December 2010 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Agenda December 6, 2010
CAG presentation on ambulance billing at 1830hrs.
Darlene Simmons, LGC to meet with Selectmen at 1915hrs.
Sign check manifest for 6 December 2010.
Review and sign minutes from meeting of 29 November 2010.
Review revised audit proposal.
See email dated November 30 from Amanda Gaspard.
See e-mail dated November 30 from Cyndi Desrosiers
Trustees of Trust Fund – Notice of Payment.
See letter dated November 29 from US Census Bureau ref BAS.
See letter dated November 17 from the Town of Roxbury.
Sign letters to Wesley & Lenita Crosby, Lucille Emerick, Ronald West & Janet Collett ref Easement for Fire Protection.
Due to computer problems, unable to send minutes to Dave Stewart’s website.
Review latest PayChex info.
Review NHDES report on Rymes oil spill – Gustin Pond.
Review exemption papers for Rachel McManus.
Review printout of sales for Sales Analysis.
Review Investment Policy.
Review Purchasing Policy.
Update on computer issues.
Review quote for Town Office windows.
Marlow/Stoddard Town line walked today.  
Select Board Minutes December 6, 2010
Bruce Berin from CAG  came in to discuss ambulance billing options .Marlow is one of the few towns left in Cheshire county that does not bill insurance companies for ambulance calls ,instead looks to the taxpayer to fully fund the ambulance.   
Sign check manifest for Dec 6 2010 $12,077.97
Darlene Simmons from LGC came into review current insurance coverage’s
Selectmen signed meeting minutes for 11/29/10
Selectmen reviewed and approved revised proposal from Plodzik & Sanderson
Selectmen reviewed and approved the RCC letter pertaining to Grant application  
Historical society will remove the old Town office sign that is hanging on the fence.
Selectmen signed and sent out purposed easement for the installation of four dry Fire Hydrants
Computer issues
            Proval system is now functioning
            Jacqui’s computer still has issues, Art came into discuss.
Discussed tax abatement for Rachael McManus
Started perambulation of the Stoddard town line.

Select Board Minutes December 13, 2010

Signed check manifest for 13 December 2010 for $224,824.18.
Reviewed and signed minutes from meeting of 5 December 2010.
Signed PO FOR $189.99 to Sears for Fire Dept tool kit.
Signed bank reconciliations.
Signed Elderly Exemptions following 5 year review.
Have received two quotes for the Town Office windows, Tony Davis to obtain one more.
Agreed to proceed with ambulance billing starting in 2011.  Start paperwork.
Reviewed and filed DRA 2010 Tax Rate Notification..
Reviewed and filed ‘Approval for Operation’ Map 201 Lot 015.
Reviewed and filed News Release from Executive Council Two.
Reviewed and filed NRRA 2010 Annual Report.
Will look in to Payroll Services offered by current accounting software.
Robert Allen currently reviewing Investment and Purchasing Policy.
Tony Davis to review letter dated December 7 from SWRPC concerning 10 year Transportation Plan.
Authorized payment of Mason & Rich Invoice.
Reviewed LGC Insurance renewal papers, in current economy not sure signing a 3 year agreement is cost effective. To go back to LGC and ask what options we have..
Selectmen to identify properties to be considered for sale to be presented at Town meeting.
Reviewed Trustees response to Auditor’s recommendations, copy to be passed to Auditor for comments

Select Board Minutes December 20, 2010

-Selectmen signed check manifest for $24,115.90
-Lou Paturzo came into review current Tax abatements
-Loretta Loring came into discuss ambulance billing procedures, Bob Allen to meet with Lempster and Gilsum to review purposed plan.
-Harry Powers Came into review the recent Perambulation of a portion of the Stoddard Marlow line.
-Joint Loss Management meeting tomorrow @ 9am Tom to attend
-Selectmen reviewed a letter from the DRA about State wide Mosaic Map ,need more info on this free service.
Selectmen reviewed a list of town owned properties that need updated 911 numbers posted and selected the actual numbers that need to get ordered.
-Selectmen reviewed and signed the Bank reconciliation for November
-Selectmen completed the Timber tax sheet for lot409 map 46.
-Selectmen reviewed Auditors report from Mason and Rich incorrectly labeled Accountants report.
-Selectmen reviewed out sourcing weekly payroll, decided to proceed with the Direct deposit as a option for full time town employees.
-Selectmen reviewed letter from the Coalition of Communities regarding 2011  School funding.
-Selectmen reviewed a letter from the NHDOT regarding  2011 Block Grant aid possible to be as much as $55,678.21.
-Selectmen reviewed an approved amendment to the DES wetland permit for Kroka Expeditions pond permit.
-Selectmen reviewed septic approval to operate for M&L 412/13
-Selectmen reviewed the State Education Tax Warrant for 2011.
Selectmen signed the agreement with NH Preservation Alliance for the Building assessment of Jones Hall
Selectmen reviewed 3 proposals to purchase new windows for the Town Hall a quote from Hamshaw Lumber  was accepted as it included screens Quote was for $3,221.86.
Meeting adjourned @ 10:15 pm

Select Board Minutes December 27, 2010
-Selectmen signed check manifest for $70,190.57
-Selectmen discussed ambulance billing discussions with Lempster and Gilsum
-Selectmen signed property Tax Equilzation certificates.
-Selectmen reviewed incoming mail.
Meeting adjourned @ 8:15 pm