officers reviewed and filed.
Ø    Executive council news release reviewed and filed.
Ø    Invitation for Public Safety Official Meetings to discuss the December Ice Storm in a roundtable discussion, no one to attend.
Ø    Community Action Report reviewed and filed.
Ø    NRRA news letter reviewed and filed.
Ø    David Smith wanted to give $100 cash to the entity that donated the K rations, selectmen do not feel comfortable giving money for a donation or giving cash for a donated item.
Ø    SB-99 would reduce the motor vehicle registration fees by allowing vehicles to be registered at new and used car dealers with the registration fees going to the towns were the dealerships are located.
Ø    Selectmen signed a letter allowing moosewood ecological to access digital tax parcel data.
Ø    Short term disability agreement reviewed and filed.
Ø    Legislative bulletin reviewed and filed.
Ø    PO signed for body panels in the amount of $346.
Ø    NHMBB program reviewed.
Ø    NHMTA newsletter re: removal of snow from vehicle roofs reviewed.
Ø    Selectmen reviewed Town counsels recommendations as to the cell tower agreement, recommendations will be forwarded to US Cellular for their comment.
Ø    Meeting adjourned 10:30pm