August 2011 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes August 15, 2011

Present: Mark Lanier,Tom Fuschetto,Bob Allen,Lou,Petrrzio & Jacqui Fay

Sign check manifest for 15 August 2011. for $5,399.52

Review and sign minutes for 8 August 2011.

Rich Chevalier came in to discuss the no thru trucking ordnance.

Selectmen discussed the next step regarding M&L 405/065

Selectmen discussed Comstar’s billing procedures.

Meeting adjourned 9:00pm 

Select Board Minutes August 29, 2011

 Present: Mark Lanier,Tom Fuscetto,Bob Allen and Jacqui Fay  

Sign check manifest for 29 August 2011 in the amount of $93,465.22

Loretta discussed status of Ambulance billing    

Joe Feurer came in to discuss

-Adjust Transfer station hours Wednesday hours to be 4 to 7pm

-Joe requested some maintenance items be done @ the transfer station    

Selectmen signed PO for Cheever – Transfer Station truck. 

Selectmen sign PO for Dave Murdough.

Damage Assessment from Hurricane Irene. 

Sign transfer of $75,000 from Investment to Checking A/C. 

Selectmen Discussed condition of Town Office roof leaks during the storm will get 3 proposals. 

Selectmen Signed PA-16. 

Selectmen Processed Timber Tax Intent for Map 411 Lot 002. 

MS-1 Extension given until 3 October 2011. 

Selectmen sign 9-1-1 Liaison Appointment Form. 

2011 Municipal Law Lecture Series. 

Selectmen signed a letter to Argent Communications Franchise fee per their agreement with the Town.