Marlow Historical Society Minutes - August 2009

Marlow Historical Society
Executive Board Meeting
August 6, 2009 / 6:30 PM

Maria Baril, Loisanne Foster, and Pamela Little were present. As Vice President, Pam chaired the meeting. Loisanne read the Secretary’s Report which was approved as amended. The Treasurer’s report was tabled until Mary, our Treasuer, is present.

Old Business

Mary sent a report that on the Monadnock Music Dinner, we made a total of $688.08. Also, the CD transaction with the Citizens Bank is complete.

The NHHC speaker, Rebecca Rule, will be with us on Nov. 12. Pam will complete the paperwork for this.

New Business

The Annual Meeting will be Sept. 17, the third Thursday in September. After discussing various options for a speaker, it was agreed that Loisanne will tell humorous and mysterious stories from Marlow history. We will need to activate the phone tree to call members. Pam will redo the telephone tree and redistribute Candy’s call list as she will be leaving us.

Candy Wiggum has served MHS and the community well. She has been an initiator, a doer, and and inspiration. She will be greatly missed.

Marcia Levesque has made a quilt to be raffled for the October Harvest Fest. Pam will donate a picnic basket with picnic ware for the second prize. The third prize will be a basket of selected Marlow Historical Society sales items such as note cards. We need to start selling the raffle tickets for the quilt soon. If Mary will make the ticket page, since she must have a template for it, Pam will get the tickets copied, and Mara will be in charge of distributing them to sell. Loisanne will make the poster. Pam will send her photos of the picnic basket. We need to get quilt photos. We will sell the tickets for $1.00 each and six for $5.00.

With the Harvest Fest coming, we need to inventory our stock of sales items. We think we need more long sleeved shirts, but we need to check. We mentioned the possibility of having the Johanna Kent Marlow photo note card professionally copied. Mary will know where that may be done.

We decided to run the MHS book sale during the Harvest Fest. Loisanne noted that in previous years it was simply run by people overseeing the MHS Art Show, and that worked fine.

The Marlow Christmas MHS radio show will be upon us soon. Loisanne will write another humorous skit. Pam will ask her husband, Jason, if he will be willing to perform a musical selection. We will need to recruit others as well.

We voted not to keep the school coat rack which had been rescued. It is large, ungainly, and seems to have no immediate use where it is in the foyer of Murray Hall. To be moved into the kitchen, it would need to be dismantled and reconstructed. It is not a quality piece of furniture.

Mary Blank and Johanna Kent sorted through the Town Reports, keeping a complete set for MHS archives and a complete set for Marlow Library last year. We have a large number left over from as early as 1893 to recent editions. We decided to sell them.

We will need a Nominating Committee to arrive at a slate of officers for the Sept. Annual Meeting. We brainstormed ideas for “new blood” in the MHS leadership.

Our next MHS meeting will be Thursday, Sept. 3rd.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:42 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Loisanne Foster
Secretary, MHS