August 2010 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes August 2, 2010

   Present:   Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye


Ø  Patricia Little came in and presented and reviewed information on current use tax on her land.  Jacqui will review with John Hatfield and the state and get back to Patricia.

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $10,827.27.

Ø  Minutes from 8/2/10 signed.

Ø  Allan Plumb came in questioning status of son Adam’s pistol permit.  Selectmen will investigate.

Ø  Tony brought in 4 bids out of 6 requested for paving 3 town roads.  United Construction Corp was substantially lower.  A public announcement will be forthcoming with date of the paving operation. Streets to be done are Mill, Cross and Church.  

Ø  Interview process for the highway position will be scheduled for next week.

Ø  Selectman signed a purchase order for the highway department to purchase tires.

Ø  Selectman signed a purchase order for the purchase of a Lexmark toner cartridge.

Ø  Richard Verville from NH Homeland Security and Emergency Management will be invited to the Selectmen’s meeting next week.

Ø  Selectmen signed the Timber Tax Warrant.

Ø  Selectmen will be reviewing fixed assets next week.

Ø  Jacqui will call Local Government Center about House Bill 1524 and report back to Selectmen.

Ø  Selectmen reviewed Lawrence Septic Design regarding Shore Land Protection.  To be passed to the Conservation Committee for review. 

Ø  EMPG Grant for 4 fire hydrants was approved.

Select Board Minutes August 9, 2010 

Present:   Bob Allen, Mark Lanier, Thomas Fuschetto and Jacqui Faye  

Ø  Appointment of new Selectman – Thomas Fuschetto was sworn in as a new Selectman replacing Dan Kinson. 

Ø  Gen Ells came in regarding the property of 190 NH Route 123.  It appears that tenants are creating a detriment to the neighborhood with lots of junk in the yard.  Question about the house being in the historic district of town.  Selectmen will investigate.

Ø  Lou Paturzo came in and Selectman authorized to send out deed notice to the three properties.

Ø  Chester Kulesa came in to discuss Fire Chief and accident occurring on his property.  There was an exchange and he wanted Selectmen to investigate.

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $6,362.57.

Ø  Minutes from 8/2/10 reviewed and signed.

Ø  Ryan Wright came in to discuss permission to cross town owned land for access across the property in lieu of previously stated agreement.

Ø  Fixed assets inventory will be done next week.

Ø  Approval for subdivision from DES for Map # 412, Lot 013 will be forwarded to Planning Committee.  

Ø  Received lot line adjustment map for Map #409, Lot 9 and 10 with Town of Stoddard ’s approval and forwarding to Planning Board.

Ø  Selectmen will check on payment made to Deluzio Ambulance.

Ø  Selectmen signed the PO for Ambulance supplies in amount of $330.16.

Ø  Selectmen signed a PO for $975 for repairs to backhoe.

Ø  Selectmen signed PA-16 for state and federally owned land.

Ø  Selectmen reviewed and signed application for Preservation Services Grant for Jones Hall.

Ø  Selectmen reviewed changes to Town letterhead and will review a draft copy before printing.

Ø  Selectmen signed transfer of $15,000 from Investment to Checking Account.

Ø  Selectmen received payment  of 104.25for reimbursement forest fire event

Ø  Selectmen and Road committee to interview applicants for highway position

Ø  Bob Allen to resent selectmen @ budget committee meeting

Ø  Tom Fuschetto to represent selectmen @ Zoning and Joint Loss Management

Ø  Patti Little will need to go thru the abatement process for current use changes

Select Board Minutes August 16, 2010

Present: Bob Allen, Mark Lanier,Tom Fuschetto and Jacqui Faye 

    Ø Jimmy Strickland asked if the Town could start mowing the snow mobile trails and Class 6 Road on Baine Road and Gates Mountain. Selectmen to review class six road regulations .

    Ø Jimmy also asked for contact details on timber cut going on Map 407 Lot 006.

    Ø Colleen Dreyfus came in for a Building Permit application.

    Ø John Salo asked permission to put in a water diversion on Old Profile Class 6 road. Mark Lanier to take a look at it. John also mentioned that there are 2 vacant positions on the Budget Committee.

    Ø NHDES Approval for Operation received and filed for Map 05-003-002.

    Ø NH Arbovirus Surveillance Bulletin 5 received and filed.

    Ø Minutes for 9 August approved and signed.

    Ø Check manifest for l0& 16 August 2010 approved and signed.for $22,430.24

    Ø Letter from NHDRED ref timber cut in Honey Brook Forest reviewed and filed.

    Ø Community Action reports from Joanne Tramontozzi reviewed and filed.

