Marlow Historical Society Minutes - February 2008

Executive Board Meeting / February 7, 2008 / Marlow Historical Society / 6:30 PM, Chapel


Maria Baril, Mary Blank, Gen Ells, Loisanne Foster, Pam Little, and Candy Wiggum

The Secretary's Report was read and accepted as read. The Treasurer's report was read and accepted as read. Maria Baril presented her report as membership Chairperson. Maria has sent out many letters and has already received some memberships. In a few weeks she will follow up on any non-responses.

Old Business:

Selectmen's Minutes

Mary noted that she asked the Selectmen to amend their published January 22nd minutes to reflect the presence of Pam Little and Candy Wiggum to discuss the painting of Jones Hall and the alarm system for Jones Hall on behalf of MHS. She also noted that Greg did have information about it in his written notes. Mission accomplished.

Petition Warrant Articles

We discussed the Petition Warrant Articles for painting Jones Hall and the alarm system. Mary had recorded the professional on site survey "paint analysis" by Fred O'Connor, completed 1/26/08, on DVD and passed out copies. In Jones Hall, we have a moisture problems and "powder post beetles," so conservation will take more than light scraping and painting. Wedges need to be put in the make space for air circulation.. Mike Eno's estimate of $36,000.00 included replacing half the clapboards. We need to get back to him. If necessary, we can ask them to raise the amount on the petitioned warrant article at the budget hearing or at the Town Meeting. The budget hearing is Feb. 15 at 7:00 PM. We do have  painting estimates. We also have four estimates for a monitored alarm system at Jones Hall, ranging from $4,682. with $250./yr for monitoring by Mutual Aid (American Electric) to $9750. with $300./yr for monitoring hardwire (Capital Alarm).  In between are Monadnock Wireless and Tattersol Electric. We had arrived at a figure of $5,500. for the alarm system. The petitions were turned over to the Select Board in due time.

Food at Town Meeting

Mary has explained to Rock that we will not be providing food at the Town Meeting this year and wish it to be known so that someone else may have a chance and timely notice to prepare.

Burnap House

Mary has heard from the owner of the James Burnap House, Tim Symonds of Audio Accessories, in response to her letter of Jan. 24, '08. "Received your letter last week. We're still reviewing options. This will take some time. I'll be in touch when we have information to share.  Good day. Tim"

New Business:

Publication of MHS Membership

Candy suggested that we list the MHS members in our section of Dave Stewart's Marlow Website, and we agreed that it that's a good idea.

Photographs for the Town Report

We have received from Jacqui Fay and Donna Chase a request for old winter weather photos of Marlow to be included in the Town Report. We agreed to look.

Meet the Candidates

This program will be held in the afternoon of Saturday, March 8. Candy Wiggum volunteered to serve as moderator. Mary will take care of the posters for this event.

February 21st MHS Forum, General meeting and Public Program

Loisanne will speak about the MHS Forum and what we have gained from it, especially what we have learned. Loisanne will take care of the posters and other publicity.  The Board has directed Loisanne to write a thank you letter to our Forum sponsor sometime after the program. We are most grateful to our underwriter.

NHHC Program

Pam Little, as Program Chair, reported that she was unable to reach David Watters, so she has has contacted another possible NHHC speaker for a May public program on New Hampshire cemeteries and gravestones, Glen Knob.

Second New Hampshire Humanities Council Program

Since we are entitled to another NHHC program during the year, we discussed the possibility of sponsoring such a program at Perkins School as a community service.  We are considering sponsoring "Knights in Armor" by Paul Manning of Tewksbury, MA in the fall. It is an interactive, hands-on program and said to be wonderful for young people.

Envelopes and Stationary

We do have lovely new envelopes and stationary for official business. With the larger Jones Hall picture, it is quite elegant!

Respectfully submitted, 
Loisanne Foster