December 2011 Select Board Minutes

December 5, 2011
Sign check manifest in the amount of $327,610.39 for 5 December 2011. 

Selectmen reviewed and signed minutes from meeting of 27 November 2011

LGC to met with Selectmen at 7pm to discuss insurance options.

Selectmen sign tax abatement for Map & Lot 412-042-001. 

Selectmen reviewed and signed 2011 General Assessing Contract from Commerford Neider & Perkins. 

See letter dated November 28, 2011 from Cheshire County & proposed 2012 Budget. 

Selectmen reviewed the state 2012 Education Tax Warrant. 

Review Ambulance billing reports. 

Selectmen approval for Operation received for Map 203 Lot 036. 

Auditors would like to visit Feb 1, 2 &3, 2012.

  Meeting  adjourned 10 pm

December 12, 2011

Present: Tom Fuschetto,Mark Lanier,Bob Allen ,Jacqui Fay

Sign check manifest in the amount of $13.947.83 for 12 November 2011.

Selectmen reviewed  and sign minutes from meeting of 5 December 2011.

Selectmen signed PO to Liberty International Truck in the amount of $2,136.55 for replacement of a Radiator for town plow trk

Selectmen signed PO forin the amount of 146.27 Hillsboro Ford.

Selectmen signed PO for $ 514.35 plow parts for highway dept. Motrim East & EW Sleeper.

Jane Vicello [Marlow Heath officer] came in for a update

            -State Health officer Liaison will not be replaced

            -Reviewed School health inspection report   

Selectmen Signed abatement for Map 405 Lot 003-003.

Henri Pletzner stopped in to discuss the status of property on the Alstead / Marlow line

Selectmen reviewed  letter of approval for emergency expenditure from NHDRA.

Cheshire County 2012 purposed budget reviewed .

Sign December Bank reconciliations.

Selectmen reviewed and filed Approval for Construction Map 402 Lot 032.

Selectmen signed letter ref use of Town Office.

Selectmen completed and signed property sales analyses.

Meeting adjourned at 10:15pm

December 19, 2011

Present : Tom Fuschetto, Mark Lanier, Bob Allen, Jacqui Fay

Sign check manifest  in the amount of $ 27,322.39 for 19 December 2011.

Selectmen reviewed and signed minutes from meeting of 12 December 2011.

Selectmen reviewed delinquent inventory penalties.

Selectmen reviewed Tax Abatements.

Selectmen signed Process Intent to Cut for Map 406 Lot 070.

Selectmen reviewed trial ratio studies based on current property sales.

Selectmen reviewed draft copy wood request form for heat assistance.

Selectmen reviewed calendar of events leading up to Town Meeting.

Selectmen reviewed Ambulance billings and progress to date.

Meeting adjourned @10:30pm

December 27, 2011

Present Tom Fuschetto, Mark Lanier, Bob Allen, Jacqui Fay

Selectmen would like to pass their condolences to the family of Carol Stewart and recognize Carol for the years of dedicated service to the Town.

Selectmen sign check manifest in the amount of $419,286.61 for 27 December 2011.

Selectmen reviewed and sign minutes from meeting of 19 December 2011

Selectmen reviewed November Ambulance billing reports.

Selectmen signed Workers’ Compensation Law Notice of Compliance.

Selectmen signed check for Comstar from Ambulance Revolving Fund.

Selectmen voted to accept $5000 as unanticipated revenue from insurance claim.  Revenue to be deferred to 2012 when it will be expended.

Selectmen reviewed and signed letter dated December 21 from City of Keene ref Hazardous Waste Collection agreement for 2012 in the amount of $822.72 for 24 collection dates.

Selectmen sign amended abatement for Map 405-003-003.

Meeting adjourned @ 9:30pm