Marlow Historical Society Minutes - December 2009

Executive Board Meeting / Marlow Historical Society / December 3, 2009: 6:30 PM / The Chapel

Maria Baril, Mary Blank, Gen Ells, and Loisanne Foster were present. Loisanne read the Secretary's Report and the minutes were accepted as read. Mary Blank presented the Treasurer's Report. Thanks mainly to Marcia Levesque's donation of a quilt to raffle, we did especially well at the Harvest Fest this year: raffle tickets, $455.00; , $250.00, Book Sale and Donations, and Booth Sales, $404.00, making a total of $705.00 toward Murray Hall Restoration. Booth Sales at Christmas on the Pond totaled $251.00. Our ending balance for all accounts is $5241.20. That includes an amount which is tagged for our our 250th anniversary as a town in 2011.

Old Business

We reviewed the letter about Marlow's community spirit of volunteerism which we have been writing with the intent to send it to the Selectmen to communicate with them about citizen responsibility and also make a statement for the public record about what it takes to make a town as unique and beautiful as Marlow. We decided to instead submit it as our entry in the Town Report for 2010 so all Marlow citizens will have on opportunity to read it. We added some further items. Gen reminded us that we should give the letter thrust and real meaning by asking for action, such as the conservation and care of Jones Hall. Loisanne is to have another draft ready to present at the January 7th Board Meeting.

We reviewed our preparation for Rebecca Rule's program at Jones Hall Dec. 4th - tree, food, heat, and so on.

We reviewed the status of our search for grants, particularly non-Preservation Alliance Grants. Jacqui Fay has compiled an impressive book on the grants available in New Hampshire.

Jeff Littleton is getting ready to wrap up his work on Marlow's Inventory of Natural and Historical Resources. Pam will ask him if it is now too late to submit material.

We are conscious of making sure that Murray Hall, although far from completely restored, is used for public events. Recently it was used for a children's Halloween party. We are currently having the windows re-glazed. Since there have been some issues regarding the exact extent of the land on which Murray Hall sits, we studied a 1986 land/boundary survey. It shows plainly that the boundary averages 12" from the north side of the building, 13.4 ' at the front and 3' at the back. We discussed whether or not to mark the boundary or to give someone else permission to use the land so we will not later be subject to "adverse possession." We discussed the possibility of making a boundary of native bayberry bushes as their growth is limited.

New Business:

Pam Little presented us with a template of possible programs for 2010. We decided on having no public program in January, a Coffee House in February, a NHHC Program (preferably Frank Bherens on the music of Gilbert and Sullivan for March, an MHS Perkins Elementary Field Trip (possibly including a visit by spinner, Sue Coleman of Charlestown) in April. For May, we will ask Jonathan Reinhardt and his group to perform. We always participate in Memorial Day Commemorations. June is such a busy time for families, we'll probably not have a June program. In July, we expect to put on the Monadnock Music Dinner, our largest fund raiser. For August, we'll plan another NHHC program. September will bring elections at our Annual Meeting. October brings the Harvest Festival and November, Christmas on the Pond. In December, we'll having another Christmas Radio Show.

Maria Baril has drafted a membership letter and asked for anecdotes about exciting things MHS has accomplished recently.

With the end of Adam Plumb's three year term, Candy Wiggum's absence due to her stint in the Peace Corps, and Marge Keith's resignation due to illness, we again have a shortage of Board Members. We determined to ask Johanna Kent if she would join us as a Director on the Board.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM.

The next meeting will be January 7, 2010 at 6:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Loisanne Foster