December 2009 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Agenda December 7, 2009

Present:  Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye.

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $241,154.

Ø  Jen Little has been researching moving banks away from Bank of America as the fees are becoming a burden, she has found that Connecticut River Bank looks like the best option.

Ø  Selectmen met with a rep from Clark-Mortenson to discuss options for health insurance as LGC had a 16.4% increase.  The plan the town currently has is good but expensive.  The agency could not save the town any money unless the benefit package is changed.

Ø  Bankruptcy notice filed

Ø  P.O.s signed for roofing materials-$1408.93 and $134 for a mailbox.

Ø  SWRPC highlights reviewed.

Ø  2010 county budget reviewed the taxable monies will increase 14.21% if approved as presented.  The selectmen are very concerned about this drastic increase in county funding.

Ø  PDIP reconciliation signed.

Ø  Sales analysis signed for NHDRA.

Ø  Letter signed to the Attorney Generals Office re: Pine Tree Cable.

Ø  FEMA map amendment filed.

Ø  NRRA newsletter reviewed.

Ø  Education tax warrant and filed.

Ø  Letter signed to SWCS that their

Ø  Selectmen voted to adopt the records retention policy.  Jacqui to print a copy of the policy with space for the Selectmen to sign and date the policy.

Ø  Selectmen are still reviewing the policy on Special Events.

Ø  Meeting adjourned 8:20pm. 

Select Board Agenda December 14, 2009

Present:   Dan Kinson, Bob Allen Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye.

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $20,740.10.

Ø  Minutes signed from December 7, 2009.

Ø  Letter reviewed from NHDOT re: highway block grant.

Ø  NHRS proposed employer contributions reviewed and filed.

Ø  Timber tax warrant signed for map 411 lot 013.

Ø  Intent to cut signed for Map 407 lot 12.

Ø  Letter from Caring Companions reviewed and filed.

Ø  Email reviewed from Fairpoint, filed.

Ø  PO signed in the amount of 436.74 for misc. truck supplies.

Ø  New Fire Truck is almost complete.

Ø  Fire Hydrant grant has been preliminarily approved pending a few more reviews, grant paperwork signed.

Ø  Letter from Community Kitchen reviewed they are again asking for $2,500, filed for the budget.

Ø  NRRA membership dues ($39) letter reviewed and filed for budget.

Ø  Warrant article workshop sent to budget committee.

Ø  Shoreland Permit sent to Conservation and Planning Board.

Ø  Dibernardo bill approved.

Ø  News release from executive council reviewed and filed.

Ø  US Cell needs better documentation of the bounds for the Town Common, Selectmen will look into pricing for a survey.

Ø  Greenworks letter reviewed.

Ø  PO signed for computer software in the amount of $610.

Ø  Objectives for NIMS 2010 reviewed

Ø  Records retention policy signed.

Ø  Fees and pamphlet reviewed for transfer station.

Ø  Meeting adjourned 8:05pm.

Select Board Agenda December 21, 2009

Present: Dan Kinson, Bob Allen Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye.  

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $11,437.50.

Ø  Presentation by Primex reference health care. They are partnered with Harvard Pilgrim, a not for profit company, who has been voted best in customer satisfaction for 5 years. Primex will get the Town quotes for the cost of insurance.

Ø  Intent to cut signed for Map 409 lot 36.

Ø  Minutes signed for December 14, 2009.

Ø  Ken has found a couple of rifles ranging from around $900 to $1,300. Ken will purchase the $900 rifle.

Ø  Tanker is having its lettering finished, will be complete within a few days.

Ø  One estimate from Dibernardo to survey the Town Common received.

Ø  Letter from LGC reviewed.

Ø  Letter from Heidi Cohen reviewed and filed.

Ø  DOT letters reviewed and filed.

Ø  Landlord tenant writ filed by the Town’s Attorney re: Tom Foote.

Ø  Municipalis reviewed.

Ø  Bank reconciliation reviewed.

Ø  Art Murdough had a run in with Tony Davis he owns 15-11 Old Main St and Mill St . Has trouble in the spring with the cellar. He claimed that Tony had pushed snow into his lawn, and had agreed to remove the snow. Tony did not do it in what Mr. Murdough felt was a timely manner and he called and swore on Tony’s answering machine. Mr Murdough claimed that Tony had called him back and swore at him and promised to push snow on his land all year long. He threatened to sue the town. Selectmen stated that there are a number of issues one is that the snow may be in the town’s right of way, the other is that the board would like any complaints filed in writing as they did not want to hear disparaging remarks made over the phone. Mr. Murdough stated he couldn’t get down after dark. Selectmen advised that there was office staff available throughout the day but if he wished to go through his attorney he was certainly able to do so. Mr. Murdough was advised that if he wished to drop the letter off in person he may want to call ahead and make sure that someone will be in the office.

Ø  Letter signed to James Duquette re: minimum setback from a right of way.

Ø  Legislative Bulletin reviewed.

Ø  PO ’s signed for :

Computer supplies-$101.94

Light Package-$1,467.38

Siren Speaker-$209

Filters- $265

Misc Fire Dept Equipment- $569

Ø  Meeting adourned 9pm.

Select Board Agenda December 28, 2009 

Present: Dan Kinson, Bob Allen Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye.  

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $65,367.75.

Ø  Minutes signed from 12/21.

Ø  To send out the Town report to be printed would cost around $410 for 300 copies. The selectmen decided to have the new company complete the printing of the Town Report.

Ø  Letter reviewed from PSNH to Pine Tree Cable demanding outstanding pole attachment fees in the amount of $152,927.84.

Ø  Mason and Rich is able to come and work with the tax collector on monthly reports and training on the computer software for the technical aspects of creating the MS-61, selectmen need to see how much that would cost prior to making a decision.

Ø  Service of a landlord writ was made to Mr. Foote.

Ø  Abatement signed in the amount of $1775.01 for a double payment on taxes for Map 203-023.

Ø  Mabel Willis appeared to make her monthly payment.

Ø  Selectmen attempted to receive three quotes for surveying the Town Common. Two quotes were received one for $2,000 and another for $4,000. Selectmen decided to have Dibernardo complete the survey on the Town Common.

Ø  Cam Signs is able to letter the new “chase” vehicle for the fire department. The cost would be $700. Selectmen decided to have Cam Signs complete the lettering.

Ø  Charlestown will have a hearing on a potential cell tower.

Ø  The treasurer will be moving the accounts from Bank of America to Connecticut River Bank. This move will be for better interest rate, easier operations, and less fees.

Ø  Fairpoint Communication has filed for bankruptcy; they owe the Town of Marlow approximately $790.

Ø  Current Use Board will be holding a rulemaking hearing on 1/22/10 at 1:30 in the DRA training room at 109 Pleasant St , Concord , NH .

Ø  The new Fire Truck has now been completed.

Ø  NRRA newsletter reviewed.

Ø  Contract signed with Commerford, Neider and Perkins for the cyclical revaluation.

Ø  Workers Compensation insurance signed with LGC.

Ø  Selectmen voted to encumber $5,000 from the warrant article for the fire truck, as well as $3,000 for building improvements at the Town Office.

Ø  Selectmen decided to go with Walnut to print new dump stickers for 2010.

Ø  Meeting adjourned 8:20pm.