December 2008 Select Board Minutes

Selectmen's Minutes December 29, 2008

Present: Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Jacqui Faye

    Ø    Check manifest signed in the amount of $69,784.52.

    Ø    A group of concerned citizens, see sign in sheet, came in and delivered a signed letter as a formal complaint against the property owners on Baine Rd. Their concerns are oil and other fluids seeping into the wetlands. That there is a child living in the domicile and that there was only one means of egress. That the Selectmen were not taking effective action. Selectmen relayed that they had gone out after the first complaint in October and were assured the by the property owners that they would not be living in the trailer. Mark Lanier went out to the property after the complaint two weeks ago and the property owners had not come in last week like they were supposed to. At this point Selectmen were going to contact the attorney to find out how best to proceed. Selectmen also relayed that the DCYF should be contacted if they did not feel that the child in the home was safe, additionally they could contact DES about the fluids. The group will return next week for an update. Selectmen did notify group that once and if it went to court the amount of information they would be able to share would be limited. The group was concerned the Town has been on notice that the people have been living there since October and that the Town could be liable. Selectmen reminded the group that they did respond in October and were assured by the owners that they were not living in the trailer, and that it was two weeks ago that the Selectmen were again notified that they were living there which has been verified by Mark Lanier and that the owners were supposed to come in last week and did not, so it has only been two weeks. Selectmen will contact the Town Attorney for advice on how best to proceed.

    Ø    PO's signed in the amount of $600 for computer software, and scanner; $3,012 for two coats and pants for fire department, $1,190 for helmets and boots and $240 to hydro

    Ø    DES workshop on shoreline protection act in Portsmouth on January 21, 2009, no one to attend.

    Ø    Technical release from DRA re: storm damage clean up and filing of intent to cut forms, to be posted.

    Ø    Proposed changes to current use assessment range received and filed.

    Ø    DES notice of importance of private well testing received and posted.

    Ø    BAS survey filled out.

    Ø    NRRA newsletter reviewed and filed.

    Ø    P.O. signed in the amount of $5,000, bids to be sent out, to replace a generator that was damaged in the ice storm, money spent to be reimbursed by FEMA.

    Ø    Selectmen reviewed LGC's recommendations for a personnel policy, the board decided to meet with LGC to go over the recommendations.

    Ø    Selectmen reviewed the Mason and Rich proposal. The audit amount was about $5,000 more than was expected. Bob Allen to call to inquire as to the difference

    Ø    BAS signed where appropriate.

    Ø    No further information from Diluzio Ambulance service at this time.

    Ø    Monadnock Conservancy sent notice of a land use summit on 1/31/09, filed.

    Ø    No update on cell tower.

    Ø    NHMA economic stimulus package reviewed.

    Ø    Warrant article workshop on 1/6, no one to attend.

    Ø    NHDES there are new federal/state requirements for biodiesel, reviewed and filed.

    Ø    NHDES sold CO2 allowances at auction, filed.

    Ø    2009 solid waste training schedule forwarded to transfer station.

    Ø    PCR newsletter, forwarded to transfer station.

    Ø    LGC letter re: GASB 45 Implicit Rate Subsidy

    Ø    LGC letter re: interactive town meeting map reviewed and filed.

    Ø    NHMTA newsletter reviewed.

    Ø    NHLGC re: 2008 annual conference reviewed and filed.

    Ø    LGC extended unemployment will be $353.

    Ø    NRRA newsletter copied to the transfer station.

    Ø    NHDRA letter reminding of 1/6/09 warrant article workshop to be filed.

    Ø    NHES newsletter filed.

    Ø    BTLA accepted the date of tax notice.

    Ø    News release for executive counselor district 2 filed.

    Ø    NHCCM letter does not appear to be of interest to the town.

    Ø    NHDRRA property appraisal residential monitoring report reviewed and filed. PO signed in the amount of $2099.50 for conservation committee for a presentation to be completed in March.

 Meeting adjourned 9:05 pm.