    Ø Ben Colby, Monadnock Security to meet with Board on 23 August at 1830 hrs.

    Ø Tony Davis came in to discuss the street light cost review of up grading to a more efficient type of bulbs, PSNH has a program to upgrade lights @ no cost to the town and would result in a lower operating cost once the cost of the upgrade has been met. Selectmen approved

    Ø Grants

        Tony to look into the possibility of grant to raise a section of Washington pond road that floods regularly

        Highway department position has been filled Selectmen to send out notices

        Selectmen reviewed revisions to the town letter head with current contact info.

        Selectmen have contacted the LGC regarding Ryan Wrights request for permission to cross town owned land awaiting a reply

        LGC confirmed that the passing of house bill 1524 does not affect insurance 

         Selectmen received backup invoices from Delluzio services will review agreement next week.

Select Board Minutes August 23, 2010

Present:  Bob Allen, Mark Lanier,Tom Fuschetto and Jacqui Faye

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $20,264.79

Ø  Ben Colby ,Manadnock Security stopped in to security options for town facilities

Ø  Minutes from 8/16 signed.

Ø  Meeting for regional prosecutors foreword to police

Ø  Selectmen reviewed the NRRA News letter

Ø  Selectmen reviewed news letter from Coalition communities

Ø  Selectmen reviewed Deluzio’s agreement that current billings and in conformance with the agreement.

Ø  Brian Wright stopped in to discuss his permission to cross town owned land to access his property reviewed LGC comments Jacqui to write draft  for review next week.

Ø  Selectmen reviewed and signed  Pam Little’s current use application

Ø  Selectmen signed an Appointment form for Jessica Allen to become a Deputy Fire warden, Bob Allen excused himself from the decision.

Ø  Selectmen agreed to accept a check for $214.58 funds from the Harvest festival fun run, the funds go to the 250th anniversary trust fund.

Ø  Selectmen reviewed septic approval for map 405 lot15

Ø  Selectmen to review upcoming Stream Crossing workshop

Ø  Tom Fuschetto to be selectmen’s represenitive to Marlow Ag commission.

Ø  Selectmen reviewed department budget up dates.

Ø  9:05 pm Selectmen went into private session for personnel issues cam out of private session 9:30pm.

Ø  Meeting adjourned 9:50pm.

Select Board Minutes August 30, 2010 

Present:   Bob Allen, Mark Lanier, Thomas Fuschetto and Jacqui Fay

  Ø  Sign check manifest for 30 August 2010. for $5,395.95

  Ø  Lisa Bell came in to discuss High speed internet options for the north end of town Discussed Fair Point progress.

  Ø  Selectmen  signed minutes from meeting of 23 August 2010.

         Ø  Selectmen Reviewed and approved letter ref Transfer Station seasonal staffing requirments.

  Ø  EMPG and Hazard Mitigation grant workshop – 30 September in Keene . Jacqui and Tony to check schedule.

  Ø  Selectmen reviewed and filed septic  Approval for Construction Map 412 Lot041.

          Ø  Selectmen Review detailed printouts of budget for Patriotic, Executive, Revaluation, Legal and Personnel Administration all budgets in order .

  Ø  Selectmen reviewed revised cover for Zoning Book needs more work.

  Ø  Selectmen signed appointment for Sharon Davis.

  Ø  Selectmen reviewed and filed  e-mail dated August 25 from Unison.

  Ø  Review draft amendments to Personnel Policies and Procedures Jacqui to print edited version for next week.

          Ø  NIMSCAST survey deadline (30 September) approaching, need to complete NIMS training Selectmen to send out notice to all that required next week.

  Ø  Heard nothing from John Lyford ref audit, DRA looking for completed MS5 from the auditors.Jacqui to send a request for scheduling from the select board 

  Ø  Signed PO for Windward Petroleum.$958.72

 Ø  Review draft Revocable License Agreement Town attorney to review.

 Ø  Karl Berardi meeting with Tony Davis and Tom Foote 8 September at 0930 hrs ref fire hydrants.

  Ø  Jacqui to review and sign Franchise Agreement with Argent Communications.

 Ø  Review draft inventory spreadsheet with view of getting more representative value of buildings contents for insurance purposes.Jaccqui to revise spread sheet and draft cover letter

         Ø  Selectmen reviewed NH HSEM Situation report#1 ref Hurricane Earl.

  Ø  Jen to into Direct Deposit for payroll.

  Ø  Fire Safe cabinets for Town Office Bob Allen to review requirements

  Ø  Selectmen to decide how they want to handle donations and revenue coming in for P & R 250 ETF.

  Ø  Selectmen discussed 911posting requirements and possibility of the Fire department identifying and notifying property owners.